Derek Hough partners with TIA Girl Club and creates TIA Treasure Boxes to empower tweens

On December 1, 2016, Entertainment Weekly reported that Derek had partnered with TIA Girl Club – an empowerment-focused community centered on the phrase, “Today I Am” – to help and encourage tweens to express their true selves.

To help others, Hough has designed a “Treasure Box” (one for girls and one for boys), a monthly subscription service designed to inspire tweens to express their true inner voice and authentic self during a critical time of development.

You can find more information and buy Derek’s boxes (limited edition) by clicking here and you can always visit the official site of TIA Girl Club to learn more about their work and support them.

Below you can find an excerpt of Derek’s interview to Entertainment Weekly, pictures of what the two boxes include and more.

“The words ‘I am’ are incredibly powerful. They can be used for good and for bad. We often hear ourselves self-deprecatingly saying ‘I’m stupid’ or ‘I’m dumb.’ We just throw them out there, [but] they’re more powerful than we think. It’s important that we’re conscious about what we put after those two words.”

Julee from Mommy’s Memorandum wrote a beautiful blog about this partnership and writes in detail what each box includes. You can read her blog and see the pictures she shared by clicking the link.

Also Julia, another girl, made a video and took us inside the girl’s box by showing us one by one all the items that we can find inside. Check out her video below.