Nastia Liukin, Derek Hough & Sasha Farber – LIVE All Access Rehearsals – May 8, 2015

We get the chance to watch today a new rehearsal from Nastia and Derek at 1 pm PT!!! This is great!!! 😀 We embed the link below so you can watch here…if there are any issues, you can also watch on ABC. Derek revealed few minutes ago that one of their dances is the Quickstep for this week…let’s see if we’ll find out the other one as well… 😉

We’ll update with an international video as soon as we can! Enjoy!


During the rehearsal we got some “info” but…we can’t say that anything of it is official…just what we noticed!

First about the song…despite the producers muting the audio when the music was playing or when Derek was singing the song, there were some moments where we could hear both, Derek and Nastia singing “I wanna dance with somebody“… Could this be our team’s song for the Quickstep? 🙂

Second…Derek mentions a fusion dance at the beginning of the rehearsal while on his blog talked only about Quickstep… Probably he made it a fusion and we are going to have a Samba/Quickstep fusion on Monday? At the end of the rehearsal it looked clearly that they had Samba/Quickstep steps on their routine! Can’t wait it see it either way…officially based on Derek’s blog, it’s Quickstep! (Update: For the second dance, Houghkin has the Viennese Watlz).

And third…there was a moment where Derek and Sasha were “fighting” and Nastia got in the middle to separate them…but the audio was off at this moment so we can’t hear anything. Is that little scene a part of the routine or they were just playing around?

Here is the Producer camera angle…



Due to technical difficulties we can’t have the dance studio camera angle at the moment. We are working to upload it again as soon as possible. Thanks for the understanding.

Finally we have it!! Thank you all for the patient and understanding! Here is the camera studio camera angle of the last rehearsal! Enjoy! 🙂

Nastia Liukin, Derek Hough & Sasha Farber – LIVE rehearsal – May 1, 2015

Finally we’ll get to see our team on All Access’ live rehearsals and we are so excited!!! 😀 With them practicing in New York we didn’t get the chance to see any except once during the first week and it was live to tape! Don’t miss it today at 3pm Pacific time! We embeded the video below but if you have trouble watching it here, you can also watch on ABC’s page! We’ll update with a video as soon as we can after it’s over for those who will miss the live broadcast and for those who want to watch it again! 🙂

UPDATE!!! We LOVED the Live rehearsal with Nastia, Derek and Sasha!!! BOTH dances, Paso Doble and Jive trio, look amazing!! We can’t wait to watch them on Monday!! And…did we mention that those three are hilarious!! 😀 They also answer some fan questions at the beginning! Watch their rehearsal (producer camera) below…update with the dance studio camera coming too…stay tuned! 😉


UPDATE 2!!! And here is the angle from the dance studio camera… 😉

Nastia & Derek rehearsal

A first peak at Team Houghkin’s rehearsal that recorded on March 2, 2015! Can’t wait to see the full dance on Monday! First week Nastia and Derek dance the FOXTROT!!! They look great!!!

From Derek’s humming seems like the song might be “New York, New York“…? What do you guys think about the song? Can you figure out which song they have?

Thank you ABC and Live Access for this! It was not live but it’s better than nothing! 😉