Summary of the day – Derek Hough’s day promoting Disneyland 60 – February 17, 2016

You can say that this was a really full day for Derek! Lots of press for the upcoming special show for the Wonderful World of Disney! And there is more press coming tomorrow…more on that later 😉 Below are all the interviews Derek did up to now to promote the Disneyland’s special show that airs this Sunday on ABC at 8pm. I’ll try to gather here few photos from each interview and the videos. For full coverage you can click the links 🙂

  • This morning, Derek was on Kelly & Michael. Full post, here.

  • Next stop, the AOL Build Show. Probably the best interview of all three since it lasts 25min! 😀 Can’t complain about it! On the main post, I added the video from the official Facebook page, below you can find a YouTube (thanks Al!) and a Daily Motion version of it. Full coverage; Main post with lost of pictures and some social media videos and HQ Pictures.

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Derek Hough on Kelly & Michael – February 17, 2016

After Jimmy Kimmel, Derek talks to Kelly and Michael today about the special show for Disneyland’s 60th anniversary that he is hosting this Sunday and more. Derek posted these two pictures on his snapchat while he is getting ready for the first interview of the day. Also, Kelly and Michael’s official twitter account, posted a preview of the show that you can watch below. Waiting for it, we’ll update with the whole interview as soon as possible 🙂


Thanks to Al, below you can watch Derek on Kelly & Michael and what he had to say. Except from Disney, he also talks about his long December vacation, Julianne Hough and of course Dancing with the Stars. Huge thanks to you Al! 😀 Be sure to check the gallery above as well…more pictures from Derek’s snapchat were added from the backstage of the show.

And…a short video that Derek posted on his Snapchat before he gets on stage 😀

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Derek Hough featured in Disneyland Memories on Live with Kelly and Michael – May 21, 2015

Live with Kelly and Michael broadcast from Disneyland from May 18 – May 22, 2015. Derek was featured along with other “friends” of the show, in their Disneyland Memories segment from Thursday’s (May 21) broadcast.

Here is the video of the segment. You can see Derek at 1:00 and 1:23 marks as well as Julianne at 4:11.

Source: Live with Kelly and Michael archive: Disneyland Memories

Derek Hough at Live with Kelly and Michael – March 18, 2015

Derek passed by Kelly and Michael to talk about Dancing with the stars, Nastia and Spring Spectacular! Erin Andrews filled in for Kelly since Kelly couldn’t be there for few shows of this week. You can watch what he had to say in the video below.