Will Derek Hough be part of “Bye Bye Birdie” with Jennifer Lopez?

Yesterday, Kristyn Burtt attended The Art & Artistry of Hairspray Live! where she talked with cast and crew of the show who were also there.

In an interview with Executive Producer Craig Zadan, she asked about the upcoming “Bye Bye Birdie” with Jennifer Lopez and if Derek will be part of this musical as well. The answer might not be positive but, Craig says some amazing things about Derek! Be sure to listen to him.

Kristyn also shared a photo with Derek’s wardrobe from the exhibit. Thank you SO much Kristyn for these! ❤

Garrett Clayton talks Hairspray Live! and Derek Hough at NBC Universal’s Golden Globes Afterparty – January 8, 2017

A great interview of Garrett from Kristyn for the Red Carpet at the NBC Universal’s afterparty the night of Golden Globes!

Garrett talks about the experience of Hairspray Live! and Kristyn also asks about Derek and how it was working with him. Garrett says that Derek has a great sense of humor and so is down to Earth. He also says that Derek snapchats better than anyone and…I think we can’t disagree on that. We LOVE Derek’s snaps 😉

Be sure to check the whole interview below. Thanks so much Kristyn for this! Great job every time!

Fun backstage video with Hairspray Live! cast feat. Derek Hough

This is a really beautiful video of the whole cast of Hairspray Live! (you can spot Derek quite few times in it) during the 8 weeks of preparation for the show.
As Harvey said when he tweeted it: “Impossible to sum up 8 weeks readying HAIRSPRAY LIVE but here’s a snapshot of the experience.” Couldn’t have said it better!

Hairspray Live after party at Ariana Grande’s place for Derek Hough and the cast

After the live show and watching the Hairspray Live! along with Julianne and friends, Derek head to Ariana’s place for an after party. Many members of the cast were there and after they had fun, they all watched together the show.

Check out below what they posted on their social media accounts.

Julianne Hough & friends watching Hairspray Live! and cheering on Derek + Derek returns home

Julianne and many friends gathered at her place last night to watch Derek on Hairspray Live! Among them are Hayley, Emma, Sasha and Arielle. They all cheer on him while watching and Derek returned home and watched with them. Check out what they posted on their social media accounts.

P.S. Among the company are or course Romie, Lexi, Harley and Ruby! Love those dogs! 😀

Derek Hough backstage pre, during & post Hairspray Live! via social media

Yesterday it was sure a long day for Derek and the whole cast of Hairspray Live! In the first video below, I tried to capture all the moments of Derek on social media from the beginning of the day till after the show. He started with a jogging on the set, then went on to get ready and of course moment from during the show. In between, lots of fun with the cast and during the commercial breaks.

Derek also took over TV Guide’s Instagram before the show. We posted a first video with his posts there yesterday, but below you can see the full clip.

Few more media of Derek Hough and the Hairspray Live! cast before the live show

A couple of new videos that were posted yesterday before the live show. The night was a little bit crazy with everything so, we kept them for today 🙂

First, Entertainment Tonight made a segment with “Everything we need to know” about Hairspray Live! And second, Hollywood Today releases the interviews they did with Maddie and Derek few months back, at the presentation of NBC’s schedule. Take a look 😉

UPDATE: One more video with interviews added below, this time from Young Hollywood. I can’t understand why they keep those interviews for so long till they release them but…OK. Can’t complain 🙂
ETA: One more from The Insider…Jennifer says she adores Derek…who wouldn’t!? 😀

WATCH Hairspray Live! FULL Show and Pre-Show feat. Derek Hough, Maddie Baillio, Jennifer Hudson and more

Below you can watch the full Hairspray Live! show from last night, as well as the “Countdown to Hairspray Live” pre-show that aired before the show and hosted by Kristin and Sean!

Huge thanks to Hairspray Live! for the upload! Many fans didn’t get the chance to watch them, especially the pre-show! 🙂

UPDATE: At the end of the post, we added an edited version of the pre-show only with Derek’s parts. Enjoy!

WATCH Derek Hough as Corny Collins in a Live Commercial for Oreo Cookies

I loved this little ad with Derek as Corny!! Right after his amazing scene of “Ladies’ Choice”, he stayed in his role for the commercial!! Be sure to check it out below!

WATCH Derek Hough’s performances & acting scenes from Hairspray Live!

So….what did you think about the show!?!? I have to say, and this is not biased, that Derek KILLED it!!! The perfect choice for Corny Collins!!! I will sure watch his performances over and over again! :))

Everyone was amazing but the ones who stood up for me were Jennifer and Kristin…just wow! Maddie was great thinking that this was her first professional role… Thank you NBC for another amazing production…can’t wait for the next one 😉

Check out below all of the seven videos with Derek’s performances and scenes from the show…


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