More info about the exhibition of Derek Hough’s work at High Sight 30/40

Few days ago, we posted that some of Derek’s work will be shown at the High Sight 30/40 Exhibition. Derek himself mentioned on his last blog for the season on TV Guide, that two of his photography pieces will be on display, signed and for sale!

Now, we have some more info about the exhibition from LAist. The opening reception is this Saturday from 7-9pm and the exhibit will remain on view through December 10. The pieces will be primarily scenic or landscape. If you are in Los Angeles and you have time, you can pay a visit and why not, if you can, you may buy one of Derek’s pieces 😉

For more details about the event, read below.

There’s an opening reception on Saturday from 7-9 pm at The Salon (at Automatic Sweat) on La Cienega for 30/40: A Group Photo Exhibition. The show features works by Norman Reedus, Moby, Suki Waterhouse, Derek Hough and others. The works, which are primarily scenic or landscape, will remain on view through Dec. 10.

Derek Hough in motion equals fans’ emotions – VIDEOS

Yes! This is exactly what the titles says: Derek in motion means a wide range of emotions for us, fans! Now, aside from the visual impact Derek has on us, it is important not to forget the message Derek is always trying to send, and that is MOTION equals EMOTION! He is a very active and healthy man and he encourages his fans to be the same.

Starting with December 2015, we gathered all the videos Derek and in some cases, family members or friends, posted on their Instagram accounts showcasing exactly this: live a life full of emotions and enjoy every single second of it!

In case you missed it, or you simply want to relive those awesome Derek moments in motion, be sure to check our three pages (Part IPart IIPart III)!

Derek Hough shares his 3-day adventure in black and white

How beautiful are these pictures! Derek has a unique way to capture things and I am so glad everytime he shares his point of view and the way he sees things via his dhoughphotography account! Below are three of those amazing pictures but he posted way more. Head to his account to see them 😉

Also, if you missed it, check out the stunning video Derek’s dad shared on his Facebook here.

Derek Hough’s first Vision Board on Our stage, Your story

We all know by now about Derek’s partnership with Hilton Hotels & Resorts to help the travel enthusiasts to start living their dream travels. The tool used to do that is the site where everyone can design their own Vision Board and start organizing their dream vacations! Be sure to pay a visit on it!

As Derek is already on the move from LA to NYC to Nashville and now to Florida, he took the first step and did his first Vision Board: Derek Hough’s Summertime in Music City. Doesn’t it look amazing? We can’t wait to see more Derek Boards and I am sure we will have a lot of them considering Derek’s love from travel and photography!

New dhoughphotography pics – Feb 18, 2016

Here are some new pics Derek posted on his dhoughphotography account. To check them all, be sure to check the link.

Derek Hough shares many photos of his collection dhoughphotography

Last night Derek posted 10 new photos on his Instagram account from his #dhoughphotography collection…amazing pictures! Some of them we have seen before but there are also new ones and it worth to take a look. We are posting some of them below but be sure to check them all on his dhoughphotography account.

#TeamCrikey reunion – Bindi Irwin & Derek Hough back together in Australia Zoo

As I already wrote on the first post, the second stop of Derek’s vacation is Australia after a quick stop in New Zealand, where we have a Team Crikey reunion!! Soooo happy to see them back together! We are excited to see Bindi in the role of the coach and Derek as her student! 😉 Sure you have already seen the first pictures but, we put them all together here in case you missed them and we’ll add the new ones as they come out.

Update #1: Derek posted some new pictures on his Facebook page with rhinos, tiger and a Komodo Dragon!!! Wow!! I have to say I am so jealous! Thanks @thetv_addicted for the heads up! (ifigenia)

Daily Mail and Inquisirt also covered the reunion sharing the pics of Derek and Bindi from social media. You can check out the links if you want to 😉


And finally!!! The meeting we’ve all been waiting for!!! Our Derek meets Derek Hough the koala!! This is probably the cutest thing ever!!! I can totally understand Derek saying that he might never come home again! LoL

The great outdoors in the eyes of Derek Hough #DHoughPhotography (Part I) – Hawaii

Derek is taking a well deserved vacation after an amazing 2015, a year in which he won his second Emmy for Outstanding Choreography and his sixth MBT! Yes, you’ve heard me: VACATION!!! Vacation… but in the Hough style, meaning an active vacation! 😀 According to Derek, the first stop will be Hawaii (Part I of our post), then New Zealand and last Australia to reunite with Bindi before heading home! As you see… I did not exaggerate when I wrote ACTIVE vacation! 😀

So, first stop: HAWAII! Derek’s birthday present from his family was a Photography safari with one of Derek’s favorites photographers, Clark Little. As you may already know, photography is one of Derek’s passions and another opportunity, beyond dancing, choreographing, singing, composing, acting and drawing, to express the artistry of his soul.

So below we will gather the amazing photos and videos from this great adventure!

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