New World Of Dance Interviews with Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, Ne-Yo & Jenna Dewan Tatum

Two new promo interviews/videos with Derek, Jennifer, Ne-Yo and Jenna talking about World of Dance. The premiere day gets closer and closer and we couldn’t be happier!

The first one comes fromΒ ET Canada. Be sure to click the link to watch it. We’ll try to have an international version of it during the day.

The second one was posted from Noah on his YouTube channel and you can watch ti below. Thank you SamAndCatGA for sending this! πŸ™‚

New “Inside Look” promo of World of Dance feat. Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough & Ne-Yo

This is an amazing promo/trailer for World of Dance. Except from some great dancing, we can also see the three judges and host talking about the competition as well as some of the contestants.

It’s going to be an epic show about the dance and we can’t wait for it! Don’t forget the premiere is on May 30, 2017!

Derek Hough to be on the “Harry” show on April 24, 2017

Another interview from Derek’s trip to New York few weeks back is finally going to air πŸ™‚ This Monday, Derek will appear on the “Harry” show to talk about World of Dance and more.

Below the promo of the show. Check your local listings for the show and set your DVRs!

Derek Hough to appear on “The Doctors” on April 12, 2017

Woo hoo!! Finally we have a date of when Derek’s episode airs! He did this interview when he was in New York few days back and we’ve been waiting since then for a date.

Below is the promo of the episode. Per description: “Derek Hough reveals how he stays fit on and gives the inside scoop on his new show!” Check your local listings to see when it airs on your area and set your DVRs! πŸ˜€

New “Welcome to World of Dance” promo featuring Derek Hough

NBC posted a new promo on their YouTube channel where we can see some more dancing (sneak peeks) of the contestants. The more I see, the more I want this show to start!

Derek and Julianne Hough to be on “The Talk” tomorrow – Promo video

Last week we thought this interview of Derek and Julianne would air last Wednesday but it didn’t. We are going to see it tomorrow πŸ˜‰ The Talk uploaded a promo on their YouTube Channel…stay tuned for it tomorrow and set your DVRs! Thanks Marcy!

UPDATE: Also adding below an international version.

New “Life-changing competition” promo of World of Dance

World of Dance posted a new promo earlier today featuring moments from the tapped episodes and the contestants. We can see a glimpse of Derek as a judge in it. Can’t wait for this show…!

NEW trailer/preview of World of Dance with Derek Hough, Jennifer Lopez & Ne-Yo

Wow! Am I the only one getting excited about this!? πŸ˜€ NBC just released a new preview/trailer of “World of Dance” with the three judges talking about it. We can also see a glimpse of Derek showing his moves πŸ˜‰ Check it out!

New “World of Dance” promo featuring Derek Hough

And the promos started coming out…which means we’ll have a premiere date soon! Crossing fingers! πŸ˜€ Check out below a new promo of “World of Dance” featuring Derek, Jennifer and Ne-Yo. This is so exciting!

And don’t forget to subscribe to the show’s channel on YouTube! Thanks Maria for this! ❀

ETA: The promo was also posted on twitter.

Jennifer Lopez’s World of Dance promo-teaser

Hmm…this was posted back in August but hadn’t seen it till now. Also at that time, Derek’s, as well Ne-Yo’s names were not announced as judges. The promo might not include Derek but it’s a cool promo.
The promo was about the casting of the show, which is now ended so, don’t attempt to submit… Derek himself said that they would start shooting on January but, no official date yet of when it will premiere! We can’t wait to finally see this on our screens πŸ™‚