#TBT to a great interview of Derek & Julianne Hough promoting Move Live on Tour 2014

The summer of 2014 Derek and Julianne made their first tour named “Move Live on Tour”. Below is a great interview they did on KWCH to promote it. At the end of the interview they also answer fan questions. Check it out 🙂

Julianne interviewed by the Times Recorder and a Move Live on Tour review from Mohegan Sun

Over the weekend an interview was posted with Julianne.  She spoke, from Boston, with David Benson of the Times Recorder.

CLEVELAND – In the driver’s seat is exactly where entertainer superstar Julianne Hough finds her career these days.

Q: In addition to the “Move Live on Tour,” there’s also the “Dancing With the Stars Live! Tour.” How is it in this day and age two dance tours can not only be on the road simultaneously but both be successful?
A: Dance in America has been so well received over the last 10 years. Whereas now with all of the television shows we have, whether it’s “Dancing With the Stars” or “So You Think You Can Dance” or YouTube, everybody is so well versed on what dance is. There’s an appreciation for it. Now, our live show is very different. The “Dancing With the Stars” tour has a lot of stuff you’ve seen on the show, but our performance has every style of dance possible, not just ballroom and Latin dancing. You can go see that show and come see ours, and get completely different experiences.

And onto the review by Ray Kelly of Mass Live for yesterday’s evening show at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

UNCASVILLE, Connecticut – If the “MOVE Live on Tour” performance at the Mohegan Sun Casino on Sunday night had been an episode of “Dancing With the Stars,” it would have scored an 11.

Less than a month ago, the official “DWTS” tour stopped at Mohegan Sun. “MOVE Live on Tour” eclipsed that fine show in terms of dazzling choreography, unstoppable energy, classy costumes and top notch production and staging.

Be sure to read each article in it’s entirety at the Times Recorder and Mass Live.

Thom Jennings of the Niagara Gazette spoke with Derek about MOVE and DWTS

Derek, Julianne and the rest of Move Live on Tour have arrived in Niagara Falls, New York for shows tonight and tomorrow.  Thom Jennings talked to Derek, via phone, in advance of their arrival.  Below is an excerpt:

“This year has been particularly crazy, I did 13 shows a week at Radio City during the season, getting injured wasn’t part of the plan but I recovered quickly. Then we went straight on the road doing shows in 40 different cities,” Derek noted during a recent phone interview.

“Going out and performing live is a special experience,” he said. “It’s not just to put on a good show, hopefully we inspire people to get up, move and feel good. It’s a lot of hard work but it’s fulfilling.”

Be sure to read the whole Niagara Gazzette article where he also speaks about DWTS, Amy and Kellie.

Chatting with Derek Hough of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ – July 2, 2015

A new interview with Derek was posted in Washington Post where he talks about Move Live on Tour, Dancing with the Stars and more. An interesting article from Caitlin Gibson! We are adding some of the article below but be sure to check it out here.

CG: You choreographed the incredible routine that helped Olympic ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White win the gold medal. What was it like to choreograph a routine for ice instead of the stage?
DH: It was one of those opportunities that kind of came up and they asked me to choreograph it, and I was honored and flattered, but I was also kind of worried. I wasn’t sure if I knew what I was doing, since it was on ice. But it turned out to be great, and obviously they won and it was extremely exciting. Working with them was amazing. They’re the sweetest, kindest people.

CG: I have to ask: You’ve danced with so many celebrities on “Dancing With the Stars.” Have you had a favorite partner, or any that stood out from the others for any reason?
DH: The season with [“American Idol” star and country music singer] Kellie Pickler, because it was the season when I kind of came back to the show with a different outlook and a new perspective, and so for me it was almost like joining the show for the first time again. That season was special.”

Quick Q&A with Derek Hough

Derek talked to Steve Duffy and Lynnhappens for a quick Q&A where he talks about Move Live on Tour, Julianne and more. Check all his answers in Lynnhappens 🙂

SD: How did the idea for the tour happen?
DH: I missed performing live. I love the energy of the audience. I really feel at home on stage. I wanted to create something that would give me that feeling. My sister and I were always being asked when we were going to do something together. What I love about this show is all about what we want to do with no “Hollywood formula.” It’s entertaining and fun. It is a mission to get people moving.

SD: What is the easiest dance for someone with two left feet to learn?
DH: The two-step, especially because it is basically two steps [laughs]. For anyone wanting to learn to dance I would suggest line dancing. It is simple and a great place to start.

Derek and Julianne Hough inspire audiences to Move

Derek talks to Laura Hampton from The St. Augustine Record about Move Live on Tour, that will be at St. Augustine on June 27, 2015, and more. A really beautiful and interesting interview. We posted below a part of it, be sure to check it all on The St. Augustine Record.

Compass: Dancing is part artistry, part musicality, but you guys are also athletes. How do you maintain that?
Derek Hough: I was in a cab in New Orleans and the cab driver said to me, “Dancers are artistic athletes.” I have the body type, I’m very small framed, so I can get thin quite quickly. Some of these guys are like body builders, and I’m like “What the heck?” I don’t do a lot of gym workouts. It’s all dancing and lifting and partner work. I’ll do pushups to get the blood flowing, but for me, it’s more important to stretch and warm up — just getting the blood flowing in your body before you do anything. I’ve already broken a heavy sweat before I even go on stage.

C: What is the demographic for your audience?
DH: It’s such a wide range. It goes all the way from literally little kids to grandmothers and grandfathers. We have to remember that too. For instance, we have very modern contemporary dances. We have hip hop, and then we’re “OK, let’s go back.” We have Fred and Ginger. We have tap. We have some Latin dances. We have old songs; we have new songs. So literally we cross the gamut of contemporary popular music all the way to the classics. We go all over the place to give that dynamic, eclectic style music and that dynamic show. But also to be able to cater to our wide range of demographic.

Houghs’ ‘Move Live’ tour in Clearwater ‘like a rock concert for dance’

Julianne talked to Courtney Hart from The Tampa Tribune about their double performance in Clearwater with Move Live on Tour on June 28, 2015, as well as being a judge on Dancing with the stars and more! Check the whole article on The Tampa Tribune.

We grew up dancing around our living room and entertaining our family, and now we get to do what we love. For us it’s all about the fans and giving back to them for the support they’ve shown us. […] [Derek] s 99 percent healed but obviously careful. When you’re not able to do something that you love for a certain amount of time it affects you and makes you a little more cautious of what you do.

Derek Hough talks to Howard Cohen from Miami Herald about Move Live on Tour and DWTS

Derek had a quick talk via phone with Howard Cohen from “Miami Herald” to talk about the appearance with Julianne and Move Live on Tour in Hollywood, Florida on June 26, 2015 at Hard Rock Live. The two of them also talked a little about Dancing with the Stars and Derek’s recent injury during the 20th season of the show. Be sure to check the whole article on Miami Herald.

About DWTS’ last season and doing Spring Spectacular at the same time:I get passionate about challenges. It was outrageous traveling back and forth, rehearsing and doing two to three shows a day. Instead of scaring me it got me excited — let’s see if I can do this. But I’m a team player and very loyal person, and if I could make it work and be a part of that 10th anniversary, which was a milestone, I thought it important to be part of that.

About Move: “This is going to be dramatically different. his set alone is much more advanced and much bigger. We have more dynamics and the costumes, oh my gosh, this year the costumes are a thousand times better. Every number has a beautiful, amazing costume. Every song is sensational and powerful. We have more variety. We have more concept. More visuals that are more interesting. Honestly, from what we are looking at in rehearsals, this show is just a huge upgrade.

Derek Hough promises Chastain show with Julianne will be ‘bigger and better’

Derek talked to Rodney Ho from Radio TV Talk about Move Live on Tour’s stop in Atlanta on June 23, 2015. He also comments on Dancing with the Stars and Julianne being a judge on the show. Accompanied with some great comments from Rodney, be sure to check out the whole article here.

It’s bigger and better. There’s more content, more lighting, more visuals. The choreography is more creative. The costumes are a gazillion times better. We just raised our standards. It’s a rock concert for dance. We even have a whole tap routine. It’s a high impact, non-stop show.

INTERVIEW: Derek Talks to Charles Runnels of News-Press About Move and DWTS

Charles Runnels posted an interview today, at News-Press.com with Derek, leading up to the MOVE show in Fort Meyers, Florida.  Below are excerpts about the Tour…

That new show, by the way, is a doozy. Derek says it’s even better than last year’s sold-out “Move” tour. The dance numbers are splashier. The music is more energetic. The costumes and sets are glitzier.

“It’s amazing, man!” he says. “Last year was the first time (we did the “Move” tour), and we didn’t really know what to expect. This year, we know what works and what doesn’t work.”

and his future with DWTS

As for “Dancing with the Stars,” Hough expects he’ll be returning next season to judge or to foxtrot with more fleet-footed celebrities.

“It’s likely next season,” he says. “I think I have one more left on my contract. We’ll see.”

“For me, as long as I have ideas and things to do on the show, I want to be a part of it.”

To read the entire article including how he and Julianne chose beds on tour follow the link.