Derek Hough in “Singin’ in the Rain” – Cast announcement media – VIDEOS

On February 27, 2016, Derek was going to perform at the Weinstein Company’s Pre-Oscar party and based on some pictures we had seen few days before of him rehearsing for the event, we were all anxiously waiting for something “big” to happen during the party. And it did! A little after 11pm (PT), the news was all over Twitter when Harvey Weinstein announced what we were all waiting for: that Derek will be on Broadway starring on “Singin’ in the Rain”! Patricia Kelly, the widow of Gene Kelly, congratulated Derek in a very sweet message on Facebook.

Below, you can see videos from that night’s performance, before the performance and more. For pictures & articles of the night, you can click here, and for anything around Singin’ in the Rain, you can check our main page about it.

  • Performance

  • Derek’s snapchat videos of the night & Preparation

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Singing in the Rain will b coming to Broadway…@derekhough

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