The Rockettes Challenge Derek Hough to #GiveThem20 in Support of US Veterans

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an initiative of American Corporate Partners (ACP), non profit organization, focused on assisting our returning military build their next careers

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Flashback Friday with The Rockettes, Derek Hough and New York Spring Spectacular 

The Rockettes uploaded this wonderful Look Back at Spring Spectacular late Wednesday.  Included is a segment discussing Derek and costar Jared Grimes’ symbiotic working relationship. Enjoy! 

Houghkin ‘s DWTS, Nastia’s Indy 500 Grand Marshal, Derek’s NYSS & Flip and more has some more details about our team’s week on DWTS, Nastia’s duty as Indy 500 Grand Marshall and Derek’s declarations about DWTS, NYSS and Mark & Derek’s Excellent Flip.

Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough have had a very successful, yet rough time this season on Dancing With The Stars. Both have been traveling back and forth as Liukin attends school at NYU and as Hough has been starring with The Rockettes in the show New York Spring Spectacular.

Nastia already announce on twitter about her participation as a grand Marshall at Indy 500

You can find more details in the article:

I have very fond memories of competing and performing in Indianapolis, and I will actually be back again in August for the P&G Gymnastics Championships. I’m really honored to be the Grand Marshal for this year’s Indianapolis 500. It will be so exciting to witness ‘The Greatest Spectacle in Racing’ – I can’t wait!

The Indianapolis 500 will be held Sunday, May 24, 2015 on Memorial Day weekend.

Also, in case you missed it, they remind us of Mark & Derek’s Excellent Flip air time on HGTV at 11:00 p.m. on Mondays.

For more interesting details, read the whole article here .


Quick Message from Derek

A quick message from Derek after his injury! Wishing him fast recovery! We love you D!

Source: the Rockettes – via FB

Derek Hough injured during last night’s performances – Part 2

Since our first post about Derek’s injury got a little too long…we’ll continue the updates on this one… A quick summary is that Derek sprained his ankle and probably broke his toe last night.

…the first news about tomorrow’s Spring Spectacular show are not the best but as we said, Derek’s health is above everything. According to, Derek will not appear in the April 22, 2015 performance of NYSS after the injury he suffered last night on DWTS. For more info, be sure to read the whole article. has confirmed that five-time Dancing with the Stars winner Derek Hough will not appear in the April 22 performance of the Rockettes’ New York Spring Spectacular. According to E! Online, Hough sustained an injury during rehearsals for DWTS’ 10th Anniversary special. Taylor Frey will step in as Jack.


ET has a post show and pre-injury video from last night during the press line. They summarize the injury but nothing new from what we already know. Derek talks at 0:49 mark.


Jessica Radloff from Glamour writes that due to his injury, Derek won’t be able to dance on the 10th anniversary show. She also writes that maybe he won’t be able to dance with Nastia either next Monday night but, it’s a long time till then so, who knows? Here is what she wrote:

Derek Hough and Mark Ballas were supposed to hit the dance floor together (!) for a “bromance” dance, but Derek injured his toe last night during rehearsals for the 10th Anniversary Special, and will now be unable to dance. I’m also hearing from my show insider that he may not be able to dance with Nastia next week as well. On the other hand, this is Derek Hough we’re talking about, and if anyone is going to surprise us and power through, it’s Derek. I mean, the guy found a way to still make it on to the 20th season of DWTS, so I don’t doubt he’s going to try and do everything to perform this time around. We’ll see.

And speaking of the 10th anniversary show, Tom tweeted that it moved to April 28 instead of May 14 that was originally planned. On April 28 we would have the first Results show and double elimination but this also move to May 5!

And a quick message from “the man of the day”…we love you Derek! We all hope to see you back dancing the soonest as possible! Take care of yourself!



Derek’s spokeswoman Sue Madore talked to People about Derek’s injury and gives details about it and that this week Derek will remain in LA while his understudy will fill in for him on Spring Spectacular. Nastia is practicing with Sasha for this week but it’s unclear if Derek will be able to perform on Monday’s show. Here is what she says…for more info check People:

He has been diagnosed with a broken toe on his right foot and sprains to his left ankle on both the inside and outside aspects and a bone bruise on the same ankle. Derek will remain in Los Angeles this week to rehab his injuries. […] While it remains unclear at this time if Derek will be able to perform on April 27 episode, his partner Nastia Liukin will train in Los Angeles this week with pro-dancer Sasha Farber to prepare for the live show.

And a message from Derek himself…we love you Derek!! Do everything it takes to get well the soonest as possible! Your fans wait for you while sending lots of love and positive vibes!

Performing 10 shows a week at Radio City while rehearsing with Nastia for DWTS, I've never felt more healthy,strong and fit. But then a fluke accident happened that involved a light and some stairs. Can't believe it, wish I had a cooler story to tell. All that dancing , flipping , jumping and the thing that stops me in my tracks is something as simple as a light and some stairs . I'm doing everything I possibly can to have a quick recovery and I'm determined to come back stronger than ever. I appreciate all the love and support, you guys are the best. And thank you to Mark, BC Jean and Corky Ballas for staying with me at the hospital until 2am. Love you . This is new territory for me , I'm usually able to work through injury but this one has literally floored me. But like I said before I'm determined to come back all guns blazing … soon!!! #setbackisasetupforacomeback

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Derek Hough talks NYSS on Extra Tv

Derek talked with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway at the H&M Studios about his sold-out Radio City musical, “Spring Spectacular.” What he had to say about NYSS and DWTS you can see on the video below:

Source: Extra Tv

Derek Hough on Instagram posts and Twitter mentions

It looks like our man’s crazy schedule doesn’t prevent him from taking time to make his fans happy by stopping by and taking at least one photo with them. Happy fans…. amazing man!


Derek Hough & myself on the Upper East Side ☺️ @derekhough #derekhough

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That one time I got @derekhough to do the @lymediseasechallenge. #BOOM

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Derek and Jared Grimes on Good Day NY

Earlier we tweeted an Instagram from the Rockette’s about Jack and Marshall visiting Good Day NY


You can see this video also at

Derek Hough and Central Park

The Rockette’s have loaded another cute video of Derek on their Facebook page

Derek Hough Multi Tasking and Jet Setting

Kellie Freeze has interviewed Derek a few times on his NYSS & Season 20 DWTS experience. Below is an excerpt from her TV Weekly Now article yesterday.

Derek Hough may have usurped James Brown as the hardest-working man in show business. Currently, the pro dancer on “Dancing With the Stars” (Mondays on ABC) also appears in “New York Spring Spectacular,” an eye-popping dance extravaganza featuring the Rockettes.

And in case you missed, her Q&A Monday from Channel Guide Magazine