Derek Hough’s Snapchats & Instagram Stories during 2016

As of 2016, Derek started using more often a new way of posting videos – that disappear after 24 hours – via the social media platform Snapchat. Somewhere in the middle of the same year, Instagram introduced the Instagram Stories, which is basically the same idea. Derek of course, is now using both platforms.
His account name on both platforms is derekhough. Be sure to follow him.

Below, you can find what Derek posted on Snapchat and Instagram Stories during 2016. You can find all of his posts on our main page.

  1. January 2016: Golden Cup Award, Creating with Brittney Palmer, JLo’s All I have, Disneyland 60 rehearsals & taping, Grease Live
  2. February 2016
    1. 1-6: Playing keyboard, assembling Emmy, bowling night, traveling to San Francisco for Super Bowl and more
    2. 7-18: Super Bowl 50, Ohio State Uni dance class, singing to his Valentine, District 78, Jimmy Kimmel, promo of Disneyland 60 in NY and more.
    3. 19-29: Derek testing his Disney knowledge, fun shopping with friends, Weinstein Company’s Pre-Oscar party, Romie and more.
  3. March 2016
    1. 1-17: Dancing with Gina Rodriguez, house dance party with friends, Derek in NY and Florida (Tony Robbins seminar), on the set of Nashville and more
    2. 18-26: Celebrating Grandpa Hough’s life, Jane the Virgin, working out and more
    3. 27-31: Shootings in Nashville for Season 4 (Part 2), a hilarious interview with Arielle Vandenberg and more
  4. April 2016
    1. 1-10: Party by the pool, GLAAD Awards, iHeart Radio Music Awards, Dancing with the Stars, Disneyland with family and more
    2. 11-17: Project with Travis Wall & Chantel Aguirre, fun time with family, Coachella Festival and more
    3. 19-30: MMA, kickboxing, working out, road trip to California Coast, Dodgers’ Game and more
  5. May 2016
    1. 3-13: Spring cleaning, working out at the beach, recording studio, Invictus Games and more
    2. 14-23: Celebrating birthday at Beauty & Essex in Las Vegas, Bethany’s visit, recording studio, Steve Irwin Gala Dinner, visiting DWTS finals
    3. 25-30: Mark’s birthday, practicing Argentine Tango, tap dancing and more
  6. June 2016
    1. 1-10: Recording studio, 70th Anniversary Gala of Television Academy, International dunut day, pool partying, New York and more
    2. 11-20: KAIROS project, small procedure, creating art and lots of family time
    3. 21-30: Family time at Universal Studios, Brooks’ birthday party, family moments in Utah and adventures with dad (Part 1)
  7. July 2016
    1. 1-12: Father/son adventure, July 4th at Coeur D’Alene, Move Interactive in Los Angeles, Romie and more.
    2. 13-24: Romie, Move Interactive, Summer at Coeur D’Alene, Jules’ birthday
    3. 25-31: First Hairspray Live! rehearsals, Karaoke night out, Kym & Robert’s wedding and more
  8. August 2016
    1. 1-10: First Hairspray Live! table read & shooting, Television Critics Association, MOVE Interactive, Yosemite with Hayley, “Singin’ in the Rain” screening and more
    2. 11-23: Ping pong for a purpose, project with Kelsey, Jason & Khalid, Coeur D’Alene, Move Interactive and more
    3. 24-31: Playing with Romie, out with family and friends, Emmy Awards Nominees Reception, shooting opening for S23 of DWTS and more
  9. September 2016
    1. 1-10: Give project, Shooting of video project with Rudy Abreu, with Marilu in NY & Hamilton, AH Live, House party & Dizzy Feet Awards.
    2. 11-20: Emmy Awards (Creative & Primetime), DWTS S23 weeks 1+2, Bruce dancing with Hayley & Nina.
    3. 23-30: Kellogg’s Tour, DWTS (S23W3), Hollywood’s Night Under the Stars and Arielle’s birthday
  10. October 2016
    1. 1-11: Hollywood’s Night Under the Stars, DWTS backstage (S23 Weeks 4&5) and Hayley’s birthday
    2. 12-23: LAPalme photoshoot, DWTS Weeks 6 & 7, Hollywood Game Night, Hollywood Horror Nights and more
    3. 24-31: DWTS Weeks 7 & 8, Hairspray Live! rehearsals and more
  11. November 2016
    1. 1-11: Hairspray Live!, DWTS & Disney Holiday Celebration Rehearsals, Romie, Lexi & Harley and more
    2. 12-16: Disney Holiday Celebration shooting, Hairspray Live! rehearsals and press day
    3. 17-23: Hairspray Live! rehearsals, Party at Jules’, DWTS Finale and more
    4. 23-30: Mark’s wedding rehearsal dinner, Hairspray Live! Rehearsals & Backstage on Ellen
  12. December 2016
    1. 1-7: Backstage on AH Live, Hairspray Live! rehearsals, fun at home, HSL dress rehearsals and show day and more
    2. 7-17: Hairspray Live! show day, post show parties, MOVE Beyond announcement & press in NY and trip to Mexico
    3. 20-31: Belize with dad Bruce & Mark Harari and Christmas Holidays in Utah with family & friends