MOVE Beyond with Derek and Julianne \ Louisville, KY – Palace Theater \ April 21, 2017

The engines are heating up for sure on MOVE Beyond’s stage. Show #3 inΒ Louisville, KY, Palace Theater. Lot’s of photos of Derek, Julianne and the happy fans.

Check below the pics fromΒ Louisville’s show and some ig videos

Did I ever say they can't keep me off stage!!! #movelivetour @juleshough @moveliveontour #juliannehough

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Derek Hough on “Today’s hot photos” of E News

E News includes Derek on its segment “Today’s Hot Photos”. The photo is from his trip to New York yesterday and…he looks stunning! That smile! ❀ Check out the rest of those who made it to the list today on E News.

Derek in New York – Today’s Hot Pictures by E News – March 22, 2014

Derek Hough attending the TAO, Beauty + Essex, Avenue + Luchini Grand Opening – March 16, 2017

Some gorgeous pictures from last night where Derek attended the TAO, Beauty + Essex, Avenue + Luchini Grand Opening in Los Angeles.

You can see more pictures on Getty, Wire ImagesΒ and Zimbio. Rex Features has one with Derek and David Foster, who was also at the event.

UPDATE: Added below some of Derek’s posts from the Grand opening. On other posts of the day, we can see the adorable Romie and a short clip of Derek having sushi with Sue.

Derek Hough to be on “The Doctors”

Based on the tweets below from an hour ago, seems like Derek will appear on The Doctors. We don’t know the airdate yet but as they say on the tweet, stay tuned for it πŸ˜‰

Probably his appearance there has to do with the recent partnership with Flonase about allergies. Derek is presented as the spokesman for Flonase. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we find out more.

HQ Pictures of Derek & Julianne Hough from Core Power Yoga Move Interactive event – March 11, 2017

Daily Mail has posted some more pictures of Derek and Julianne from last Saturday’s Core Power Yoga event. Be sure to check them all out.

Derek and Julianne at Core Power Yoga Move Interactive event on March 11, 2017 – Courtesy: Daily Mail

Few more from Core Power Yoga Move Interactive with Derek & Julianne Hough – March 11, 2017

Below some more pictures and a video from yesterday’s Core Power Yoga Move Interactive with Derek and Julianne. Hayley and Brittany were also there. It’s really amazing what those events do and how they help people…the video Derek shared says everything!

For more pictures and videos, you can check our first post.

Update: Just JaredΒ posted some pictures as well. Be sure to check them out πŸ˜‰

Core Power Yoga Move Interactive with Derek & Julianne Hough – March 11, 2017

Another Move Interactive with Derek and Jules just finished…if I lived in the US, I would definitely participate in them… This one was a Core Power Yoga event. Check out below some first pictures the fans shared on social media.

Also adding at the end of the post a beautiful edit with Derek, Jules and the Move Interactive events. Thanks houghsdaily for making this ❀

UPDATE: More pictures added to the gallery below and one more video.

Hawt Yoga with my hawt Houghs @juleshough @derekhough #SpreadLove #Move #moveInteractive πŸ’— #heart

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chillin w// my OMies @derekhough && @juleshough #MOVEinteractive

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Derek Hough on the shootings of America Ninja Warrior and air date (?) of the episode

We’ve seen Derek training for this few days back and yesterday we had the shootings of the celebrity special episode for America Ninja Warrior. Thanks to fans and Derek Theler who shared pictures and videos on social media, we can see Derek and other celebrities (Stephen Amell is also participating) during the shootings! We are adding below what we could find.

The episode will be benefiting Red Nose Day. Red Nose is a charity that finds ways to tackle poverty and injustice for children. The event is happeningΒ on March 24 but, it’s not confirmed yet if the special episode will also air the same day…probably yes but, we’ll keep an eye on it for official confirmation. To help the cause and learn more about it, you can visit their official site.

P.S. Derek Theler posted a good ~5min videos from last night. I edited and added below only Derek’s parts. Be sure to follow Theler on Snapchat (derekmteller) to see all his videos.

HQ Pictures: Derek & Julianne Hough on Extra to promote MOVE Beyond – March 7, 2017

As we posted this morning, Derek and Julianne are starting a new round of interviews to promote the upcoming MOVE Beyond Live on Tour. Below are some first pictures of them at the Universal Studios for their interview with Mario for Extra TV.

GettyΒ and Wire Images have some amazing photos. I added a couple below but be sure to check them all out.

UPDATE: Just Jared andΒ Daily Mail also have some pictures of the siblings at Universal Studios, as well as a video (embedded below) of them arriving there, taking pictures and signing autographs for the fans.

Derek Hough out and about in Los Angeles – March 6, 2017

Derek was spotted yesterday in Los Angeles. Can’t say exactly where he is but, we know he was shooting the Pilot of the new NBC comedy series this past couple of days.

I can’t embed the photos so, be sure to head to Rex Features to see all the photos.