Afterbuzz comments about Derek Hough’s guest in “It’s Sure Gonna Hurt” of “Nashville”

Never too late to discover how hot Derek is! 😉 The girls from Afterbuzz talk about the latest episode of Nashville “It’s Sure Gonna Hurt”. The comments about Derek’s guest and his plotline starts at 14.55. We’ll have an edited version, as always, later on. Thanks Ann for the heads up 🙂


Below the edited version with the comments about Derek’s guest and plot. Enjoy 🙂

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HQ Video of Derek Hough’s scenes from “Nashville”‘s episode “It’s Sure Gonna Hurt”

Did you all catch Derek last night on the twentieth episode of Nashville “It’s Sure Gonna Hurt”? If not, you can watch his scenes below! I posted them last night as well from the live streaming but, here they are in HQ video 😉

That was a really quick “relationship” between Noah and Juliette…wish they could stay together but, I was sure they would get her back with Avery *sigh* It was so obvious how much Avery was jealous of Noah last night! Once again, Derek did amazing! Next week will be the last episode of the season and (as of now) of the series overall. Be sure to not miss it!

Derek Hough’s scenes on Nashville’s “It’s sure gonna hurt” – May 18, 2016

Hello everyone!!! Are you all ready for Derek’s last appearance on “Nashville”? Tune in now on ABC for the whole new episode “It’s Sure Gonna Hurt”! I’ll try to update this post with Derek’s scenes so…keep an eye on it! Videos coming soon… 😉

ETA: You can watch a HQ video with all the scenes here.


And seems like Noah gets scenes from the beginning of the episode this time and…Derek looks amazing!! Below it’s the first three scenes with Noah and Juliette…more coming soon… We’ll have a HQ video with all the scenes tomorrow 🙂



Below are the next two scenes of Noah with…Cadence! This is the cutest thing ever!!! Noah (as Derek 😉 ) is amazing with kids…isn’t he!?

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Sneak peek from tomorrow’s “Nashville” episode with Derek Hough

Are you all ready for the new episode of “Nashville” tomorrow “It’s Sure Gonna Hurt”!? We sure are!!! And Yahoo TV helps us to get even more ready with a sneak peek! Be sure to click the link to watch the video. Derek is at Juliette’s place cooking and meeting Cadence for the first time. Is it just me or…is someone jealous!? 😉 And…how sweet is Noah with Cadence! Love it! Can’t wait for the new episode!


Below is an international version of the video…

HQ Video of Derek Hough’s scenes on “Nashville” – Episode: “After You’ve Gone”

Finally I was able to make the HQ video with Derek’s scenes. Sure much better than the recording from live streaming 😉 Did I say that I LOVED Derek’s return on the show!? I really wish he would have bigger part on the show. Noah looks amazing with Juliette! Enjoy the scenes below…

ETA: George tweeted (see his tweet below) that the show was canceled and won’t go on for a fifth season :/ We’ll sure miss it, especially Derek’s guest appearances as Noah… Don’t know if Variety reported it first but, there are plenty of media reporting it already.

Recap on Derek Hough’s return on last night’s episode “After You’ve Gone” of “Nashville”

Not surprised that some of the fans went on to focus on Derek’s return as Noah on their reviews. Mariella Mosthof writes a beautiful article/recap about Noah and Juliette’s relationship and wonders if they’ll stay together! We sure all wish they will! We would love to see Derek in more episodes…the more the merrier!  Plus, they look AMAZING together!

Belw is an excerpt of the recap, but be sure to read it all on Romper. It’s a great reading.

“Juliette definitely seems a wee bit salty that Noah shows up on the red carpet with a date, and it seems like her lingering feelings for him catch even her by surprise. Remember, they had off-screen chemistry during shooting, which neither of them acted on, because Juliette was pregnant and still with Avery. […] it’s nice to see Juliette finally growing her support system with people who seem to genuinely like her, rather than with clingy fangirls who are only in it for the parties.”

WATCH: Derek Hough returns to “Nashville” – Episode “After You’ve Gone”

Finally the first episode with Derek is on tonight! Was waiting so much for this! And Derek looks awesome! Check out below the scenes of Derek…we’ll be updating with new when there are more. The first scene is the same as the sneak peek we had yesterday. Recording from live stream is not the best choice but, we’ll sure try to have a HQ version with all the scenes tomorrow….hopefully that ABC won’t take them down.

ETA: You can find the HQ video here!


My link went down for a couple of minutes….I hope I didn’t miss any Derek scenes before the one below but I think I did. Like I mentioned above, we’ll have the HQ version of all the scenes tomorrow 🙂 In this scene, Noah is dancing with Juliette and confesses he has a crush on her…and they leave for Juliette’s room….can’t wait to see what happens next 😉 Btw…they look great together!

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#Reminder Don’t miss Derek Hough’s return as Noah West on Nashville tonight

Woo hoo! Finally the day is here! Are you all ready to watch Derek back on “Nashville” tonight!? I sure can’t wait! Especially after all the promos and the sneak peek we got yesterday! Ecumenical News has some “spoilers” of the episode if you want to take a look 😉 Adding the promo again below. Check it out and also click the link for the sneak peek! Seems like it’s going to be an episode full of tension! 😀

Nashville airs on ABC at 10/9c!

“Nashville” Sneak Peek feat. Derek Hough and Kesha

As we previously posted, Derek and Kesha will guest star in this week’s episode of Nashville and we can’t wait to see them! Below you can see a sneak peek for this episode feat. both Derek and Kesha!
People also posted the video with the sneak peek, mentioning Kesha and Derek’s appearance on the episode. Don’t miss it tomorrow on ABC at 10/9c!

Derek Hough featured on next week’s “After You’ve Gone” promo of “Nashville”

Can’t believe that next week we’ll be able to finally see Derek back on “Nashville”! Are you all ready for some more Noah West!? I sure am!! And this time it seems like he is back to get Juliette! 😀 Can’t wait to see Derek’s first episode next Wednesday! Check out below the promo video for “After You’ve Gone”.