Derek Hough – Video collaboration with BigMan Productions

BigMan Productions promo poster that includes two pictures of Derek and Travis' project - May 10, 2016 Courtesy bigmanshorts IG

BigMan Productions promo poster that includes two pictures of Derek’s videos – May 10, 2016 – Courtesy bigmanshorts IG

In 2016, Derek teamed up for a long string of videos/projects with BigMan Productions and we couldn’t have been happier with it from the get go, considering that from the first sneak peek on their work, it looked like it was going to be simply amazing!

The projects are produced by BigMan Productions and the visual effects are breathtaking! In some of them Derek worked alone, while in others he worked with other artists in matter of choreography or music. As BigMan mentioned, the videos are all ready and Derek will be the one to release them…hopefully soon! 🙂

Click the links below to check all the info we have up to now for each of the projects, as many haven’t been released yet. Due to that, we don’t know how they are officially called. We’ll change the names as soon as we have more information about each one of them.

  1. First project: Only Derek is featured, walking, dancing and more by the beach.
  2. Breathe You: Feat. Derek along Chantel Aguirre. Travis Wall worked with Derek on the project. (Released project)
  3. KAIROS: Feat. Derek and many artists, co-choreographed with Kelsey McCowan. (Released project)
  4. Stepping project – Body Percussion: A second project with Kelsey McCowan in collaboration with Jason Nious & Khalid Freeman.
  5. Ashes of Eden: Feat. Derek and 13 dancers, co-choreographed with Rudy Abreu.

  • Extra: For the Creative Arts Emmy Awards 2016, the nominees were asked to describe themselves and what they do in 30 seconds. Derek’s submission for this was a 30 seconds video with parts of two of his projects with BigMan: “Breathe You” and “KAIROS”.