Jennifer Lopez talks about World of Dance, Derek Hough and more

In this video below, Jennifer talks about “World of Dance” and she mentions how she wanted everyone who would be involved to the show to be “authentically linked to dance”. That why she chose Ne-Yo, Derek and Jenna to be part of the show, apart from their individual work and what they offered to the dance community.

She talks about it at about 1:48 and more specifically about Derek at about 3:20. But a very interesting interview as a whole. Thanks Marcy for sending this!

Derek Hough talks to “Live with Kelly & Ryan” about World of Dance and more – May 15, 2017

Derek just stopped by “Live with Kelly and Ryan” to talk about the upcoming “World of Dance” show he is part of along with Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Jenna Dewan. Only two weeks are left till the premiere!

Check out the video below to see what he had to say! P.S. Those pants are really tight! 😀

New World Of Dance Interviews with Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, Ne-Yo & Jenna Dewan Tatum

Two new promo interviews/videos with Derek, Jennifer, Ne-Yo and Jenna talking about World of Dance. The premiere day gets closer and closer and we couldn’t be happier!

The first one comes from ET Canada. Be sure to click the link to watch it. We’ll try to have an international version of it during the day.

The second one was posted from Noah on his YouTube channel and you can watch ti below. Thank you SamAndCatGA for sending this! 🙂

Derek Hough to be on “Live with Kelly & Ryan” on May 15, 2017

Based on the official guest guide of “Live with Kelly & Ryan”, it seems like Derek will stop by the show to talk about “World of Dance” on May 15, 2017.

Thanks Marcy for the heads up 🙂

Julianne Hough talks Move Beyond, Derek Hough, her wedding and many more in new interviews

Yesterday, Derek and Julianne had a day-off from Move Beyond and they traveled in New York. While being there, Jules did some interviews where she talked about many things, including of course the Move Beyond tour.

On Today, she joined Kathie Lee and Hoda in a great chat to talk about her work with Sonic’s Limeades for Learning campaign to support teachers (Teacher Appreciation Month), as well as her upcoming wedding to hockey player Brooks Laich.
Click the link to listen all about it. We’ll try to have an international version later on. (ETA: Video added at the end of the post)

In a second interview with Entertainment Tonight, she also talks about her wedding, tour and Derek. She explains why everyone is calling Derek “grandpa Hough” 😛
We’ll have in international version of the interview as well during the day. (ETA: Video added at the end of the post)

“I trust Derek more than everybody,” she reveals. “We call him ‘Grandpa Hough’ because he gets so nervous and worried about anything that he’s the first person to be like, ‘Safety first!’ I’m like Hurricane Julianne — ‘Let’s go full out, all the time!’ And Derek is like, ‘Be safe, be safe! Are you good? Are you good?’ So, we’re a good combo.”

And last, Jules visited the “Harry” show where she talked about her fiance and how much she loves “The Bachelor”. In a funny Quiz Game, we can see how well Derek and Jules know each other. Check out the videos below.

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Derek Hough talks on the “Harry” show about Move Beyond, World of Dance and more – April 24, 2017

Derek’s interview on the “Harry” show that he taped few weeks back aired today. A really beautiful chat where Derek talks about Move Beyond, World of Dance, his partnership with Flonase and more. As it was taped some time ago, Derek says that the tour haven’t started yet… 😉

We missed the beginning of the interview but we’ll try to have the while thing up as soon as possible.

UPDATE: We now have the full interview. Enjoy! 😀

Derek Hough talks about World of Dance and more in a new interview

In this new interview with Hollywood Stars, Derek talks about upcoming World of Dance show. A really beautiful chat about the show and more…be sure to check it out 🙂

Derek Hough talks to Doug Kolk from KTLA about World of Dance, Flonase and more – March 24, 2017

One more interview of Derek talking about his recent partnership with Flonase and dealing with seasonal allergies, the upcoming World of Dance and Move Beyond and more. Will we ever see him back on DWTS?

Check out the video from KTLA.

Derek Hough talks to The Jane Wilkens Michael show about World of Dance, Move Beyond, seasonal allergies and more

Derek had another radio interview that aired today. He talked to the Jane Wilkens Michael show about the upcoming World of Dance and Move Beyond, as well as how he deals with his seasonal allergies and partnership with Flonase and many more.

A really beautiful interview. Be sure to listen the whole thing (20min long!) in iVOOX. Derek joins a little after the 2min mark.

UPDATE: Adding an international version of the interview below.

More interviews and pictures from Derek Hough’s day in New York – March 21, 2017

This was a crazy day full of interviews for Derek! No wonder Derek is exhausted after everything… We already posted a few interviews [Fox & Friends] [New York Live], adding some more below and…I am sure more will pop out the upcoming days 😉

The two interviews below are one from the “Cheddar” show (Derek also shared a picture while being there) and the other one, is from “Bustle” (thanks for the heads up on this one Marcy). Derek talks about World of Dance and his partnership with Flonase and how he challenges the Eh Bee Family on their Greater Road Trip.
On the “Bustle” interview, Derek also answers fan questions about “I Believe in You” and more. Are we going to see Derek on “West Side Story”….!? PLEASE YES!!! This is a very interesting chat!

And last…based on this post we RTed earlier, seems like Derek was also at the “Harry” show… I can’t find Derek’s name on the line-up of guests yet, hopefully they’ll add him soon.