How to VOTE for Marilu Henner & Derek Hough on Dancing with the Stars Season 23



USA can vote using their phones. All you have to do is call 1-800-868-3408!!! Phone lines open when the show starts at your area and lasts till one hour after the show ends at your local time!

People who vote via phone often experience busy signals or get the message that they used all of their votes when they know they didn’t. That happens because many people are voting and the system gets “messed up” a little. In case this happens to you, just keep trying till you get a line and be sure that you used ALL your votes! You have as many votes as the number of the couples who are competing the specific week PER phone!


There are two ways to do it: the ABC’s official site or the official DWTS Facebook page.

****Tip for international fans:

FIRST: To be able to vote online (both ABC & Facebook), you’ll have to use a program that provides you VPN IP such as:
1. Hola
2. Tunnel bear
3. Hide me
4. Windscribe
5. Cyber Ghost
and many more. You can find many on the net. Those programs will help you navigate from the US. After you install the free version of them on your browser, be sure that you are browsing from the US and that you are using it while getting on ABC or Facebook. If not, then it’s not going to work.
While you are using a VPN, go to ABC and create an account (or as many as you can) by adding a US zip code. Here is a list of them. Choose anyone you want. Register your mail, verify it and then you’ll be good to go 😉
Since this season Facebook is blocked as well, be sure to navigate on your Facebook with the VPN as well.

SECOND: After many international fans have encountered problems by voting on Facebook, seems like the VPN alone is not enough. Be sure to change your “location” on your Facebook profile to US or don’t add a location at all. That way you’ll be able to vote. Fans who tried it, were able to vote after the change.

a) ABC: To vote on ABC, create an account at using your e-mail. When you do that, you’ll get an e-mail asking you to confirm your registration. After the confirmation, you are free to start voting. You can repeat the same process as many times as you want with as many e-mails as you want. You have as many votes as the number of the couples who are competing the specific week PER e-mail address!

b) Facebook: On Facebook you just need to have a profile and go to DWTS’ page. Facebook created an APP for the DWTS voting. To get to the voting page, just click here. You have as many votes as the number of the couples who are competing the specific week PER Facebook account.

Online voting opens for everyone when the show starts at 8pm (ET zone – New York GMT time) on the East Coast. VOTING ONLINE STAYS OPEN FOR 24 HOURS! That means you can vote until Tuesday, 8pm (ET zone – New York GMT time).


The weeks we have Results shows, meaning Monday AND Tuesday shows, the online voting won’t be 24hrs! Voting opens as usual at 8pm (ET zone – New York GMT time) but CLOSES AT 11AM (ET zone – New York GMT time) on Tuesday!! We’ll remind you about this on twitter a lot when this happens! 😉

INTERNATIONAL FANS: make sure to check what time the voting is at your local time so you know when you can vote. Here is a link where you can check the time around the world. If you have any troubles finding your time zone we are more than glad to help you. Just tweet us @DerekHoughNews.

Note: You can also use Skype to vote by just calling the number of the couple, but this doesn’t always work for everyone. Be sure to check it every week and if it works cast your votes there too 😉

  • We’ll be also tweeting every week LIVE all the info when the show starts (phone number and links) so you can have easier access to vote and we will remind you about it after the show till the voting closes. For any questions you can always ask us on @DerekHoughNews. It will be our pleasure to help you!