Jill Beckel reviews the July 11th Move Live on Tour in Camden for Explore NJ

Calling Julianne and Derek “Triple Threats” Ms Beckel writes a glowing review of MOVE after the visited the Susquahanna Bank Center in Camden.

I thought the show was the perfect mix of Derek and Julianne dancing together, solo and with the other dancers. One of my favorites was a dance with umbrellas to the classic “Singin’ in the Rain.” Derek and Julianne also performed an amazing, emotional contemporary duet to Sia’s “Elastic Heart” that they also performed on Dancing with the Stars. Derek and Julianne truly are triple-threat powerhouses who can sing, dance and act. Be sure to check them out next time they are in town!

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Adriana Nocco reviews “Move Live on Tour” with Derek & Julianne Hough at Radio City – New York

Adriana Nocco wrote a beautiful review about “Move Live on Tour”  from when she saw the show at Radio City Music Hall in New York and posted it yesterday on “On Stage Blog“. Adriana says that if she was a judge on Dancing with the stars, she would give them 10 out of 10…I think we agree! 😉

Is there ANYTHING that the Hough siblings cannot do? I found myself consistently asking myself this question on July 9th, when I attended a performance of MOVE, the summer touring show that Julianne and Derek Hough headline, at Radio City Music Hall. It thoroughly amazes me that both members of the stunning, charismatic, multi-talented duo are from the same gene pool (correction: multi-million dollar genetic LOTTERY). If they weren’t so likable, sweet, and simply delightful to be around, I feel that it would be tempting for many people to resent how flawless they are; they just have SO much going for them that it’s almost unfair to the rest of the world. Anyway, with that being said, I adore them, and thought that MOVE was brilliant, a ton of fun to experience.

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Julianne interviewed by the Times Recorder and a Move Live on Tour review from Mohegan Sun

Over the weekend an interview was posted with Julianne.  She spoke, from Boston, with David Benson of the Times Recorder.

CLEVELAND – In the driver’s seat is exactly where entertainer superstar Julianne Hough finds her career these days.

Q: In addition to the “Move Live on Tour,” there’s also the “Dancing With the Stars Live! Tour.” How is it in this day and age two dance tours can not only be on the road simultaneously but both be successful?
A: Dance in America has been so well received over the last 10 years. Whereas now with all of the television shows we have, whether it’s “Dancing With the Stars” or “So You Think You Can Dance” or YouTube, everybody is so well versed on what dance is. There’s an appreciation for it. Now, our live show is very different. The “Dancing With the Stars” tour has a lot of stuff you’ve seen on the show, but our performance has every style of dance possible, not just ballroom and Latin dancing. You can go see that show and come see ours, and get completely different experiences.

And onto the review by Ray Kelly of Mass Live for yesterday’s evening show at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

UNCASVILLE, Connecticut – If the “MOVE Live on Tour” performance at the Mohegan Sun Casino on Sunday night had been an episode of “Dancing With the Stars,” it would have scored an 11.

Less than a month ago, the official “DWTS” tour stopped at Mohegan Sun. “MOVE Live on Tour” eclipsed that fine show in terms of dazzling choreography, unstoppable energy, classy costumes and top notch production and staging.

Be sure to read each article in it’s entirety at the Times Recorder and Mass Live.

Two reviews of Move Live on Tour from the Wolf Trap in Vienna, Virginia

Two wonderful reviews from BroadwayWorld.com and Communities Digital News (CDN).  Below are excerpts from both:

Broadway World

Dancers touring like rock stars might invoke some doubt, but the motto of Derek and Julianne Hough’s Move Live on Tour is “Motion=Emotion,” and it’s a safe bet that the audience at Wolf Trap on Friday night was feeling it. One of the great trends over the past decade, has been the emergence of a measure of fame for dancers who, in the past, would have been nameless talent backing up the headliner. Even in the most hallowed ballet companies, it is the principal dancers who get the billing. But with the advent of shows like Dancing With the Stars, where the Houghs gained their reputations, to So You Think You Can Dance, and America’s Best Dance Crew, we’re now getting to know the names and faces of a multitude of dancers in more dance styles than most of us knew existed, and these performers are finally getting their due. In the case of this charismatic, talented and yes, attractive, sibling duo, they’ve more than earned the recognition


Not unlike DWTS where he is the moral compass of the show, guiding us to the next best performance, in Move he lets Julianne shine and without a doubt she is an energetic performer and hoofs with the best of them offering a perfect comedic foil to Derek’s more sober presence.

And the stage did not contain him. He could be found in the side aisles or at the back of the Filene Center watching the show. Filene Center also has a “special” section that is walled off to keep those not fortunate enough to score the first few rows of tickets. While some may see that as a barrier, Derek saw it as a balance beam, nimbly dancing along its no more than 3′ width.

Houghs dance the night away at casino, by Matt Chandler

You can read a lovely review of Move Live On Tour written by Matt Chandler here. Can Derek and Jules find the same success on the road? Of course… YES! 🙂

“[…] From the moment they took the stage, it was clear it wasn’t your average evening of live dance, music or theater. Backed by a 10-member dance troupe, Derek and Julianne, or “Jules,” as her older brother affectionately referred to her, worked their magic for a near-capacity crowd in the Events Center.

Whether it was Julianne eliciting a collective gasp as she fell backwards from the elevated stage into the arms of her dance-mates, or Derek shredding his black muscle shirt and tossing it into a sea of adoring ladies, the Houghs showed why America has fallen in love with them.”