Britt Stewart talks about her career and what part Derek Hough and Mandy Moore played for her to be on DWTS

Britt Stewart is a member of DWTS Troupe since Season 23 and few days back, she talked to Kristyn Birtt about her career and how she reached where she is today. It’s an amazing interview!

When she is asked about how she became involved with DWTS, she has a story to tell that includes Derek and Mandy Moore. You can read the except below but, be sure to read the whole interview on Dance Network. It worth it!

Thanks Kristyn for sending this!

How did you become involved with DWTS? I know everyone has a different story about they became a part of the show.

About a year ago, Derek Hough was hosting the Disneyland 60th anniversary and Mandy Moore was choreographing the opening number. Witney Carson was partnering with Derek and she missed a few days of rehearsal because she was on her honeymoon. We were filming the rehearsal so Mandy could send it to the Disney/ABC executives for approval. Out of nowhere, she looked at me and said, “Britt, at the end of the ballroom section, dance with Derek.”

From there, I believe that’s how DWTS noticed me. For Mandy to do that, I am so grateful. Then producers reached out to my agent and had me do an audition with an on-camera interview and I learned a Latin routine and performed a solo of my choice.

A season went by and then they asked me to come on before Season 23. It was so last minute, I remember signing my contract on the way to the rehearsal for the opening number. It came out of nowhere. I know they were interested in me for Season 22, but it didn’t work out. I thought maybe my time had passed.

MOVE Beyond with Derek and Julianne \ Louisville, KY – Palace Theater \ April 21, 2017

The engines are heating up for sure on MOVE Beyond’s stage. Show #3 in Louisville, KY, Palace Theater. Lot’s of photos of Derek, Julianne and the happy fans.

Check below the pics from Louisville’s show and some ig videos

Did I ever say they can't keep me off stage!!! #movelivetour @juleshough @moveliveontour #juliannehough

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Derek and Julianne Hough MOVE Beyond in South Bend Indiana – April 20, 2017 (Videos)

MOVE Beyond second show was in South Bend Indiana yesterday and it looks Beyond amazing. We collected some videos for you to feel the vibes.

Check out Kimberly Robison and sminky75 channels for more great MOVE videos

Thank you Happyhough05 🙂



Derek Hough to appear on “The Doctors” on April 12, 2017

Woo hoo!! Finally we have a date of when Derek’s episode airs! He did this interview when he was in New York few days back and we’ve been waiting since then for a date.

Below is the promo of the episode. Per description: “Derek Hough reveals how he stays fit on and gives the inside scoop on his new show!” Check your local listings to see when it airs on your area and set your DVRs! 😀

#TBT Interview of Derek Hough at the “Whose Dance is it Anyway?” event

We posted this interview back at the end of February but Dance Network posted it again now on their YouTube channel. It’s a good opportunity to watch it again or if anyone of you missed it, to watch it now 🙂

The interview took place during the “Whose Dance is it Anyway?” event. An event that was help by The Academy to celebrate the Choreography peer group that was created. Derek talks about World of Dance and more.

Once again, thanks Kristyn.

Confirmed: American Ninja Warrior with Derek Hough to air on May 25, 2017

As we posted few weeks back, NBC confirms that the Red Nose Special episode of American Ninja Warriors that Derek is participating, is going to air on May 25, 2017 at 8/7c. They also announced all the celebrities and their coaches.

From TV Guide: “Each of the celebrities will be paired with an accomplished ninja who will help coach the competitor through the process: Kacy Catanzaro with Amell, Daniel Gil with Hough, Flip Rodriguez with Christensen, Grant McCartney with Morales, Jessie Graff with Glaser, Natalie Duran with Suvari, Drew Drechsel with Swisher, Meagan Martin with Dye, and Kevin Bull with Eaton.”

Derek Hough and the Eh Bee Family invite you to win your own trip and #BeGreater

After teaming up with Flonase and sending the Eh Bee Family on the American Greater Road Trip, now Derek and the Eh Bee Family want you to take your chance and win your own trip to anywhere in the US!

All you have to do is to visit the official site and fill in the form. Be sure to read the rules of this competition and…good luck to all! 🙂

Small Update: A new video about this competition was uploaded on YouTube from Flonase. We can see a glimpse of Derek at the beginning along with the Eh Bee Family.

Work & fun during Move rehearsals & Sweet moment of Derek Hough & Hayley Erbert – March 31 – April 1, 2017

They might work hard but they are also having lots of fun during the rehearsals for Move Beyond: Leg wrestle, ping pong and…London helping with the warm up! Cutest thing ever! Plus, a very sweet moment of Derek and Hayley that Jules captured and shared!

Seventh and last stop for Eh Bee Family: New York City – Seventh challenge from Derek Hough and Flonase

And the Greater American Road Trip for the Eh Bee Family came to its last stop: The Big Apple! Their mission here is to visit the Animal Haven and help the little guys – cats and dogs – find a home! This is probably the sweetest mission they had on their trip! ❤ Also love the sweet message from Derek at the end 🙂

Check out their mission below along with the DerekGram.

Sixth stop for the Eh Bee Family: Baltimore – Sixth challenge from Derek Hough and Flonase

In their second to last stop, the Eh Bee Family arrives in Baltimore and learns how to take care a professional baseball field. Check out below how they did 😉

As always, adding separately the DerekGram 🙂 Next and last stop: New York City!