Derek Hough Photo Gallery UPDATES [Pictures]

Hello everyone,

Due to some technical problems we didn’t post here for a few months, so… we decided to update with some picture galleries from the last 4 months. We SURE you saw all the pictures but… in case you didn’t here is a chance to cache up.

^^^ Directv Now Super Saturday Night, Minneapolis,  03 Feb 2018

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Bindi Irwin talks about Derek Hough, Steve Irwin Gala Dinner and more on All Access – May 23, 2016

As promised last week, Bindi was in the ballroom last night to watch the finalists live and support them. Of course she couldn’t not to visit All Access for a quick chat with Dominic, who was worried about losing his job after the incredible job Bindi did as co-host last week 😀

Last night, Bindi talked about the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner that took place on Saturday (May 21), Derek, the three finalists and more. Check out all she had to say below.

Derek Hough and Bindi Irwin at Steve Irwin Gala Dinner – International versions

I posted earlier some video media of Bindi and Derek from the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner that took place on May 21, 2016. Below you can watch the international versions of the videos.

Derek Hough and Bindi Irwin at Steve Irwin Gala Dinner – VIDEOS

Aren’t these two adorable or what? I really missed seeing them together, hopefully they will both be at the Finale of Dancing with the Stars tonight. Bindi said he would be there last week… Below are some videos from Steve Irwin Gala Dinner. We’ll have international versions of all the videos later on during the day 🙂

ABC News has a recap about what happened on Steve Irwin Gala Dinner, including interviews of Bindi and Derek on the Red Carpet. Who are they rooting for on DWTS? Click the link to find out 😉

Also, Access Hollywood has a Red Carpet interview of the duo. They talk about Derek’s time at the Australia Zoo, Mark’s wedding and more. Love the surprise on Derek’s face when he realizes that Bindi is turning (only) 18 soon and…how he wants to have a talk with Derek Hough the koala! So cute! Be sure to check it out!

The Irwin family talks to People about the event and Bindi also talked to Entertainment Tonight about her boyfriend Chandler. You can watch the interview below.

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More from Steve Irwin Gala Dinner with Bindi Irwin & Derek Hough – May 21, 2016

Of course Derek couldn’t not to post videos from last night’s Gala on his Snapchat account (with some cameos on the US Weekly’s one). He is killing me at the end…so silly!! 😀 Be sure to check the whole video below.


Also, Sunshine Coast Daily and USA Today write about the event, while Fox News have an interview of Bindi. Be sure to read it all.

Thanks HappyHough and Nina for the help 🙂 Don’t miss the beautiful pictures from last night here.

FOX411: You made quite the splash on “Dancing with the Stars.”
Irwin: It was unbelievable, the entire experience was so extraordinary. It was so new and different for me and it was a little bit intimidating at first. I’d never danced before, I’d never worn high heels before so it was really taking this girl out of Australia with all of her animals into the middle of L.A. and learning to dance and find the confidence within myself. But it was worth it, the journey and I hope that other people who took that journey with me feel inspired to seize opportunities and enjoy life. I feel lucky that I got to share my messages of wildlife and conservation with people who might not think about those things. 
I really got to walk through my journey with such an amazing partner (Derek Hough) and he became part of the family. He actually came to Australia Zoo right after “Dancing with the Stars” finished and he came and visited my world and we got him feeding crocodiles.


Here is another short video from last night from Bobby’s snapchat account. A part of Bindi’s speech and a cameo from Derek.

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HQ Pictures of Derek Hough and Bindi Irwin at Steve Irwin Gala Dinner – May 21, 2016

OMG! They look soooooo amazing together! Am I the only one missing Team Crikey!? Seems like Bindi and Derek had a quick dance on the Red Carpet of Steve Irwin Gala Dinner last night. And…Derek also met with an anaconda. I bet he missed those moments! His face is priceless!! 😀

Be sure to check Getty for all the photos! They have a bunch of them! For more pictures of last night, you can also check our first post.

Update: More pictures of Derek, Bindi, the Irwin family and more on Just Jared, Wire Images, First look and Rex Features!

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

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Derek Hough and Bindi Irwin reunite at Steve Irwin Gala Dinner – May 21, 2016

Last night it took place the first Steve Irwin Gala Dinner in Los Angeles and Derek, along with the DWTS family, were there to support the cause! And of course, we had a Crikey reunion! So happy to see Bindi and Derek together again! Below there is a gallery with some first pictures of the night.

Daily Mail has some great pictures of Bindi and Derek! Take a look at all of them by clicking the link!

Bindi and Derek on the Red Carpet of Steve Irwin Gala Dinner – May 21, 2016 – Courtesy: Daily Mail

Steve Irwin Gala Dinner day with Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough

Tonight is the first Steve Irwin Gala Dinner in Los Angeles and as Derek confirmed since the first moment, he will be there! We can’t wait to see a Crikey reunion and hopefully lots of pictures and – why not – videos from the event. Tom Bergeron and Olivia Newton John will host the event! It’s sure going to be an amazing night for everyone!

E News has three videos up with Bindi and her family. Bindi answers in a quick Q&A, talks about DWTS and boyfriend Chandler here, here and here respectively.

Fun interview with Bindi Irwin and family talking Steve Irwin Gala Dinner, Derek Hough VS Derek the Koala and more

Be sure to check the new interview below of Bindi, Terri and Robert. It’s another fun one after the one they had few days ago with Entertainment Tonight. They talk and give info about “Steve Irwin Gala Dinner” and also answer fans’ questions. Of course Derek and DWTS come up. Talking about the differences between Derek and Derek Hough the Koala (the plush) is just so cute! Check out below what they had to say 🙂


The promotion for the “Steve Irwin Gala” goes on with Bindi being on KTLA this morning…and we love seeing her more and more 😀 She also talks about DWTS and Derek and how amazing he is as a partner. Also, about the book she is writing. Missed that girl’s positivity so much! Check out below the whole interview. Thanks Al for the upload!

Bindi Irwin & the Irwin Family talks about Steve Irwin Gala Dinner, Derek Hough and more

Hello everyone. The Irwin family did this interview a couple of days ago but, since the days were busy with The Invictus Games and Nashville, we preferred to keep it and post it today so it won’t get lost in the shuffle 🙂

They talk about the first “Steve Irwin Gala Dinner” in Los Angeles that will take place on May 21, 2016 at 6pm. The Dinner is to “honor the greatest Wildlife Warrior that ever lived”. Tom Bergeron will be the host of the night with Olivia Newton John as the co-host. Derek already said that he would be there the day of the announcement. He also posted about it again on his Facebook few days ago (you can see his post below).

During the night, there will be an auction for Bindi’s Viennese Waltz dress. The interview continues with everyone answering questions from the fans and of course Derek comes up in few of them 😉 Check out the full interview below. A really great one.

For more info about the Gala, you can visit the official site. If anyone of you is planning to attend, you can book your tickets here (single ticket $500 – table of ten $4500). Have in mind that there is a dress code; Black tie, with a touch of khaki.

Bindi was also on Access Hollywood Live today to talk about the Gala. She also talked about DWTS, the book she is writing and more. Check her interview here.