Derek Hough: “Despite the drama, #TeamHennergy moves forward and on a positive path” [BLOG]

Lots of drama this past week with the edited package of our beloved team… 😦 Long time fans of the show know how these edits work. And long time Derek fans know pretty well that he would never behave that way towards his partners; Marilu and anyone else! I am glad that Derek points it out to his latest blog with TV Guide.

After they never showed Marilu’s injuries, something that Derek also pointed out in a previous blog, they now show this…. It’s really sad seeing this happening… Despite the whole drama, I am glad that both of them move forward on a positive path!

Except of the drama, Derek also writes about their Samba, for which Mark will be back to perform their song, and about the team duo dance (Jazz) with Terra and Sasha. Be sure to read the whole blog on TV Guide.

Needless to say, #TeamHennergy is moving forward and on a positive path, despite those few minutes that you saw on television. Last week there was a lot of uplifting energy and we connected on a really beautiful level. We had a lot of long, deep and wonderful conversations. We kept saying we’re the underdogs and we’re coming back and we’re gonna get her feet and ribs better. In earlier weeks, there was much more struggle in certain ways, but the past two weeks have been extremely cohesive and very positive. I feel like we’ve really bonded. […]

[…] Our individual dance is the samba. Mark is actually going to take a break from Jersey Boys this weekend to come out and sing during our number, which is awesome of him to do. The samba is going to be pretty straightforward. I feel like nowadays, there’s so much production going on in a routine that it’s unique to strip it down and not do the extra stuff, whereas it was the reverse back in the day. Our second dance is a team jazz with Terra and Sasha. There’s a really funny and clever thing Sasha came up with for Marilu and Terra’s solo. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I think it’s going to be good. Its a pretty cool visual thing.