Behind the scenes of Move Live on Tour by Julianne Hough

In her latest blog, Julianne shares some pictures of what it looks like backstage and behind the scenes of Move Live on Tour! The pictures are from their performance in Nashville. Be sure to check them all out in Jules’ blog.

It’s a great honor to get to perform at the iconic Opry. Since 1925 the stage has seen performers like Patsy Cline, Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, the Dixie Chicks and even a young Elvis Presley! The feeling you get when standing on a stage with so much history is indescribable.

Julianne Hough blogs during Move Live on Tour; From Orlando to Nashville

During the past two months Julianne blogs here and there sharing her experiences while touring with Derek and the cast of Move Live on Tour across the country. Below, are three of her blogs that we didn’t post here. To read the whole blogs, click on the links…enjoy! 🙂

While being in Orlando, during their day off the whole cast visited Disney and they had a great time! Jules sums it up in one word: MAGIC!!! “It rained like crazy the whole time so we had to wear massive ponchos all day. We look hilarious in all our pictures! We didn’t let the downpour rain on our parade, though…

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Julianne Hough introducing Move Live on Tour Cast; Kyle Hanagami & Jason Glover

Julianne, during the tour, has taken time to introduce us to the dancers and cast. The last two she posted and we didn’t post here, were about Kyle Hanagami (associate choreographer) and Jason Glover (dance captain). Check below a part of both and be sure to check the whole interview at Jules’ blog!

How did you get into the business of dance?
I started dancing when I was 18, which is late compared to most professional dancers. I was in college at UC Berkley when I met a group of street dancers. I thought, “I want to do that.” So I did and I loved it. I started uploading my dance videos to YouTube. My channel caught the eye of an agency in LA. They approached me about representation so I went for it. It was a slow build but it was great.

What is your favorite moment so far of the MOVE Tour?
It’s cool getting to watch from the lighting pit. I love turning to the audience to see how they engaged and excited they are. Their faces light up. It’s really cool!

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Julianne Hough: Austin, you are awesome!

In her latest blog, Julianne describes her day off in Austin (June 15, 2015) when Move Live on Tour was there the previous week. Taking her days off seriously, Jules likes to do as many things as the city they are visiting has to offer. Be sure to read her whole blog to find out how she spent her day off in Austin.

“[…] After a yummy breakfast, I hopped over to one of my favorite shops, Uncommon Objects, an antique and vintage shop. I went treasure hunting there last year and couldn’t wait to return. One could seriously ooh and ahh all over that store for hours — trust me, I have!

Julianne Hough introduces Move Live on Tour cast; Steven Lee (costume designer)

In her latest blog, after introducing the dancer Hayley Erbert, Julianne keeps introducing the cast of Move Live on Tour. This time she introduces us the costume designer of the show, Steven Lee. Below is a part of the interview. Be sure to check the whole blog. 🙂

What’s the biggest challenge in designing for the tour?
Making sure there is flexibility for the dancers. Certain things look good as far as fashion goes, but they don’t move the way a dancer would need them to. They are moving their bodies across the stage in ways the everyday person doesn’t, so the clothes need to be able to work and follow the choreography. They need to look amazing and also be effective.

What’s the best part of your job?
Working with the dancers! It’s great working with people who can express themselves like they do. I love them, Julianne and Derek. We’ve all become family.

Julianne Hough: “MOVE Tour cities…What should I do?!”

Julianne writes her first blog from the road…first cities they are going to visit are Phoenix, Albuquerque, Midland and Austin! She sure looks excited and asks for help on where they should do while being in every city! Check out her blog and give her ideas! 😉

There are so many historical and cultural hot spots surrounding Albuquerque; I have no idea where to start. Any ideas? I know Austin is jam packed with awesome being that it’s all about music and food. So many choices! Help a girl out! I’ll let you know where we end up…

Julianne Hough introduces the Move Live on Tour cast: Hayley Erbert

With the premiere of Move Live on Tour only few days away, Julianne goes on and introduces to all of us the dancers who are going to tour with her and Derek! First, Hayley Erbert from Topeka, Kansas. Hayley was also in the cast of last summer’s Move Live on Tour. Below, is a part of her interview, be sure to check all of it on Julianne’s blog.

What about the costumes?
The costumes are amazing! They’re intricate and interesting. Everything is completely blinged out, covered in rhinestones. Last year was great too but on a smaller scale. We each had three pairs of shoes on the last tour and this year we have six shoe changes! Everything overall is bigger, flashier and even more fun!

What city are you most excited to visit?
Kansas City! My whole family is coming to the show. So are the people from the dance studio I went to growing up. I used to train at a studio that was an hour and a half away from home. It’s really special that they’re all coming.