More media of Marilu Henner, Derek Hough and Mark Ballas post Week 9 [PICS & VIDEOS]

More videos of Marilu and Derek from Monday night after their elimination on Monday night.

First, Access Hollywood has few videos. Mariu and Derek talk about the show, the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and more. Derek also talks about his upcoming projects including the Disney Holiday celebration he hosts with Julianne.
Marilu and Derek appear as well on Terra and Sasha’s interview with Access Hollywood. Click here to watch it. They appear at about 0:33.

Extra also talked with them after the show, as well as with Mark and other couples.

Check all the videos below as well as these pictures that were posted on the Jersey Boys Facebook page. For more media of team Hennergy from Monday, you can click here.

Marilu Henner & Derek Hough – Elimination media – Week 9 [VIDEOS]

It’s so sad seeing our beloved team going home last night…but we are all so proud of them and they sure had an amazing journey! We can’t wait to see them again during the finale! Below are the first interviews they did after their elimination. We’ll update with more during the day.

First, Entertainment Tonight has a recap of last night. They talked to Marilu and Derek, as well as Mark. Both Derek and Mark say that it was awesome for Mark to be back in the ballroom. As for what Marilu takes with her, that Derek smells great! LoL Hopefully we’ll have the full interview later on.

E News also talked to Team Hennergy! Check out below what they had to say…they sure went out on a high note!

Small update: Hello again. One more video from last night as ABC News has a recap of the night

Marilu Henner & Derek Hough – Post Week 8 Media – VIDEOS

There are no many interviews out yet except from this one with E News. Marilu talks about her Halloween plans and the mistakes she did during the dance…but she asks for us to vote because she wants to stay…so be sure to keep voting! 🙂 We’ll update with more videos as soon as more interviews come out.

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You can find HQ pictures of last night here. For the videos and pictures from last night’s live show, click here.

Marilu Henner & Derek Hough – Post Week 5 Media – VIDEOS

There are no many media up to now from last night except the one from the ABC7 recap with George 🙂 You can see Marilu and Derek at about 1:30. We’ll have an international version of the video later on, as well as any new interviews TeamHennergy did last night.

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Here is the part of Marilu and Derek from ABC7…

Marilu Henner on Good Day LA talking about DWTS and Derek Hough – October 5, 2016

Hey everyone! Be sure to tune in Good Day LA to watch Marilu talking about Dancing with the Stars and Derek! We’ll try to have a video of her interview as soon as possible 🙂

ETA: Click here if you want to watch Live and you don’t live in the West Coast.


A really lovely chat this morning with Marilu at Good Day LA! She talks about her partnership with Derek, last night’s proposal and more. Also, we would like to wish Marilu to get well soon. Check it all out below. (the audio is a little out of sync…we’ll try to fix it and re-upload the video later)
ETA: Video fixed and replaced with sync audio one.

On my way to #GDLA to talk about #DWTS & @derekhough Watch this am at 9:15 or so!

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Marilu Henner & Derek Hough post show media – Week 4 [VIDEOS]

Hmm…better late than never, right? LoL We finally got a first post-show interview of Marilu and Derek from last night! They talk about their dance and more…they are hilarious! 🙂

Head to Access Hollywood to watch it. We’ll have an international version up later on. Thanks HappyHough for the heads up!


Here is the international version…

Team Hennergy’s rehearsals LIVE on the DWTS’ FB

As DWTS nice put it .. we are in luck!! On the official DWTS page you can see Team Hennergy’s rehearsals LIVE…well, at least a sneak peek of the two of them dancing in the last one and a half minute. They look amazing! And yes… Derek is speaking Spanish.. and Marilu French! 😀 They also answer some questions! Very interesting and very funny!

Derek also tells us their song for next week’s PASO. The song is named “Battlefield” and you can hear it below!

UPDATE: A Daily Motion version of the interview also added at the bottom of the post 🙂


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Marilu Henner & Derek Hough – Post Week 3 Show media [VIDEOS]

The interviews of Marilu and Derek started coming out… As you know, #TeamHennergy didn’t get immunity last night so, they are in jeopardy tonight. Hopefully we all voted enough to help them go through 🙂

Access Hollywood has a first interview. They talk about being in jeopardy and Derek says that Marilu lost her way half way through but all good.


Nastia and Serge are among the guests on “Good Morning Texas” and WFAA where they talk about the last night’s performances. Their comments about Marilu & Derek VS Laurie & Val are at 2:45.

ABC7 with George also has a review of the night, along with Cari Skillman’s commentary about the couples. You can read below the part about Marilu and Derek.

This one’s easy: The youngest vs. the oldest, but both are very good dancers. And the two women bring very different versions of the tango to life. Marilu is able to channel her life experience (she lets us know she’s four times Laurie’s age). That lack of experience worries Laurie (who giggles a lot during practice). Pro dancer Val Chmerkovskiy gives Laurie the stern warning that she’ll forever be known as “cute Laurie” if she doesn’t show the world she has another side. It works!


Marilu and Derek also talked to Extra about last night. Check them out at about 1:40.

Edyta Sliwinska interviews Marilu Henner & Derek Hough post Week 2 show

What a cute interview…and how amazing seeing a former pro interviewing the couples of the show! Edyta went backstage for one more week for Celebrity Page and talked to Marilu and Derek, as well as some of the other couples. Check out below what they had to say. Marilu and Derek are at 0:39.

Marilu Henner visits KTLA & Hollywood Today Live and talks about DWTS, Derek Hough and more

Marilu was on KTLA this morning where she talked about her participation on the show and how she gets into the character of a dancer. Of course she couldn’t not talk about Derek as well. I love it that she says she is working her best…not that we didn’t know it by now 😉

Click the link to watch the interview. We’ll have an international version as soon as possible.


And here is another interview with Hollywood Today Live. Seems like Marilu was live on their Facebook page a while ago. She talks about next week’s Tango and Face off and says that she has a blast on the show. About Derek, she mentions that he lives up to everything she was expected and more.
ETA (update #3..? LoL) : Hollywood Today Live also posted on their YouTube the full interview. So much fun, be sure to watch! 🙂



And here is the international version of the KTLA interview with Marilu.