“MOVE Live was an experience that I will treasure forever” – Move Live on Tour through Kaitlyn’s eyes (Fan blog)

On July 25, 2015, Kaitlyn Elizabeth was at the matinee show of Move Live on Tour in Chicago! She went to watch Derek and Julianne along with her mother and she was kind enough to share her experience. During the Meet & Greet, she was fortunate enough to dance an Argentine Tango with Derek! You can check below how she describes that unique day for her! Thank you Kaitlyn! 🙂

“Happy National Dance Day from me, Julianne and Derek Hough! Incredibly honored to have gotten to see/meet these two amazing human begins again.” – Chicago, Illinois – July 25, 2015
Courtesy lil_kaitlyn_5678 IG

Where do I even begin. MOVE Live was an experience that I will treasure forever. Let me start you off on how the day began…

I live in Chicago, and Derek and Jules had so many requests to do a second show at 4pm. So that’s the one my mom and I went to! My mom and I left the house at 9:45am. We reached the city around 12:15pm and check in was at 1 pm, so my mom and I killed some time by walking around, getting Jamba Juice, and trying to find the nearest bathroom. Finally around 12:45pm we made our way to the theater. For our theater, they had the VIP people enter by the alley on the side of the building.

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Karen and Julie Nemec blog about the dance lesson with Derek Hough for Prizeo

As we posted few days ago, Julie who had won the Prizeo contest got her dance lesson with Derek in Austin. Now, Julie and her mother Karen, blog for Prizeo about their experience! It really sounds amazing and for sure, once in a lifetime thing! Be sure to read the whole blog in Prizeo! Thank you for sharing girls!

Karen: We had a fabulous time. The dance lesson with Derek was absolutely the coolest! I had a short dance with him. Julie was so much better than I. So I gifted most of the time to her…He was so nice and patient. We did the lesson on their stage. So, during the lesson he also used some lighting and smoke. It was sooo cool!!

Julie: Let me start off by saying that the dance lesson was AMAZING, FUN, and MEMORABLE. The anticipation started April 7th when we found out that my mom won this prize and lasted longer than it was supposed to after Derek got injured. 
We finally got to have our dance lesson with him before the Move Live on Tour show in Austin, Texas. We were met by his tour manager and taken to the stage itself. They were still getting the stage ready for the show that night so there was some activity going on during the dance lesson. After a few minutes, Derek came out from behind the stage and gave us both big hugs.

“You may say that I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.” – Move Live on Tour through Conny’s eyes (Fan blog)

Our friend Conny is one of the people fortunate enough to have witnessed the “Move live on Tour” and she was so kind to share her experience with us and all our followers and friends. Below you can read what she has to say about it, plus some great videos she uploaded on her You Tube Channel, as well as some pictures she sent to us! Enjoy it! We sure did!

You may say that I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. There were thousands of fans of Derek and Julianne Hough that came out see them perform in “Move Live on Tour” at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands, Texas accompanied by other tremendously great dancers.

Move Live on Tour - The Woodlands, Texas (June 17, 2015) (Credit: @connyann65)

Move Live on Tour – The Woodlands, Texas (June 17, 2015) (Credit: @connyann65)

The arena was locked down tight with security guards everywhere; people came in from all corners of the arena. But when I purchased my ticket, I was fortunate enough to be on the 3rd row back front and center stage. Before my mother passed away 3 years ago, she was a very avid strong fan of Dancing with the Stars. Her favorites were Derek and Julianne.

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Stephanie Defranco blogs about Move Live on Tour and dancing with Derek Hough in Midland – June14, 2015

Stephanie went to Midland’s show of Move Live on Tour with her family and they all had such an amazing time! Stephanie even got on stage and danced with Derek! Below is a part of Stephanie’s blog but be sure to check it out because she also shares LOTS of amazing pictures of the night!

Now for the best part of the show! After the ladies did their dance with the selected men, it was Derek’s turn to come out and dance with the ladies in the audience. […] Dallas was like, “You want me to take your camera in case he picks you.” I was like nah, he’ll go right past me. But he took it so I could just enjoy watching. After Derek danced with the older lady he started making his way down our aisle. I was like oh my gash oh my gash. Then he made eye contact with me and started to reach for my hand like we were gonna dance and then he smiled and headed back on stage. Sooooo defeated!!! Dallas was just laughing at me! BUT!!! Derek sand another verse then came back into the audience and headed straight for me, grabbed my hand, then said come on!

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