Derek Hough in “Hairspray Live!” – The next day – Reviews

As expected, the day after the airing of “Hairspray Live!” many media outlets covered the show! We were happy to see that the majority of them had really good things to say about the show, especially Derek’s portrayal of Corny Collins!

Below you can find some of the reviews of the show itself, as well as the show’s Soundtrack. For everything else around “Hairspray Live!” (pictures, promos, behind the scenes videos and more) you can check our main page.

Derek Hough made his debut on Hairspray Live! — and he turned in one impressive performance. The Dancing With the Stars vet showed off his singing voice for the first time on NBC’s live production of the beloved musical on Wednesday night, confirming that he’s much more than an accomplished dancer and choreographer. As Corny Collins, the host of Hairspray’s fictional The Corny Collins Show, Hough surprised fans by expertly belting out classic tunes, “The Nicest Kids in Town,” “(It’s) Hairspray” and “Ladies’ Choice.” In “Ladies Choice,” Hough sang and danced to the song originally performed by Zac Efron, who played Link Larkin, in the 2007 big-screen movie. Right after the upbeat number, the 31-year-old rolled off his lines to the in-production Oreo commercial without skipping a beat.

Hough was as charming as ever as Corny Collins, backing up his already-impressive moves with a surprisingly goodsinging voice and a cool Oreo trick that we can’t get out of our minds (and he can’t get off his jacket… We saw that little milk spill, Hough).

It’s a serious problem when secondary characters in a musical far outshine the leads, and that was very much the case here, notably Kristin Chenoweth as Velma Von Tussle, the arch villainess producer of Baltimore TV teen dance sensation, The Corny Collins Show. And as the host of that show, Derek Hough made his cheerful slickness appealing, lighting up the screen every time he reappeared.

  • People – 10 memorable moments

Derek Hough’s Dancing — and Singing! – Hough stepped into the shoes of TV host Corny Collins (a role originated by Clarke Thorell on Broadway and played by James Marsden in the 2007 film) for the live production, and showed off his triple-threat dancing, singing and acting skills for fans — and did it all in style! The Dancing with the Stars pro had numerous costume changes for the NBC taping, including pink, gold and purple suits.

NY Daily News keeps it short on Derek…but we love it and we agree! “Derek Hough can dance. Simple enough.” Be sure to read the whole review.

[Maddie and Harvey] were just two standouts in what may be the strongest cast a TV musical has gathered. Veterans like Kristin Chenoweth, Jennifer Hudson, Derek Hough and Martin Short blended perfectly with Ariana Grande, Dove Cameron, Garrett Clayton and Ephraim Sykes — with each having a moment to shine.

The ancillary nonsense, though, sapped the momentum of the show, which ran three hours and somehow still didn’t have room for “The New Girl in Town,” a smart, punchy number from the film version. Happily, though, it did fit in another song from the movie, “Ladies’ Choice,” albeit giving it to Corny Collins (Derek Hough) rather than Link Larkin (Garrett Clayton).

Hough was seemingly designed in a lab just to play the slick Collins, while Grande’s sheltered, nerdy Penny Pingleton showcased her ability to do sketch comedy. Hudson, well, she showed us why she won the Oscar for her role as Effie White in Dreamgirls.

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Derek Hough can sing! You’d think I’d know better than to doubt the pipes of a Hough, especially after Julianne’s killer performance in Grease: Live, but I’m just not that evolved. So imagine my delight upon hearing Derek’s rock-solid performance of “The Nicest Kids in Town,” “(It’s) Hairspray” and…

“Ladies’ Choice” is no longer a Link Larkin number. The song — originally written for the 2007 film, in which Zac Efron played Link — is now performed by Hough’s Corny Collins. When asked for the reason behind the switch, Garrett Clayton (Live!‘s Link) had only this to say: “It wasn’t up to me”

Derek Hough as Corny Collins was Ken-doll flawless, even gamely dunking an Oreo cookie into milk and popping it into his mouth after a big dance number. (Though, we’re not sure why Oreo needed to follow up Hough’s live Oreo endorsement with another of its cookie commercials. Isn’t that double dipping?)

“Out of the whole soundtrack, [Jennifer Hudson] is only matched vocally by Derek Hough as Corny Collins, whose cheeky tones prove he is absolutely the Ladies Choice.