New great review about Hairspray Live! original soundtrack by Douglas Mayo

Maybe with a little bit delay, Douglas Mayo posted his review about Hairspray Live! soundtrack, praising the cast’s performances and how everyone suited perfectly to their roles. Douglas gives the recording 5 stars!
Below you can read some excerpts of it, including what he says about Derek.

“This recording seems to have been made independently of the live broadcast and features a cast so perfectly suited to this show that it is now my favourite recording of Hairspray, topping even the Original Broadway Cast recording which I have loved for many years. […]
[…] The inclusion of Ladies Choice in this version of the show and The Nicest Kids In Town, complete with blaring brass and driving drums gives Derek Hough a chance to really let rip as TV host Corny Collins.”

Be sure to read it all at British Theatre. It’s a must! 😉

The DVD of Hairspray Live! with Derek Hough is released tomorrow

Just a reminder everyone that tomorrow the DVD of Hairspray Live! will be released! A perfect gift for Christmas 😉 You can buy it online on Amazon. And don’t forget that the songs and whole album of the show are also available on Amazon and iTunes.

And last, also one more reminder, Hairspray Live! will air again on December 26, 2016 at 8pm! 🙂

Hairspray Live! DVD Cover

Hairspray Live! DVD Cover Courtesy: Broadway World

New review about Hairspray Live! OST – Amazing feedback on Derek Hough’s singing

Wow! This is truly an amazing feedback about Derek’s vocals! Ruth Jepson wrote a review about the soundtrack of the show which as he says “is very much worth a listen, even though there are a few flaws.”

About Derek…

“Out of the whole soundtrack, [Jennifer Hudson] is only matched vocally by Derek Hough as Corny Collins, whose cheeky tones prove he is absolutely the Ladies Choice.

You can read the whole review on The Reviews Hub. Thank you Carolyn & HappyHough 🙂

New review: “Derek Hough as Corny Collins was a Ken-doll flawless”

And one more review after the many we posted yesterday! I LOVE how everyone is praising Derek as Corny Collins! Don’t you? 😀 A great review for the whole show from CBC News.

Derek Hough as Corny Collins was Ken-doll flawless, even gamely dunking an Oreo cookie into milk and popping it into his mouth after a big dance number. (Though, we’re not sure why Oreo needed to follow up Hough’s live Oreo endorsement with another of its cookie commercials. Isn’t that double dipping?)

Also, Broadway World asked the fans to rank their 10 favorite performances when the show ended, and Derek’s “Nicest Kids in Town” made it to the list. Head to Broadway World to see the full list.

Hairspray Live! Digital Playbill – Info, Pictures & more

As for every Live Show we have a “Playbill”, it’s the same for Hairspray Live! 🙂

Playbillder posted a digital version of it and in it you can find information about the show, the cast & crew, pictures, videos, song list and more. Click the link to check it out!


The next day of Hairspray Live! – Reviews on Derek Hough and the show

I am still so happy and with a smile on my face after last night’s amazing performance and show by Derek and the whole cast! My favorites, except from Derek of course who killed it (and this is not a biased opinion 😉 ), were Jennifer and Kristin! They were also killing it…those songs…oh my God!
Also really impressed with Maddie who made her debut as a professional actress in such a big production with millions of people watching live! A little nervous on the first scenes but she got over it very quickly! Well done Maddie! You did a terrific job!

And it seems like most of the reviews have some great things to say about the show and our own Derek! Many are surprised by the fact that he can sing but…we already knew that! All these positive feedback makes me so happy! Well done Derek! Let’s take a look to some of those reviews!

Derek Hough made his debut on Hairspray Live! — and he turned in one impressive performance. The Dancing With the Stars vet showed off his singing voice for the first time on NBC’s live production of the beloved musical on Wednesday night, confirming that he’s much more than an accomplished dancer and choreographer. As Corny Collins, the host of Hairspray’s fictional The Corny Collins Show, Hough surprised fans by expertly belting out classic tunes, “The Nicest Kids in Town,” “(It’s) Hairspray” and “Ladies’ Choice.” In “Ladies Choice,” Hough sang and danced to the song originally performed by Zac Efron, who played Link Larkin, in the 2007 big-screen movie. Right after the upbeat number, the 31-year-old rolled off his lines to the in-production Oreo commercial without skipping a beat.

Hough was as charming as ever as Corny Collins, backing up his already-impressive moves with a surprisingly goodsinging voice and a cool Oreo trick that we can’t get out of our minds (and he can’t get off his jacket… We saw that little milk spill, Hough).

It’s a serious problem when secondary characters in a musical far outshine the leads, and that was very much the case here, notably Kristin Chenoweth as Velma Von Tussle, the arch villainess producer of Baltimore TV teen dance sensation, The Corny Collins Show. And as the host of that show, Derek Hough made his cheerful slickness appealing, lighting up the screen every time he reappeared.

  • People – 10 memorable moments

Derek Hough’s Dancing — and Singing! – Hough stepped into the shoes of TV host Corny Collins (a role originated by Clarke Thorell on Broadway and played by James Marsden in the 2007 film) for the live production, and showed off his triple-threat dancing, singing and acting skills for fans — and did it all in style! The Dancing with the Stars pro had numerous costume changes for the NBC taping, including pink, gold and purple suits.


NY Daily News keeps it short on Derek…but we love it and we agree! “Derek Hough can dance. Simple enough.” Be sure to read the whole review.

[Maddie and Harvey] were just two standouts in what may be the strongest cast a TV musical has gathered. Veterans like Kristin Chenoweth, Jennifer Hudson, Derek Hough and Martin Short blended perfectly with Ariana Grande, Dove Cameron, Garrett Clayton and Ephraim Sykes — with each having a moment to shine.

The ancillary nonsense, though, sapped the momentum of the show, which ran three hours and somehow still didn’t have room for “The New Girl in Town,” a smart, punchy number from the film version. Happily, though, it did fit in another song from the movie, “Ladies’ Choice,” albeit giving it to Corny Collins (Derek Hough) rather than Link Larkin (Garrett Clayton).


Hough was seemingly designed in a lab just to play the slick Collins, while Grande’s sheltered, nerdy Penny Pingleton showcased her ability to do sketch comedy. Hudson, well, she showed us why she won the Oscar for her role as Effie White in Dreamgirls

New interview of Derek Hough and his special message for tonight

In a new interview with The Wrap, Derek talks on the live show tonight and says that statistically speaking, during a live production, something will go wrong, but that’s not a bad thing. Below are some excerpts of the interview but be sure to click the link to read the whole thing.

“If anything, the imperfections are what makes it special” Derek said. So, what is most likely to get goofed up when the camera turns on tonight on 8/7c? Plenty of things, Hough told us – but in his experience, live TV and play screw-ups are never really the parts you worry about pre-curtain, however. […] In this case, there’s one logistical issue that could definitely come back to haunt producers: 40% of “Hairspray Live” takes place outside, on the streets of Baltimore.
“That’s crazy – we’re shooting a full-length feature film basically” Hough told us. “The geography of this show is massive”.

Also, on Today show they had a special message from Derek that was recorded last night during the dress rehearsal on the set of The Corny Collins Show. The live audience of the show was also there. Click on the link to watch the video.
Hairspray Live! also uploaded the video on their YouTube channel…

What you need to keep an eye on tonight before and during Hairspray Live!

Yep…the big night is here…finally!!! Only few hours away and we’ll try to gather below what you might want to keep an eye on, except from the live show itself! There are three things you have to keep in mind….

1. Kristin and Sean will host a special 30 minutes pre-show, “Countdown to Hairspray Live!”. The pre-show starts at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT. You can read more about it on Broadway World.

From the backlot of the world famous Universal Studios Hollywood, Chenoweth and Hayes will give audiences one-of-a-kind backstage access to the fun and fast-paced world of “Hairspray Live!” Beginning with the first open casting call to the final rehearsal, the special will explore what it takes to create a live television musical event.

2. During the live show, Darren Criss will be a multi-platform host of a Facebook Live event that will take place simultaneously to the Live Show. Darren will take us behind the scenes and many more. For more details you can also check Broadway World.

So…tune in on Hairspray Live Facebook Page to watch! And as Darren says, tune in on your TV (NBC) and computer (Facebook) at the same time…

Giving fans on all platforms an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at all things HAIRSPRAY LIVE! while also checking in on live viewing parties around the country, multiplatform host Darren Criss will be the conduit for the millions of fans watching NBC’s monumental three-hour production on the network and as well as for those following the goings-on via Facebook Live.

3. And last, as we posted this morning, the commercial breaks will feature LIVE commercials with the actors of Hairspray Live! including, Derek, who will be part of an Oreo cookies ad. Be sure to keep an eye on the commercials as well 😉

And of course don’t miss the amazing performances from the cast and…don’t forget to sing and dance along with the “nicest kids in town” 😉

Derek Hough to be part of the live commercials during Hairspray Live! broadcast

This is so cool! Seems like NBC wants to keep us in our seats even during the commercials as actors of the show will be part of the commercials! Derek (as Corny Collins) will have his part on this for an Oreo ad!
So…be sure to have everything you need right next to you (food, drinks and…tissues if you think you’ll get emotional during the show) so you won’t miss anything! 😉

You can read more on News1130 (via Associated Press). Thanks Ann and HappyHough for the heads up 🙂

Similarly, actor Derek Hough, who plays Corny Collins in “Hairspray Live!,” will stay in character following a musical number to extol the virtues of Oreo cookies.

In a couple of other commercial breaks, NBC will show live backstage scenes from the musical on a split screen with ads.

Really love this cute gif of Derek as Corny Collins with the Oreo cookie! Waiting to watch the full live commercial tonight!

Twist, shout, and dunk during #HairsprayLive! tomorrow at 8/7c! Sponsored by @oreo.

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Derek Hough talks to Hollywood Life about Hairspray Live! and Julianne’s advice

Hollywood Life had a short chat with Derek before the broadcast of Hairspray Live! and Derek reveals what he asked Julianne before Grease Live! and how they rehearse non-stop for the upcoming show.

“I actually asked Julianne before Grease, ‘Aren’t you guys nervous?” And she said, ‘No, we’re ready for this! We want to show people this, we’re ready.’ So I hope we feel that way, too. We’re all still a little nervous but hopefully we’ll be ready.”
It’s totally normal to be nervous before such a massive live production like Hairspray. Derek and the rest of the cast have been rehearsing non-stop, and he knows that will only help them on Dec. 7. “Repetition is the mother of all skill, and we’re rehearsing so much that hopefully it’ll be automatic. We’re just in it, we’re just having fun with it,” he continued.