Derek Hough – Parallel projects

We all know that Derek has a very active professional life, meaning that he is always involved in, signing up for or coming up with new projects all the time: Video collaborations, Music, Travel partnerships, lifestyle events, the new MOVE Interactive experience he created with Julianne and many more!

The projects are very diverse and they tend to take place parallel to other big projects (like Dancing with the Stars, Singin’ in the Rain or Hairspray Live!). We gathered all those little ongoing projects under the name Parallel Projects, and we’ll be updating the page with new ones as time goes.

On going projects

  • Video collaborations: Video projects that Derek is working on during the years and participation on music videos.
  • MOVE Interactive: A series of events that Derek and Jules announced during the second MLOT’s M&Gs, where people would interact with them in different psychical activities such as working out, dancing, hiking etc.

From time to time, Derek partners with different companies to promote his ideas, his dream vacations or a healthy lifestyle. Below we gathered his partnerships and the media surrounding Derek’s involvement in those events.