Derek Hough on The Trend with Rebecca Granet – June 6, 2017

And yet another amazing interview Derek did about 30 min ago on The Trend with Rebecca Granet. Once again he talked about WOD and so many more. Take a look at the interview in the video below.

Derek Hough walks and talks to Crazy Talk’s Ben Aaron

What a fun, crazy, awesome interview Derek did with Crazy Talk’s Ben Aaron!! I was laughing the whole time! Check it in the video below!

Derek Hough on The Today Show – June 6, 2017

And continuing his promo tour, Derek visited The Today Show, talking about WOD and many more. Check the interview in the video below. Getty also posted pictures with Derek leaving the Today Show set.

Derek Hough on The Wendy Williams Show – June 6, 2017

And Derek continues his promo tour for both WOD and Move Beyond. After People Now, Derek was also on The Wendy Williams Show.

They talk about WOD, meeting J.Lo, DWTS, Julianne and their family, Move Beyond and more. He is excited about being in Utah with Move Beyond! Below you can see Derek’s interview and their hot topics!

Derek Hough on People Now – June 6, 2017 (VIDEO)

Today Derek talked to People Now about World of dance and his new role as a judge, Julianne’s Wedding, Move Beyond and Hayley! If you want to see this great interview, check the video below. 🙂

Derek Hough on AOL Build Series – June 5, 2017 (Full VIDEO)

As you all know, Derek was today on AOL Build Series. And this appearance on AOL is recurrent since Derek was there many times before to discuss the events he was involved in at the time: with Julianne to discuss MOVE Beyond in December 2016, to talk about Disneyland 60 in February 2016 and again with Julianne to discuss  “MOVE on live tour” and the new season of DWTS in March 2015. If you want to see Derek on this series, check the video we linked above.

Derek Hough on AOL Build- June 5, 2017

In this new interview Derek talked about WOD, Move Beyond, DWTS, Harry Potter 😀 and many more. As always there was a LIVE feed, but in case you missed it, check the video below.


Below you can see a short video with Derek meeting the fans after the AOL Build ended.

Derek Hough at ‘World of Dance’ Premiere – The Qualifiers Week 1 – May 30, 2017 [VIDEOS+PICTURES]

We just walked through a magical road 🙂 World of Dance premiere were beyond amazing. With 3 great judges, JLo, Ne-Yo and our own mega talented Derek Hough we saw 6 mind blowing performances that made it to the next round. We saw Keone & Mari, Diana Pombo, D’Angelo & Amanda, Kinjaz, Les Twins & Super Cr3w. Check below for some pictures posted by Getty and for the videos of the premiere performances.


Check below we added link for the FULL episode, international version, enjoy 🙂


>>> World of Dance – The Qualifiers Week 1 – FULL VIDEO <<<

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Derek Hough spends his Monday off in Los Angeles and visits Dancing with the Stars

This past Monday, Derek flew along with Jules on their day-off to Los Angeles. Jules does this every Monday as she is judging for Dancing with the Stars. Derek visited the DWTS studios and had some great time along with family, Hayley and friends there.
Bindi was also in the audience that day and we had a beautiful reunion!

Check out below what Derek posted on his Instagram during the day.

UPDATE: Getty has a couple of pictures of Derek and Bindi’s reunion on the ballroom. So sweet! You can check them out below.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Derek and Julianne Hough visit the Levine Children’s Hospital at Charlotte, North Carolina – May 10, 2017

Today, Derek and Julianne are at Charlotte, North Carolina where they are going to perform tonight.
Before that, they visited the Seacrest Studios and Levine Children’s Hospital, where they talked, danced, had fun and took pictures with the kids.

Below, the pictures and videos the official twitter of the hospital shared. If you want to learn more about the work of the hospital, you can visit the official site.

UPDATE: More pictures added on the gallery below from Derek and Jules Instagram. Derek also posted a video of him and Jules dancing with kids, so sweet! It’s added at the end of the post.

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Julianne Hough talks Move Beyond, Derek Hough, her wedding and many more in new interviews

Yesterday, Derek and Julianne had a day-off from Move Beyond and they traveled in New York. While being there, Jules did some interviews where she talked about many things, including of course the Move Beyond tour.

On Today, she joined Kathie Lee and Hoda in a great chat to talk about her work with Sonic’s Limeades for Learning campaign to support teachers (Teacher Appreciation Month), as well as her upcoming wedding to hockey player Brooks Laich.
Click the link to listen all about it. We’ll try to have an international version later on. (ETA: Video added at the end of the post)

In a second interview with Entertainment Tonight, she also talks about her wedding, tour and Derek. She explains why everyone is calling Derek “grandpa Hough” 😛
We’ll have in international version of the interview as well during the day. (ETA: Video added at the end of the post)

“I trust Derek more than everybody,” she reveals. “We call him ‘Grandpa Hough’ because he gets so nervous and worried about anything that he’s the first person to be like, ‘Safety first!’ I’m like Hurricane Julianne — ‘Let’s go full out, all the time!’ And Derek is like, ‘Be safe, be safe! Are you good? Are you good?’ So, we’re a good combo.”

And last, Jules visited the “Harry” show where she talked about her fiance and how much she loves “The Bachelor”. In a funny Quiz Game, we can see how well Derek and Jules know each other. Check out the videos below.

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