Sneak peeks of Derek Hough judging on World of Dance’s first episode

The premiere of “World of Dance” is getting closer and some videos of the first episode have been posted on YouTube. Below we can see three videos with sneak peeks on the dances of three contestants and some of the judges comments, including Derek’s.

Huge thanks to Ann for sending these.

New World Of Dance Interviews with Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, Ne-Yo & Jenna Dewan Tatum

Two new promo interviews/videos with Derek, Jennifer, Ne-Yo and Jenna talking about World of Dance. The premiere day gets closer and closer and we couldn’t be happier!

The first one comes from ET Canada. Be sure to click the link to watch it. We’ll try to have an international version of it during the day.

The second one was posted from Noah on his YouTube channel and you can watch ti below. Thank you SamAndCatGA for sending this! 🙂

New photos of World of Dance judges; Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough & Ne-Yo and host Jenna Dewan

E News has some beautiful photos of the three judges – Ne-Yo, Jennifer & Derek – and the host Jenna while being on the studio for the show. We’ve already seen the chemistry between them in different videos and interviews, and this chemistry also shows in the pictures.

Also, Daily Mail features an article of the show with the stunning portraits of all the judges and host! Be sure to check them out. In case you missed the latest promo of the show, you can see it here.

World of Dance: Ne-Yo, Jennifer, Jenna and Derek – Courtesy: E News

New “Inside Look” promo of World of Dance feat. Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough & Ne-Yo

This is an amazing promo/trailer for World of Dance. Except from some great dancing, we can also see the three judges and host talking about the competition as well as some of the contestants.

It’s going to be an epic show about the dance and we can’t wait for it! Don’t forget the premiere is on May 30, 2017!

New “Welcome to World of Dance” promo featuring Derek Hough

NBC posted a new promo on their YouTube channel where we can see some more dancing (sneak peeks) of the contestants. The more I see, the more I want this show to start!

“World of Dance” premiere with Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, Ne-Yo & Jenna Dewan Tatum pushed to May 30, 2017

As it was previously announced, “World of Dance” was about to premiere on May 8 (Monday) and from May 30 it would move to Tuesdays. As we see today on The Wrap, the premiere of the show was pushed to May 30.

A top network executive told TheWrap that the move is all about creating a better and more consistent launch platform for a series they have high hopes about. Plus, this buys the peacock more time to market its hopeful hit.
The move also allows “World of Dance” to stay on Tuesday nights throughout its run and not switch over from Monday after three weeks, which was NBC’s original plan. Summer’s No. 1 network also likes the idea of launching “World of Dance” out of the season premiere of the mighty “America’s Got Talent.”

Read more on The Wrap. Thanks bluekittens for the heads up.

Derek Hough, Jennifer Lopez, Jenna Dewan and Ne-Yo on the Red Carpet of NBCUniversal Summer Press Day

They might didn’t do any red Carpet interviews but…they all looked awesome taking photos 🙂

New “Life-changing competition” promo of World of Dance

World of Dance posted a new promo earlier today featuring moments from the tapped episodes and the contestants. We can see a glimpse of Derek as a judge in it. Can’t wait for this show…!

NEW trailer/preview of World of Dance with Derek Hough, Jennifer Lopez & Ne-Yo

Wow! Am I the only one getting excited about this!? 😀 NBC just released a new preview/trailer of “World of Dance” with the three judges talking about it. We can also see a glimpse of Derek showing his moves 😉 Check it out!

One more day on the set of “World of Dance” with Derek Hough – February 6, 2017

This sure seemed like a fun day. Derek really loves to play with the Snapchat filters…and gets everyone in the game 😉

Below what he posted yesterday on his Instagram and Snapchat.