Derek Hough performing at Hollywood’s Night Under the Stars – PICTURES [Part 2]

Amazing night at the “Hollywood Night Under The Stars” Event. With both SITR performance and one intense Tango, we sure can say Derek gave great show.

We are updating with more pictures from the event below. For videos and more pictures be sure to check our first posts HERE, HERE and for HQ pictures HERE.


Just Jared just posted some pictures as well. It includes Red Carpet and performance pictures, as well as Derek, Hayley and other pros heading to the DWTS rehearsals.

DailyMail also posted some pictures from the event.

Derek Hough - Hollywood Night Under The Stars - Oct 1, 2016 - Courtesy: Daily Mail

Derek Hough – Hollywood Night Under The Stars – Oct 1, 2016 – Courtesy: Daily Mail

More HQ Pictures of Derek Hough performing at Hollywood’s Night Under the Stars

Wow…I really hope we’ll get a video of these performances!! Love it!!! Getty has some amazing photos!! Also check Zimbio and Wire Images!

More pictures of the night here and videos here.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Derek Hough performing at Hollywood’s Night Under the Stars – VIDEOS

Below some first videos from the event from social media…more to come! For some HQ pictures and more, you can check here.

ETA: OMG!! See that Argentine Tango!!! Perfection!! Instagram post embedded below…



And here we have another video with Derek and Ekaterina’s AT from last night! Awesome performance!


Why you should see “Singin’ in the Rain” again before Derek Hough hits Broadway – Blog by Kristyn Burtt

Kristyn was at The Academy’s screening of “Singin’ in the rain” on Monday, where Derek introduced the movie and Gene Kelly’s widow, Patricia, was also there. Kristyn wrote a blog at her site, Dance Dish with Kristyn Burtt, of why everyone should watch again the classic movie of 1952 before they travel to New York and watch Derek stepping into the shoes of Gene Kelly. Below is an excerpt of her blog but be sure to read it all at Dance Dish. She also shares beautiful pictures of Derek!

“Stepping into Gene Kelly’s iconic role is a monumental task for any performer, so it’s going to bring Derek one of the biggest challenges of his career. I like that he’s tackling it because it’s easy to become complacent when you’ve had such success. He’s continuing to take fresh and exciting paths on his journey as an artist.”

Don’t forget that she also has a giveaway for Derek Hough fans worldwide!

Giveaway for Derek Hough fans by Kristyn Burtt

That’s a great gift from Kristyn for all the Derek fans around the world, as the “contest” is open worldwide! Kristyn is giving away two of the “Singin’ in the Rain” programs from the Academy’s screening! The rules are very simple, you can read them all below on her Facebook post! Click here if you want to participate! Thanks Kristyn!

Derek Hough’s whole speech at “Singin’ in the Rain” screening and more pictures

Below you can check the whole speech of Derek introducing the screening of “Singin’ in the Rain” at the Academy’s Film Archive Anniversary. Derek also presents Gene Kelly’s widow, Patricia. Be sure to watch the video. Also, some pictures added below from the night. For Derek’s and other social media videos of the night, you can check here.



Below the You Tube HQ version of only Derek’s speech from the Oscars’ official channel.

Derek Hough at the Academy Film Archive – Summer Screening August 8, 2016

Tonight Derek attended the 25 Years of the Academy Film Archive Summer Screening to watch “Singin’ in the rain”.
As you all know Derek will play the lead role at the upcoming remake of “Singin’ in the rain” on Broadway, giving us back some of Gene Kelly’s magical moment and new magical moments of his own.


Kristyn Burtt was at the screening and shared some moments of it on her Instagram account. Thanks Kristyn for sharing with the fans these moments.

#Reminder: “Singin’ In the Rain” introduced by Derek Hough

Derek will attend today the private screening of “Singin’ in the Rain” at Samuel Goldwyn Theater – 7:30 PST.
Check more details at the Academy of Motion Pictures Facebook page and at

Later on we will update with all the relevant and updated media.

Gene Kelly - Singin' in the rain

Gene Kelly – Singin’ in the Rain

Is “Singin in the Rain” with Derek Hough going to have a pre-Broadway premiere in Paris?

Found this article from Playbill last night on Facebook but didn’t get the chance to post it till now. I have to say that what it says is really interesting! I have no idea if this is really happening but, Playbill is usually accurate on Broadway news so… I hope it’s true 🙂

IF “Singin’ in the Rain” makes a pre-Broadway world premiere in Paris with Derek, I am sure it will make lots of his European fans happy! Playbill says that “An American in Paris” also had its pre-Broadway world premiere in Paris so…it could be possible! We know that Derek flew to Paris earlier this year (January 4-7) to watch “Singin’ in the Rain” that was running at the moment in Paris. Who knows? Let’s hope we’ll have more info about this, as well as “Singin’ in the Rain” in general!
Be sure to check Playbill for more info on other Broadway shows that are going to run during the season 2016-17!

Dancing With the Stars favorite Derek Hough as song and dance man Don Lockwood in a new stage adaptation of the classic MGM film musical, about the early days of sound films in Hollywood. The show will debut way out of town—at the Paris venue Théâtre du Châtelet, where Broadway’s current An American in Parisalso had its pre-Broadway world premiere. Harvey Weinstein is producing. Singin’ in the Rain is directed by Robert Carsen and features choreography by Stephen Mear and costumes by Tony winner Anthony Powell.”


Unfortunately, what I was afraid of is true, but I was hoping for the article to have it right. You see, living in Europe it just gave me hope since it would be easier for me to see Derek on stage *sigh* Anyway, because of that I really had to find out if that was true so I tried to contact the theater and ask about it. Today I got an answer from the head of the office, Mr. Dagher, who said that there won’t be another run of “Singin’ in the Rain” in France… I still hope there would be one but, deep inside I was afraid that this would be a long shot… Below is the mail I got from Mr. Dagher.

California Life HD talks to Derek Hough about DWTS, Singing in the Rain and more – VIDEO

On tonight’s episode, California Life HD talks to Derek about Dancing with the Stars and his last season with Bindi Irwin, his book “Taking the Lead” and his upcoming Broadway project “Singing in the Rain”! The interview, as you can notice, was recorded along with all the others when he was in New York to promote his partnership with Hilton Hotels & Resorts… Great segment!

You can watch the interview below, Derek’s part and also the full episode.