Derek & Julianne’s MOVE Beyond Diary by People Magazine

People Magazine posted some pictures from MOVE Beyond on May 22nd issue.
You can see below some cool pictures on the right side of the page courtesy of Derek and Jules. We can’t believe it’s almost half of the way and we sure hope to see more pictures from these two.

Britt Stewart talks about her career and what part Derek Hough and Mandy Moore played for her to be on DWTS

Britt Stewart is a member of DWTS Troupe since Season 23 and few days back, she talked to Kristyn Birtt about her career and how she reached where she is today. It’s an amazing interview!

When she is asked about how she became involved with DWTS, she has a story to tell that includes Derek and Mandy Moore. You can read the except below but, be sure to read the whole interview on Dance Network. It worth it!

Thanks Kristyn for sending this!

How did you become involved with DWTS? I know everyone has a different story about they became a part of the show.

About a year ago, Derek Hough was hosting the Disneyland 60th anniversary and Mandy Moore was choreographing the opening number. Witney Carson was partnering with Derek and she missed a few days of rehearsal because she was on her honeymoon. We were filming the rehearsal so Mandy could send it to the Disney/ABC executives for approval. Out of nowhere, she looked at me and said, “Britt, at the end of the ballroom section, dance with Derek.”

From there, I believe that’s how DWTS noticed me. For Mandy to do that, I am so grateful. Then producers reached out to my agent and had me do an audition with an on-camera interview and I learned a Latin routine and performed a solo of my choice.

A season went by and then they asked me to come on before Season 23. It was so last minute, I remember signing my contract on the way to the rehearsal for the opening number. It came out of nowhere. I know they were interested in me for Season 22, but it didn’t work out. I thought maybe my time had passed.

Derek Hough talks about “Ashes of Eden”, World of Dance and more

Along with the release of “Ashes of Eden”, Entertainment Weekly posted an interview with Derek talking about this new video, World of Dance and more. A very interesting interview that gives so much insight of the video…be sure to read it all on Entertainment Weekly.

EW: This was your third time directing a music video — how was it different?
DH: Yeah, yeah. The thing is with this video, for me personally, is last year I had surgery on my voice and I couldn’t speak for a month, which was really difficult. It was just an interesting time for me to sort of reflect and to be thoughtful… Not having a voice at all, like not even a whisper, not even like a murmur — absolutely nothing for a month… And I would listen a lot more. And it got me thinking about things about life, and about what’s out there, and is there something greater than us out there? So when I heard this song, and it’s a cover — it’s from a band called Breaking Benjamin — I just heard it and it really resonated with me. I don’t know, it just really spoke to me, it was really powerful, especially not having a voice, it kind of became my voice and questions through that song.


NEW interview of Derek Hough talking World of Dance, Move Beyond, travelling adventures and many more

This is a really awesome interview of Derek talking about everything…literally everything! From “World of dance” and Move Beyond till his rituals, principals and travelling adventures with his dad Bruce…and many more!

There are so many parts I want to add from the interview but, adding below only few excerpts from each subject. Believe me, you don’t want to miss the whole article on Elite Daily.

About his rituals: “For me it’s really important to basically have rituals… one is waking up in the morning… I struggled a lot, I mean who wants to wake up in the morning? But the one thing I’ve been trying to practice lately is when I wake up, I wake up. And that’s it… It’s like when you wake up, just wake up and start your day. And you’ll find that you’ll have more energy and better energy thoughout the day. So that’s a ritual I’ve been practicing lately and it’s been amazing.”

About World of Dance“It truly is a worldwide celebration of dance,” Derek said about the show, before correcting himself, “I shouldn’t say celebration — it’s a competition.”

About his spare time: “My grandpa passed away last year and when he did, I told my dad we need to spend more time together. Like, ‘What are we going to do with the time that we have left?’ was a question that I started asking myself. If I had a couple of days off, normally I would go do something in LA, but then last year, I made it a mission to go on these adventures with my dad”

About Eh Bee Family and the Greater American Trip“I’m very close to my family and the idea of working with another close family and having them go on the road and experience this adventure together as a family giving back to the community, it’s really special”

“For me, family, adventure, movement — it’s all very important.” – Derek

Read more on Elite Daily.

“Whose Dance is it Anyway?” event, Derek Hough and more featured on Emmys Magazine

This month’s Emmy Magazine features some highlights of the event that the Academy held few days ago “Whose Dance is it Anyway?” to celebrate the choreographers’ peer group. Mandy Moore was the host of the night and Derek participated in it along with many more choreographers.

Thanks Kristyn for sharing those screenshots 🙂

Kellie Pickler talks about her life, her show, DWTS, Derek Hough and more

In a new interview with, Kellie talks about her show “I Love Kellie Pickler”, her life, her “Idol” days and more. She also mentions DWTS and how she is not a dancer, even though people believe she is…Derek is the pro 😉

Below the part of her interview about DWTS and Derek. Check the link for the whole article. We really loved this partnership from Season 16! ❤

“Not so hooked, though, on dancing, even those she and “DWTS” partner Derek Hough won the 16th season in 2013.
“I’m definitely not a dancer,” she said, with that smile showing through in her voice again. “The only reason that happened was Derek – he’s the pro.”
While “Idol” has given her a singing career, and she’s fine with that, her experience on “DWTS” has had a bit of a comedic downside:
“I go to weddings and parties and people go, ‘Kellie can dance,’ and they expect me to get up and do the Argentine tango!” she said. “I need professional help!””

New interview: Derek Hough talks about MOVE Beyond & MOVE Interactive, World of Dance and more

This is a really beautiful interview of Derek talking about MOVE Beyond and Interactive. He says how he and Julianne try to make this tour different than the first two, what inspired him to start the Move Interactive events and more.

Below there is an excerpt of the interview but be sure to check the whole thing on

You’re doing so much. How do you keep up with yourself?!
“The more I do, the more energy I get. When I start to take breaks, that’s when I feel the most tired. When people think about fitness, a dance class or a hike, they can get a sense of fatigue or tiredness. But in reality the best way to get energy is to use your energy.”

What goes into planning ‘Move Beyond?’
“First and foremost, the music. It’s about: I want to dance to that. And we try to make it different. We’re not just grabbing off the radio and sticking songs in the show. We like to make it feel authentic and original.”

UPDATE has a second and third part of this interview that I missed in the morning. Thanks for the heads up HappyHough 🙂 In the second part he talks about World of Dance while the third part is a quick Q&A to get to know Derek.

Below are some excerpts as always but be sure to read the whole articles. It’s a really beautiful interview of Derek as a whole!

From second part:
“As a top competitor, he understands what it takes to win a battle the likes of which will be seen on “World of Dance.”
The key, he said, is in the difference between showcasing and competing.
“If you’re going to come on a competition show, what you are doing may be great but it has to be greater than who’s going before you or after you,” he said. “That’s a big challenge.” […]

[…] Communicating that will be a key to his input on the show, and part of why he was brought in. Studio executives were looking for someone with “the complete package — an extraordinary dancer with a charismatic personality,” said Meredith Ahr, president of Universal Television Alternative Studio, one of the show’s producers.
Derek has been one of the defining names in dance for years, raising the bar with his talent year after year,” Ahr said, noting his passion in everything he does: “It shows through in his mentorship with the dancers.”

Third part: We asked Hough 16 of the questions you’ve been dying to know, including who he’d pick to do a duet with out of anyone in the world and the one dance move he can’t do.

Media coverage of Michael Buble’s “I Believe in You” with Derek Hough

I am sure that by now you all know that “I Believe in You” was released yesterday. Such an amazing work… And of course, media couldn’t not write about it. We’ve seen much coverage out there and we’ll try to add some of it below. Fans were also ecstatic by the final result 🙂

Michael Bublé and Derek Hough make one heartwarming team! […] The Emmy winner’s signature dance moves are on display throughout the clip, and choreographed to accompany Michael’s touching lyrics. According to a Friday press release from Warner Bros. Records, Derek’s grandparents were an inspiration for the uplifting story.

“It’s a Beautiful Day” for Derek Hough.
The music video for Michael Bublé‘s new single “I Believe in You” dropped Friday, and the Dancing with the Stars alum stars in the clip, which he also directed.
Complementing the Canadian crooner’s lovesick lyrics, the video follows a couple’s love story, from childhood to old age, with Hough, 31, starring as the male protagonist.

This is … adorable! Dancing With the Stars pro Derek Hough directed and stars in the romantic video for Michael Bublé’s latest single, “I Believe In You.”
The heartwarming clip, which evokes the smash NBC show This Is Us, features Hough showing off his trademark dance moves while scenes flash by illustrating the various stages of the life of a couple.

Love is the theme of Michael Buble’s new music video for “I Believe in You.”
Derek Hough directed and stars in the touching new visual chronicling a fictional couple from their first meeting as kids, to literally growing old together.

Warner Bros. Records asked Emmy Award winner Derek Hough to fill in for singer Michael Bublé by creating, directing and starring in the video for Bublé’s new single “I Believe In You.” Hough graciously accepted the challenge. The finished video is a romantic love story about a couple through the various stages of their lives together. The story was inspired by the Bublé penned lyrics, along with Hough’s observing his grandparents who danced every day of their lives.

Brooke Burke talks about Derek Hough on Closer Weekly

In a new interview with Closer Weekly, Brooke talks about her Dancing with the Stars’ partner, Derek, and the show. Brooke and Derek won the Mirror Ball back in Season 7. Their time on the show together was a life-changing moment.

Brooke won the Mirror Ball Trophy during the show’s seventh season back in September 2008 with her pro partner, Derek Hough. The actress gushed about working with the dancer during that time.

“Derek and I will always have a special relationship because we shared such a life-changing moment,” Brooke gushed.

Read more on Closer Weekly.

Derek Hough talks about directing Michael Buble’s “I Believe in You”

In a new interview, Derek talks about one of his latest gigs, saying that it was an honor to direct and absolute privilege to be part of Michael Bublé’s music video “I Believe in You”.

He also says that the story of the video is inspired by his grandparents’ love, and that he is also inspired to start his own family. 😉

Below an excerpt of his interview. Be sure to read it all on People. The video will be out on Valentine’s Day.

“I’ve been a huge fan of Michael for a long time. I think that he embodies positivity,” says Hough.”He’s a force for good – not only with his music, but also as a human being. He’s such a good guy and I only want to be part of good things and positive things.”

We are also SO happy hearing that Michael’s son, Noah, is doing so well. Keep thinking and sending him prayers! E News also reports on the news.