Derek Hough: Better with You

On April 25, 2011, Derek made a guest appearance on ABC’s sitcom “Better with You” where he portrayed a dance instructor named Philip.

Plot: Mia and Casey are getting ready for their upcoming wedding and Mia wants to take some dance lessons so they can dance at the ceremony. Casey, who is an excellent dancer, pretends that he can’t dance so he won’t overshadow Mia. Beside, he has learn his lesson from previous relationships that women get upset when their partner can dance better than them! Mia’s continues insults though lead him to defend himself and to prove that he doesn’t have two left feet!

Below you can see Derek’s scenes from the episode and some pictures from it. For more info about the show itself, you can visit Wikipedia.


Credits of the episode: Gary Halvorson (director), Christopher Luccy (Teleplay) and Eve Weston (Story)


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