Will Derek Hough be part of “Bye Bye Birdie” with Jennifer Lopez?

Yesterday, Kristyn Burtt attended The Art & Artistry of Hairspray Live! where she talked with cast and crew of the show who were also there.

In an interview with Executive Producer Craig Zadan, she asked about the upcoming “Bye Bye Birdie” with Jennifer Lopez and if Derek will be part of this musical as well. The answer might not be positive but, Craig says some amazing things about Derek! Be sure to listen to him.

Kristyn also shared a photo with Derek’s wardrobe from the exhibit. Thank you SO much Kristyn for these! ❤

New HQ pictures of Derek Hough at the Hairspray Live! after party

Of course after the end of the show, the cast went on to party! Who wouldn’t?? 😀 Check out Getty for some beautiful pictures of Derek. Wire Images also posted the pictures.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

HQ Pictures of Derek Hough from Hairspray Live’s broadcasting

How beautiful are these pictures of Derek as Corny Collins from tonight’s show!!! Unfortunately, I can’t embed them so be sure to go to Getty to see them all! He is all shiny on his colorful costumes! 😀

UPDATE: Be sure to check Getty again as they added more pictures from the show since last night! Unfortunately, they also can’t be embedded.

New HQ Pictures of Derek Hough and the cast on the set of Hairspray Live!

Playbill has a beautiful gallery with some HQ pictures of Derek and the whole cast on the set of Hairspray Live! Some of them might have seen before but there are few that I haven’t seen. Click the link to see them all 🙂

Derek as Corny Collins and rest of the cast on the set of Hairspray Live! Courtesy: Playbill

Last day of rehearsals for Derek Hough and Hairspray Live! cast – December 6, 2016

Today is the day! Still can’t believe that tonight we get to watch Hairspray Live! Counting down the hours… Don’t forget to tune in tonight on NBC at 8/7c!

Till then, we can all check out below what Derek posted yesterday on his Snapchat, during the last day of rehearsals. Seems like they also had an audience during this rehearsal. I really can’t wait! Also, two other videos Derek and Maddie shared on Instagram…and that hilarious picture of Derek with the Hairspray “wig”! Thanks HappyHough for capturing it! 🙂

#ItsHairspray @derekhough #derekhough

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Tomorrow we share the love we've felt during rehearsals for the past couple of months. I am so so so grateful to be apart of something truly special and I do not take one moment for granted. LET'S DO WHAT WE DO Y'ALL. It's all about love. ♡ #hairspraylive @shaynasteele @res3an @shahadiwrightjoseph @atleastimfunny @drew3v @joshalexx @willbbell @shaynasteele @imrileycostello @_silentroar @justjudine_ycstb @karlwithak305 @amosoliver90 @tee_ohhh @rickyaschroeder @jacquelewarne @seanhayes @darrencriss @gypsymoonshine @theharveyfierstein @dovecameron @teepes @derekhough @kelladactyl @officialhelene @ephsykes @marissaheartt @marissajaretwinokur @rickilake @samfaulkner5678 @iamjhud @masontrueblood @kchenoweth @arianagrande @garrettclayton1 @spiderhon @jammyprod @iamkennyleon

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Second dress rehearsal for Derek Hough and the cast of Hairspray Live! – December 5, 2016

Can you believe that tomorrow we’ll get to finally watch Hairspray Live! So happy and excited and can’t wait!!! Yesterday we had the second dress rehearsal with the whole cast and…they sure seem like they are having so much fun and great time together. Below are some pictures of the day as well as posts from social media.

Also adding the Act & Scenes order of the show. Thanks HappyHough for capturing this from twistmag Instagram account 🙂 Be sure to enlarge to see when Derek’s scenes are. Seems like we’re going to see him till the 4th commercial and then again after the 10th one.

First dress rehearsal for Derek Hough and cast of Hairspray Live! – December 4, 2016

It’s starting to get real guys! Till now we had only the rehearsals but yesterday the whole cast had their first dress rehearsal! We are only two days away and our excitement is over the top! 😀

Below you can see pictures and videos the cast shared during the day 🙂

Derek Hough and Hairspray Live! cast return to rehearsals after Thanksgiving holiday

After few days off due to the holidays, Derek, Kristin, Ariana and all the cast of Hairsrpay Live! returned to the set for the rehearsals. Yesterday they also had a camera blocking for the show.

Update: And a little more fun from the rehearsals 🙂 Thanks HappyHough for the uploading!

Derek Hough and Hairspray Live! cast talk on the Today Show – November 28, 2016

Derek, Maddie, Kristin, Jennifer, Ariana and Martin were on Today Show this morning to talk about Hairspray Live! to Joe Fryer. Joe shared a beautiful picture of the cast and shared it on his twitter.

Check out below what they have to say about the show and the message it sends.

Derek Hough, Ariane Grande, Maddie Baillo, Jennifer Hudson, Martin Short & Kistin Chenoweth - Hairspray Live! - November 28, 2016

“This morning on @TODAYshow: My interview w/ @HairsprayLive cast members @KChenoweth, @derekhough, @IAMJHUD, @MaddieBaillio & @ArianaGrande.” – November 28, 2016 Courtesy joefryer twitter

Derek Hough and Hairspray Live! cast having fun during rehearsals and more – November 17, 2016

OK, Maddie’s reaction while having those ginger shots is priceless! 😀 They all seem to have fun together during the rehearsals and it shows. Thanks to all for sharing some moments with all of us almost every day 🙂

no no no no no no no no no 📷@derekhough @garrettclayton1 @res3an @ephsykes

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