Derek Hough – Printed Media Coverage – June 2017 [MAGAZINES]

Only June 10th but still we found some grate articles and pictures from printed media about MOVE Beyond. World of Dance and more. Derek talked about being a judge after DWTS, also you can see interview with Julianne (The Entertainer) talking about Derek and her going on tour.  Check the gallery below for articles and pictures from TV Guide, Star Magazine & The Entertainer

TV Guide (June 12, 2017)

WITH 20 YEARS of dancing under his belt—as
well as six Dancing With the Stars victories and two
Emmy Awards for Outstanding Choreography—
Derek Hough is taking on a new challenge: He’s a
judge, alongside Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo, on NBC’s
new reality series World of Dance. In the show, three
divisions of dancers—Juniors (competitors under
18), Uppers (acts 18 and older with one to four performers)
and Teams (groups with five or more, all 18
and older)—compete among themselves until the final round, when one winner from each division
faces off for the grand prize of $1 million. Hough
shares the highs and lows of being on the other side
of the competition.

Derek Hough on The Trend with Rebecca Granet – June 6, 2017

And yet another amazing interview Derek did about 30 min ago on The Trend with Rebecca Granet. Once again he talked about WOD and so many more. Take a look at the interview in the video below.

Derek Hough on The Today Show – June 6, 2017

And continuing his promo tour, Derek visited The Today Show, talking about WOD and many more. Check the interview in the video below. Getty also posted pictures with Derek leaving the Today Show set.

Derek Hough on The Wendy Williams Show – June 6, 2017

And Derek continues his promo tour for both WOD and Move Beyond. After People Now, Derek was also on The Wendy Williams Show.

They talk about WOD, meeting J.Lo, DWTS, Julianne and their family, Move Beyond and more. He is excited about being in Utah with Move Beyond! Below you can see Derek’s interview and their hot topics!

Derek Hough on People Now – June 6, 2017 (VIDEO)

Today Derek talked to People Now about World of dance and his new role as a judge, Julianne’s Wedding, Move Beyond and Hayley! If you want to see this great interview, check the video below. 🙂

Derek Hough on AOL Build Series – June 5, 2017 [PICTURES]

As you all know, Derek was yesterday on AOL Build Series. And this appearance on AOL is recurrent since Derek was there many times before to discuss the events he was involved in at the time: with Julianne to discuss MOVE Beyond in December 2016, to talk about Disneyland 60 in February 2016 and again with Julianne to discuss  “MOVE on live tour” and the new season of DWTS in March 2015. If you want to see Derek on this series,

Check below for some pictures Getty Images posted, visit Getty’s site for more pics.


Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Derek Hough at ‘World of Dance’ – The Qualifiers Week 2 – June 6, 2017 [VIDEOS+PICTURES]

WEEK 2 🙂 Another great week on NBC’s ‘World of Dance’. It’s definitely getting better and it’s only week 2. We love the verity, the dynamic between the judges and we LOVED the performances. We had a great acts tonight such as  Luka & Jenalyn, Miami All Stars, Nick Daniels, Quick Style dance,  The Lab performs & Fik-Shun. Check below for some pics and videos from the show, we will update with more as soon as we can.


Check below for the FULL episode of week 2


>>> World of Dance – The Qualifiers Week 2 – FULL VIDEO <<<

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The Instagram Puzzle, Derek Hough style – May 2017 [VIDEOS]

Pictures and videos Derek posted on his Instagram – or his Snapchat – during May 2017. Also includes some posts from his family, friends and fans’ accounts 🙂


TONIGHTS THE NIGHT!!!!! 10pm on#NBC after #AGT !!! #worldofdance

A post shared by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on

Happy Birthday to my big brother! 🎉🎉🎉There is nothing better than hearing this 5yr old guttural laugh! This is your best self Dman! I'm so lucky to be your little sister and to have had you to look up to my entire life. You never cease to amaze me with your talents, gifts and your heart! ❤️ When you are your best self (that big toothless, squinty eyed smiling picture) you are untouchable! We have had so many adventures together in this journey we call life. Great ones, scary ones, tough ones, fun ones and hilarious ones. But just know I can't wait to do all the adventures with you! The one we are on right now with our 3rd Tour has been one of the best ones yet! I'm having so much fun performing and hitting the stage with you but most of all just hanging out and cracking up about nothing! I love you so much Derek! Happy Birthday!!!🎈🎁🎊🎂🎉

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Always amazing!!! 🕺🏼 #derekhough @derekhough ❤️

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Sound check & stretching. Both crucial. #MoveBeyond #worldofdance – @derekhough

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Thank you Boston!!!!! It's amazing to think that in 2013 when Jules and I brought up the idea of creating a concert for dance we were told "It wouldn't work. I don't get it. And who would come watch a dance show?" It was a gamble we were willing to take. It goes to show you that with perseverance, passion,clear vision and surrounding yourself with others who share your un wavering desire to raise the bar, remarkable things CAN happen. Here we are on our 3rd Sold Out National tour. Opening doors and creating a new space for dance to thrive. Who would have thought. Wow! Just want to give the biggest thank you and virtual hug to every single person who has supported us and who has come to see our shows. Thank you Thank you Thank you Passionately Derek

A post shared by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on

Bring your swagger. Keep it smooth. #WorldofDance

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#DerekHough #MoveTour #SaengerTheatre #NewOrleans #NOLA

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@moveliveontour @derekhough #moveliveontour #movebeyond #pinkshirtgirl

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A little dressing room tour. – @derekhough

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Sound check☑️

A post shared by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on

It had to be you! @derekhough #moveliveontour #movebeyond #pinkshirtgirl

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When your friend calls you a "fresh faced fly honey". WTH 😂 weirdo 👍🏼

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#derekhough #movebeyondliveontour

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Head over to snap chat to watch!!!!! #WorldOfDance #wod @neyo @jennadewan @jlo

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The Instagram Puzzle, Derek Hough style – May 2017

Pictures and videos Derek posted on his Instagram – or his Snapchat – during May 2017. Also includes some posts from his family, friends and fans’ accounts 🙂

Check out below all the pictures and videos.

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Derek Hough – ‘MOVE Beyond’ & ‘World of Dance’ Printed Media Coverage – May 2017

It was a month of full power MOVE and WOD Premiere. We collected for you some “on the road” MOVE articles and Pre-Premiere World of Dance sneak peeks from Printed Media such as People Magazine, Life&Style Magazine, OK Magazine and Closer USA Magazine.