Julianne Hough talks about Derek and secrets to staying on track

This is a lovely quick chat with Julianne and The Chalkboard Magazine. Julianne answers 13 questions in a fast Q&A about dance, working out, staying in shape, healthy and more.

In the question about greatest dance influence, she says that her brother Derek is her inspiration and has some beautiful words to say about him. Below is the specific part of the interview but, be sure to check all the questions on The Chalkboard Magazine.

My biggest dance influence would have to be my brother Derek. His close attention to detail and passion for what he does makes him exceptional at his craft. I swear there isn’t anything he can’t do!

Amy Purdy talks about how Derek Hough inspired her, her book and more

Amy just made a live stream on her Facebook page where she talked about her book, “On My Own Two Feet”, and also answered to fans questions. She talks about inspiration and at about 7:15, she talks about Derek and how he inspired her in life.
Before that, at about 4:30, she talks about DWTS. She shows her Salsa dress (Finale) that she bought after the show ended, as well as her Contemporary one, to keep her memories closer to her as much as possible.

Such a beautiful chat with Amy. Be sure to watch it all 🙂 If you want to buy her book, you can visit her official site or go to Amazon.

Derek Hough live answering questions on Travel Leisure Facebook page

Derek just tweeted that he will be answering live questions over at Travel Leisure Facebook page! Be sure to tune in and ask him whatever you want 🙂

What a great morning surprise from Derek and Travel Leisure! This was one amazing interview! They start talking about traveling and Derek talks about recent and older trips he did, as well as places he would like to visit in the future. He also talks about his upcoming projects such as Hairspray Live! and how excited he is about the “Move Experience” he and Julianne are preparing! He of course answers questions and talks about many more things! In case you can’t watch the video on Facebook, we’ll also have an international version of it later on. Thanks Derek and Travel Leisure for this 🙂

The interview was made to support Derek’s partnership with Hilton Hotels & Resorts that started last March. Derek made a bunch of interviews back then that you can check them out here and here. Don’t forget to create your own vision board on ourstageyourstory.com

Update: International version of the video added below.


Summary of the day – Derek Hough’s day promoting Disneyland 60 – February 17, 2016

You can say that this was a really full day for Derek! Lots of press for the upcoming special show for the Wonderful World of Disney! And there is more press coming tomorrow…more on that later 😉 Below are all the interviews Derek did up to now to promote the Disneyland’s special show that airs this Sunday on ABC at 8pm. I’ll try to gather here few photos from each interview and the videos. For full coverage you can click the links 🙂

  • This morning, Derek was on Kelly & Michael. Full post, here.

  • Next stop, the AOL Build Show. Probably the best interview of all three since it lasts 25min! 😀 Can’t complain about it! On the main post, I added the video from the official Facebook page, below you can find a YouTube (thanks Al!) and a Daily Motion version of it. Full coverage; Main post with lost of pictures and some social media videos and HQ Pictures.

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Quick Q&A with Derek Hough

Derek talked to Steve Duffy and Lynnhappens for a quick Q&A where he talks about Move Live on Tour, Julianne and more. Check all his answers in Lynnhappens 🙂

SD: How did the idea for the tour happen?
DH: I missed performing live. I love the energy of the audience. I really feel at home on stage. I wanted to create something that would give me that feeling. My sister and I were always being asked when we were going to do something together. What I love about this show is all about what we want to do with no “Hollywood formula.” It’s entertaining and fun. It is a mission to get people moving.

SD: What is the easiest dance for someone with two left feet to learn?
DH: The two-step, especially because it is basically two steps [laughs]. For anyone wanting to learn to dance I would suggest line dancing. It is simple and a great place to start.

Seven questions with Derek Hough

Derek made a quick Q&A with Kellie Freeze for Channel Guide Magazine. He talked about some of his favorite things and more. Here is one of the seven questions but be sure to check the whole Q&A at Channel Guide Magazine to learn more about Derek! 😉

What has been your strangest fan encounter?
Actually, I signed a girl’s wrist and she came back to another show and she’d gotten that signature tattooed on her wrist. I said, “I wish you would have told me; I would have done a better signature.”