Derek Hough Photo Gallery UPDATES [Pictures]

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Due to some technical problems we didn’t post here for a few months, so… we decided to update with some picture galleries from the last 4 months. We SURE you saw all the pictures but… in case you didn’t here is a chance to cache up.

^^^ Directv Now Super Saturday Night, Minneapolis,  03 Feb 2018

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The story of “An American in Paris” – Derek Hough talks about the musical & Gene Kelly

This is an AMAZING write up from Entertainment Weekly and Joe McGovern about the musical “An American in Paris” with Gene Kelly.

Among the people who talk about the musical and Gene Kelly is Derek. Below you can read Derek’s parts but be sure to read the whole feature! It’s a must!!

A version of this feature is also included in the Oscar Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly that you can buy online here. You can also find it on newsstands.

In the finale’s lustiest segment, Kelly and Caron dance in a ripe romantic embrace on a fountain. “That scene is the difference between the sexual and sensual,” says Derek Hough (NBC’s upcoming World of Dance, formerly of Dancing With the Stars). “It leaves more to the imagination, and we’re more than capable of filling in the blanks.” Adds Patricia Ward Kelly, “The sequence is pure lovemaking. Several countries figured it out and that piece was cut because it was considered too risqué.” […]

[…] “When I’m watching Gene Kelly,” says Hough, “it doesn’t feel like he’s in an older film. That charm and that athleticism feels like now.”

Derek Hough and The cast of Hairspray Live! reveal bizarre pre-show rituals

Two days to go for Hairspray Live! and it’s always fun to see some Behind the scenes videos and interviews. Entertainment Weekly posted a new video with Derek, Maddie, Kristin. Harvey and Jennifer giving us a sneak peek to some weird pre-show rituals.

We will update later on with an international video.

UPDATE: Below the international version. Seriously, Harvey is killing me 😀 (ifigenia)

Maksim Chmerkovskiy explains next week’s “Face-off” challenge and Immunity

On his blog with Entertainment Weekly, Maks talks about Amber and him being in jeopardy, his trio with Derek & Cheryl, favorite performances and what we’ll see next week.

As we know by now, due to the presidential debate, the show will last only an hour next week. The twelve couples will split into six groups of two pairs and they will face off to the same style of dance. The couple with the highest score of each group, will earn immunity and won’t get eliminated.

Wow! That means six couples will automatically be safe on Monday night!!! That’s definitely something we haven’t seen till now! Let’s see how it will work out. Below the excerpt from Maks’ blog explaining it. Be sure to check Entertainment Weekly for the whole blog.

Next week will be the presidential debates, and we will only have an hour-long show. So, the format will be different — it’s going to be a face off. They split us into six groups of two pairs, and each pair has the same style of dance. So we’ll each dance, and then we get a score, and whoever has the higher score will have immunity from elimination.

My Journey – Derek Hough talks about Bindi Irwin and DWTS

In the third part of the “My Journey” series with Derek, he talks about Bindi and how beautiful it has been seeing her growing as a dancer since she could not dance at all at the beginning. He also shares his favorite moment from this season and more. Be sure to watch the video on Entertainment Weekly for all the answers 😉

In case you missed the first part, you can watch it here.


Here is the Daily Motion of the video…just in case anyone haven’t seen it yet 😉

“Derek Hough: My Journey” – Interview with EW

These great videos popped up at the beginning of the week but with all the DWTS news, they would get lost in the shuffle so, we are posting them today 🙂

Entertainment Weekly (the site the Derek posts a video every week before the Live shows on Monday) posted a great interview with Derek where he talks about his journey of being a ballroom dancer and on the show. It’s a great “interview” and in case you haven’t seen it till now, be sure to do it here.

There is also a second video that you can watch here, where Derek is having some fun. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this! 😀

[EW] task him with a little round of improv – dance style!  Of course, being the pro he is, Hough fully committed whether it was showing off some abs and an accent for the Chmerkovskiy, getting zen for the Bergeron Boogie (who knew Tom was a yogi?), or even awkwardly rocking out for the Taylor Swift Squad.

Tom could not leave this without any comment…here is what he tweeted! I really love Tom…he never fails to put a smile on my face! 🙂


And here is the Daily Motion version of Derek’s videos. We merged them in one, enjoy 😉