Derek & Julianne Hough – Move interactive

After two MOVE Live on Tours in 2014 and 2015, Derek and Julianne changed the concept and as they said during their M&Gs of the second MLOT, they created Move interactive in 2016. And although we miss seeing them dance and sing on stage, we think this new concept is amazing because it allows a face to face meeting and interaction with Derek and Julianne.

The Hough siblings’ concept’s roots are the same as the ones of their MOVE Live on Tour, meaning they encourage people to live a healthy life and move. So, we are still going after the same mojo: Motion equals emotion. All the events last from 1-2 hours and are free!

Below you can find all the info, pictures and videos, from the MOVE Interactive events that Derek and Julianne created. We’ll be adding more as they create more 😉