The Hough perspective – Derek in motion equals fans’ emotions – Part 4

And here we are in 2017 still trying to keep up with Derek while Derek does what he does best: remains in a permanent motion. He is our perpetuum mobile! I have to point out once again that i love Derek for many reasons, one of the most important being that he encourage everyone to lead a happy, active, healthy life! Isn’t that what a great role model does? Yes, it is! So, let’s follow his advice and keep moving, being happy and positive!

In case you missed it, or you simply want to relive those awesome Derek moments in motion, be sure to check the first partsecond part and the third part as well!

Below are the videos Derek or in some cases, family members or friends, posted on their Instagram account (January 2, 2017 – TBA) showcasing exactly this: live a life full of emotions and enjoy every single second of it!

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