International versions of Marilu Henner & Jake T. Austin’s interviews before the premiere

Before the premiere we posted many interviews of Marilu and Jake that had aired during the day, due to the premiere of the show. In case anyone missed them or was not able to see them, we made international versions of all six of them and we are adding them below.


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Hunger Games or DWTS? BTS with Entertainment Tonight

Entertainment Tonight got an exclusive sneak peek at the final rehearsals for the Opening Night of Season 23 of DWTS. We caught a glimpse at Derek lifting Marilu at 0:31 mark. Well, Derek… we hope you know we have a lift patrol at the judging table so easy on the breaking the rules .. 😉

See more couples and small interviews in the video below.

Marilu Henner’s hilarious reaction when she first saw Derek Hough as her partner on DWTS

Since the first day we hear Marilu describing this moment and we were all waiting to finally see it!! And yes…the producers were right when they told her that this is probably the most hilarious reaction they ever had on Dancing with the Stars!

Go to People to see it and you’ll believe us 😉 I love how she describes Derek before she sees him at her door and how much she would love to have him…even though she knows that he is not doing the show…well, surprise! LoL

“Who know who I would kill for?” she says to the film crew in the begging of the clip. “There’s no one like Derek Hough. But I know he’s not doing it. But … he’s a God.”

We’ll try to have an international version of it as soon as possible.


And here is an international version…can’t stop watching this!

Marilu Henner & Jake T. Austin talk about DWTS and their partners – Part 2

Good morning everyone! Yesterday we posted some first interviews Marilu and Jake did to promote their participation on the show. Today, we have one more and I am sure more will follow so, stay tuned.

Click on the links to watch them. We’ll have international versions of all as soon as possible 🙂

They appeared on the “am Northwest” show on Katu. Marilu talks about her memory and how that might affect her negative during the show and how she tries to remember the correct choreography. She also talks about an injury she had when she was on Broadway’s “Chicago”.

Adding international version…

Marilu Henner & Jake T. Austin talk about Dancing with the Stars and their partners

Marilu along with Jake, who is paired with Jenna this season, teamed up to make some satellite interviews and talk about the show, their partners and more.

In the first interview with WJLA, they both say how excited to be on the show while Marilu says that rehearsals are going great and she and Derek have lots of fun.

The second interview is with Good 4 Utah show. Marilu is literally full of energy and excitement about the show. She says that Derek was always been her dream partner and she couldn’t believe that he was back. The show is a dream come true for her.

Click the links to watch and listen to the interviews. We’ll have international versions up as soon as possible 🙂


Here are the international versions of the interviews.

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More media & pictures of Marilu Henner & Derek Hough from GMA kick-off party

And there are more media coming out from the gathering of the whole cast on GMA this past Wednesday. E Online has a new video with many couples talking about their biggest competitor on the show. Marilu and Derek are at about 0:52. I really like their answer 🙂 Thanks Maria for the heads up!

Also, Getty has some more pictures up. You can check them out here & here. And Wire Images added a new gallery.

Embed from Getty Images

Derek Hough on Access Hollywood Live talking about Hairspray Live!, Marilu Henner, DWTS and more – September 9, 2016

As it was announced a while ago, Derek was on Access Hollywood Live [1] [2] today to make a special announcement for Hairspray Live!

The announcement was about the auditions that are happening on September 15 for the show. If you missed it or want to participate, you still have time to do it! You can find all the details here! Don’t forget to tune on NBC on December 7!!

He also talks about being back on Dancing with the Stars along with his sister, Julianne being a judge again and his partner Marilu. He says how amazing Marilu is and he explains about how her memory works on dancing, how much fun they have together and more.

In addition, he talks about the rest of the cast, his previous partner Bindi and of course “Singin’ in the Rain” and Broadway! A GREAT chat overall!

We’ll have a video up as soon as possible so, stay tuned 🙂
ETA: Video added below…enjoy!

UPDATE: We added below a video with Derek’s snaps while he was backstage on AH Live! He is hilarious! 😀 Be sure to take a look!


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Marilu Henner & Derek Hough’s first meet for Dancing with the Stars

We’ve heard so much about this first meeting from both Marilu and Derek! Finally ABC gives us a teaser of their first meet! Even though there is no sound, we can clearly see Marilu screaming after she sees Derek standing on her porch 😀 This is SO funny! Hope we’ll have a full version soon! Thanks HappyHough for the heads up 🙂

Marilu Henner & Derek Hough talk DWTS, Mark Ballas, Broadway and more in new interviews

As expected, more interviews of Marilu and Derek from the press line after the GMA kick-off party were posted.

In an interview with E News, Derek says how excited and happy he is to be back on the show and how things have been rearranged so he can be back. They both talk about Mark’s new gig on Broadway and they are both happy for him being part of the final season of Jersey Boys.

Marilu and Derek talked to Entertainment Tonight as well. Their interview is at about 1:20. Derek is really excited for Mark going on Broadway 🙂

Also, Access Hollywood reported on all the couples including Marilu and Derek. Below is their the report. If you missed Marilu and Derek’s full interview, you can watch it here.


E News has another video with all the couples. Marilu and Derek are at the beginning of the video. Take a look. Thanks HappyHough for the heads up!

Marilu Henner & Derek Hough Interviews at the Kick-off party on GMA – September 7, 2016

And below is a first interview of Derek from the backstage of the kick-off party, just few minutes before the group photo. Good Morning America posted the interview on their YouTube channel.
(Derek part start at about 6:30)


Be sure to check Access Hollywood. There is a new interview of Derek and Marily from earlier today. Marilu says that she learning how to ballroom is harder than she thought. Derek talks Broadway and more. We’ll have an international version posted as soon as possible 😉

ETA: Adding YouTube version…