Move Beyond with Derek & Julianne Hough at Park City, KS – June 2, 2017 [PICTURES + VIDEOS]

Second round in Kansas πŸ™‚ Derek and Julianne came with the MOVE Beyond cast to Kansas back again for another show, feeling again the great vibes and all the excitement from the Hough fans. Thank you to all the fans that posted online pictures and videos πŸ™‚ Check below for some pictures and videos fromΒ Park City. NEXT STOP…Β St. Louis, MO.



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This was definitely my favorite dance! So much emotion! #movebeyond @juleshough

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You're welcome #movebeyond

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Jennifer Lopez talks about World of Dance, Derek Hough and more

In this video below, Jennifer talks about “World of Dance” and she mentions how she wanted everyone who would be involved to the show to be “authentically linked to dance”. That whyΒ she chose Ne-Yo, Derek and Jenna to be part of the show, apart from their individual work and what they offered to the dance community.

She talks about it at about 1:48 and more specifically about Derek at about 3:20. But a very interesting interview as a whole. Thanks Marcy for sending this!

Derek Hough talks to “Live with Kelly & Ryan” about World of Dance and more – May 15, 2017

Derek just stopped by “Live with Kelly and Ryan” to talk about the upcoming “World of Dance” show he is part of along with Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Jenna Dewan. Only two weeks are left till the premiere!

Check out the video below to see what he had to say! P.S. Those pants are really tight! πŸ˜€

Derek Hough spends his Monday off in Los Angeles and visits Dancing with the Stars

This past Monday, Derek flew along with Jules on their day-off to Los Angeles. Jules does this every Monday as she is judging for Dancing with the Stars. Derek visited the DWTSΒ studios and had some great time along with family, Hayley and friends there.
Bindi was also in the audience that day and we had a beautiful reunion!

Check out below what Derek posted on his Instagram during the day.

UPDATE: Getty has a couple of pictures of Derek and Bindi’s reunion on the ballroom. So sweet! You can check them out below.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Derek Hough spends his day-off from Move Beyond in New York – May 1, 2017

Yesterday, Derek, Jules and the whole crew of Move Beyond had the day-off. Derek and Jules traveled to New York to spend their day. Check out below what Derek shared on his Instagram while being in NY.

New “Inside Look” promo of World of Dance feat. Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough & Ne-Yo

This is an amazing promo/trailer for World of Dance. Except from some great dancing, we can also see the three judges and host talking about the competition as well as some of the contestants.

It’s going to be an epic show about the dance and we can’t wait for it! Don’t forget the premiere is on May 30, 2017!

Derek Hough talks on the “Harry” show about Move Beyond, World of Dance and more – April 24, 2017

Derek’s interview on the “Harry” show that he taped few weeks back aired today. A really beautiful chat where Derek talks about Move Beyond, World of Dance, his partnership with Flonase and more. As it was taped some time ago, Derek says that the tour haven’t started yet… πŸ˜‰

We missed the beginning of the interview but we’ll try to have the while thing up as soon as possible.

UPDATE: We now have the full interview. Enjoy! πŸ˜€

Derek Hough to be on the “Harry” show on April 24, 2017

Another interview from Derek’s trip to New York few weeks back is finally going to air πŸ™‚ This Monday, Derek will appear on the “Harry” show to talk about World of Dance and more.

Below the promo of the show. Check your local listings for the show and set your DVRs!

Will Derek Hough be part of “Bye Bye Birdie” with Jennifer Lopez?

Yesterday, Kristyn Burtt attended The Art & Artistry of Hairspray Live! where she talked with cast and crew of the show who were also there.

In an interview with Executive Producer Craig Zadan, she asked about the upcoming “Bye Bye Birdie” with Jennifer Lopez and if Derek will be part of this musical as well. The answer might not be positive but, Craig says some amazing things about Derek! Be sure to listen to him.

Kristyn also shared a photo with Derek’s wardrobe from the exhibit. Thank you SO much Kristyn for these! ❀

Derek Hough to appear on “The Doctors” on April 12, 2017

Woo hoo!! Finally we have a date of when Derek’s episode airs! He did this interview when he was in New York few days back and we’ve been waiting since then for a date.

Below is the promo of the episode. Per description: “Derek Hough reveals how he stays fit on and gives the inside scoop on his new show!” Check your local listings to see when it airs on your area and set your DVRs! πŸ˜€