Derek Hough in “Singing in the rain” on Broadway

Our dream is finally coming true! Derek’s first major Broadway role will be Don Lockwood in Harvey Weinstein‘s “Singing in the rain“! Oh, what a glorious feeling!
The great news was announced during the Weinstein Company’s pre-Oscar dinner and we couldn’t be more excited about it! The show will hit the stage on January 2017 and previews will probably be 1-2 months earlier! If you want to know when tickets will go on sale, you can subscribe here!

Below we’ll be gathering everything new about this so long awaited project of Derek so you won’t miss anything! 😀

Connecting the generations…. On August 8, 2016, a special screening of the 1952 movie with Gene Kelly took place as part of the screening series “Archival Revival – 25 years of the Academy Film Archive”. Derek introduced the event. You can find all the media and pictures from it by clicking here.

And some personal thoughts…

By Elara:

The Gene Kelly vibes that I got from Derek kept on coming: from his elegant dance moves to his voice and his jumps.. I decided then.. “Derek is the only true heir of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire!” So, in 2012, for his 27th birthday I made a little collage for Derek. A collage that resonated with him since he uploaded it on his Instagram.. Later we saw Derek dancing and singing in the rain with Maria Menounos, then we saw him in the New York Spring Spectacular‘s “Singing in the rain” number, then we heard Gene Kelly’s wife, Patricia Kelly saying that she sees a little bit of Gene in Derek and then we saw him again singing and dancing in the rain with Bethany Mota. A lot of signs that led to February 28th, 2016, the day we’ve finally heard that Derek will be the lead performer in Harvey Weinstein‘s “Singing in the rain” on Broadway. Happy, happy day!!!

Nice Collage from a fan . Idols of mine

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By Ifigenia:

I am sure that if anyone would have told that 4 year old boy you can see in the video below that in his 30s he would be the male lead in “Singing in the Rain” on Broadway, he would not have believed it….or maybe he would have. Who knows? The sure thing is that, this little boy, while growing up, was dreaming that his performance back then would become something much more and he would be able to perform the specific number on a bigger stage! And when you dream big, things happen!

For the last few years, there were plenty of rumors that Derek will star on the show…but nothing official till now! Personally, I was following the rumors, but was waiting for something official. And my instinct “told me” that this would happen after I saw Patricia Kelly visiting Derek at the DWTS studios and telling him some amazing things! I didn’t know when it would happen, but I knew that it was just a matter of time. Patience is a virtue! 🙂 And finally, the moment has come! On February 27th, it was officially announced that Derek will be on the Broadway production of the musical!

Break a leg Derek! You so deserve this and I am sure that you will be amazing! You were born for this part and….I really wish I will be able to fly to NY to see you on stage! Love you!