Getting ready for “Elastic Heart” Part 2 with Derek & Julianne Hough for DWTS tonight

Only a couple of hours till the new episode of Dancing with the Stars and we all can’t wait to see the “Part 2” as Derek says of “Elastic Heart“. Derek and Jules performed the “first part” back in Season 20, they were nominated for an Emmy along with Tessandra and won for it. Can’t wait for tonight’s performance!!

Derek shared a sweet post about this performance on his Instagram (added below) and Entertainment Tonight also mentions the siblings’ performance. It doesn’t really add anything new but…as ABC didn’t promote the appearance at all, it’s good to see other media doing it.

Last, adding the Instagram stories posts of the last two days up to now with the rehearsals and more.

Julianne Hough talks about her special performance with Derek Hough on DWTS and more

In a new and very beautiful interview with TV Guide, Julianne talks about the special performance she and Derek are going to dance on Monday’s episode of “Dancing with the Stars”, the busy schedule and DWTS.

Below her answer about the Move performance. Be sure to read the whole interview on TV Guide. Thanks so much RayDeni for the heads up 🙂

This next episode of Dancing with the Stars is a special episode for you! What can you tell us about the Move preview that we’ll see?

Julianne Hough: I’m super excited! My brother and I were lucky enough to perform a couple seasons ago to “Elastic Heart” by Sia, and that was such a special moment for us because I think it was the first time we’d done something really different on the show than what people normally expect to see from us. It was amazing, it was very authentic and something that was very personal to us. This performance is an extension of that. Again, it’s very personal to us, it talks about family and our family dynamic and what happened in our lives. The message and the moral behind it is this is our life, we’ve gone through it, and it’s sort of our closure now, but everything is going to be all right, basically. It’s to “Unsteady,” which is such a beautiful song. It tells a story about our parents getting a divorce, and we have to be there for each other even though we feel pretty unsteady at the time, but we’re going to be looking at our lives in this scene we’re setting, as adult versions of ourselves.
We have a resolve at the end, which is kind of what we’re doing right now by reconnecting with our family and this closure — not even forgiveness, but everything’s okay and everything was supposed to happen how it did. We’re in rehearsal and we’re crying and figuring out our story behind it, it’s not going to be super detailed in the dance moves but for us it’s so great because we know the meaning behind the specific moves, which was very similar to “Elastic Heart.” For me I love being able to choreograph and tell a story, it’s amazing and really fun.

Marilu Henner & Derek Hough – Elimination media – Week 9 [HQ PICTURES & ARTICLES]

Stunning pictures of Marilu and Derek from last night! Despite the final result, they were dazzling! Be sure to check Getty for all the pictures! Daily Mail also has some greaat pictures.

For Marilu and Derek’s post show interviews, you can click here.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images


Backstage, Marilu Henner was all smiles, despite being the latest to leave the show. “This week was just golden. I’m so happy. I get to go see my son in Santa Fe [now], and then I’m seeing my other one in Prague over Thanksgiving. It all happens for a reason, and I’m so happy.” Marilu will also be back in two weeks for the finale.

As for her partnership with Derek, it came under some scrutiny last week when the cameras picked up on some tension. So what was the real story? “Literally the week before [last], Marilu goes on camera [and says], ‘Hey Derek! Think we need to have a fight or some more drama? I don’t think we have a dramatic story enough!’ I said, ‘No, Marilu! We’re good! We don’t need drama, we’re fine, we’re fine!’ And then of course…I’m watching this [rehearsal] package, and I’m like, ‘Those sons of a bitches!’ [Laughs] Cause I’m the first one to be like, ‘OK, I was such a jerk this week, and I’m sorry…’ but the week itself was not that. I took that personally because I’ve done this for 11 years.”

The two were all laughs as they told the above-mentioned story, and were more than game to talk the ups and downs of their journey. Speaking of the ups, having Mark Ballas back was certainly one of the season’s best moments. Said Derek: “A friend of mine, she texted me yesterday and said, ‘Seeing your energy [when you saw] Mark, you lit up.’ I really miss him. I really miss him.”


Fox News also had a really fun chat with our couple backstage! Below is just a small excerpt, be sure to read it all! It shows how much fun and blast both of them had during their time together 😀

Hough, 31, told reporters backstage that he learned many things from the veteran star, 64, including the meaning of the word physiognomy and “how to get rid of a bruise by rubbing it out with a pencil eraser. 
“Oh, the other ones are sexual tips and I can’t, I can’t,” Hough then stammered.
Standing by his side, Henner smiled, “I’m so matter of fact about this stuff.”
Hough, who has been dating fellow “DWTS” hoofer Hayley Erbert, exclaimed, “My favorite–she was like, she’s like, ‘I’ve gotta teach your girlfriend how to do this one.’ I was like, whoa, okay. Hey!”
Hough didn’t elaborate, but Henner added, “We had a blast.”

Derek and Mark during the ninth week of Season 23 – November 7, 2016 – Courtesy: Glamour

Marilu Henner & Derek Hough – Post Week 8 Media – ARTICLES

Halloween week is over and Marilu and Derek managed to survive another week! In matter of scores, they didn’t do very well :/ But we know how much Marilu wants to continue her journey and we also want to keep seeing them dancing. So be sure to vote for them!

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Below you can find media coverage from last night. For the videos of the live show as well as pictures from social media, you can click here. You can find HQ pictures here.

Marilu unlocked her secret weapon here… HER LEGS! Like the spider-y backdrop of the dance, Marilu’s stems worked well with the tango for a rebound dance from last week’s unfortunate routine. But it wasn’t a full bounce back. Technically, there were some missteps in there that still need to be ironed out in order for Marilu to be a contender. They’re at the bottom of the scoreboard for a reason, and I feel like we’re just waiting for their names to be called come elimination time.

Marilu took a few steps backwards with her rigid Charleston during “Eras Night,” and both she and Derek are looking to make a comeback. It’s an uphill battle, though, what with Marilu’s ever-increasing foot pain (that’s a lot of tape on those babies), and lots of spider-web work for their Halloween Argentine tango. Marilu doubts herself during rehearsals and it carries over into her performance. She has several missteps and looks uncomfortable during most of the dance. The judges applaud her determination, but remind her to trust her gut and Derek. Speaking of D-Rock, he seemed pretty down tonight, no? Usually the guy is brimming with positivity, but instead he looks defeated after another lackluster performance.

Marilu says she’s not only feeling the physical strains of this tough competition but also the emotional ones. She knows by the past few weeks’ scores that she’s an underdog; plus, she has a painful heel injury. Marilu is doubting herself a lot. Derek Hough tries to encourage her during the rehearsals for their Argentine tango but in the ballroom there are a couple instances where you can tell she got inside her own head. Carrie Ann praised her for coming back with such intensity but did call out the missteps; both Julianne and Bruno told her to trust herself AND her partner.


Marilu Henner was relieved to have made it through elimination night, as swimmer Ryan Lochte was sent home instead. The “Taxi” icon had a difficult time last week as she fell during the group dance.
This week, things were still bumpy as she and partner Derek Hough scored just 23 in their individual dance, the tango, and were beaten in the “dance off” by Ryan Lochte and partner Cheryl Burke.
Footage aired from last week seemed to show tension as Henner asked Hough if they should have rehearsed more and Hough said he’d had more time with her than any of his partners.
But the six time mirror ball winning dance pro told FOX411 backstage he was merely reassuring Henner. Hough said, “I want to clarify that. My comment was not to be rude but to say, no, no, no. We’re putting in the hours. The hours are there.”

Derek Hough blogs about last week’s Charleston

In his new blog with TV Guide, Derek writes about last Monday night when he and Marilu dances the Charleston on DWTS Eras night. Marilu’s feet were killing her last week and according to Derek the dance was honestly pretty good when they rehearsed it for the first time.

This week they will dance the Argentine Tango which Marilu really excited about and so are we. Be sure to read it all on TV Guide! Another amazing blog from Derek!


Monday night wasn’t the best for us, but I’m very proud of Marilu for what she did and pushing through. They didn’t show it, but Marilu’s feet were killing her last week. It started last Thursday while we were dancing, and Marilu started mentioning that her feet were hurting. There’s a lot of hopping in the Charleston and I don’t think her feet were used to that. They got progressively worse, so much so that she could literally barely walk down the stairs on show day. She had injections and numbing cream. She tried all these different things to no avail. It was just a combination of things. Her feet hurt, her ribs hurt, she broke out into hives one day.


By the time Monday came around, she was in a lot of pain. When you watch the routine, you can really see she was really timid. That dance was honestly pretty good when we first rehearsed it. We were both really excited about it. Having to do the team dance didn’t help either, obviously, and as you saw, she fell over in that. During that move, we were supposed to come together, push off each other, separate, and I kind of guide her. I moved her a little, but if you look closely, she caught her foot and tripped over her feet. I was like, “Are you OK? Are you OK? I’m so sorry.” And she was like, “I’m landed on my butt. I’m totally fine!” That is so Marilu. She wasn’t like, “Aw, man, I’m so bummed I fell.” She was like, “I fell on my butt, I’m good.” Somebody said to me afterward, “Derek, you need to calm down. You’re literally dragging her.” I was like, “Really, guys? Really?”

Marilu Henner & Derek Hough – Post Week 7 Media [ARTICLES]

Last night was not the best for Team Hennergy in matter of scores despite Marilu and Derek doing their best in both Charleston and Team Dance! So be sure to keep voting for them…they need us more than ever to survive the Halloween Week next Monday.

Derek also reveals that next week, he and Marilu have Marilu’s best dance and the one she was really waiting for to do; the Argentine Tango!

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Below some articles from last night. For pictures and videos from the live show, be sure to check our original post of the night here. HQ pictures of the night, here.

  • Glamour (be sure to check the beautiful picture as well at the end of the post)

Backstage, Marilu was quick to brush off her incident on the dance floor. “I’m OK. I fell on my butt, and that’s like the best place to fall,” she joked to Glamour. “My feet have been the drama this week, so my butt is fine. It’s the roller coaster of Dancing with the Stars!”
Derek Hough wasn’t shocked by all the missteps from much of the cast. “I think it’s getting to that point where people are tired and getting injured and certain things, so it’s making the performance a little less sharp and clean.” As for his own performance with Marilu, “tonight was hard,” admitted Derek. “There was a few mistakes, and when you have one, you can kind of overlook it, but when there are five or six, you can’t really overlook it. We watched it back, and there were clear moments when something wasn’t right or something was off.”
As much as Marilu is enjoying the DWTS experience, “this is harder than childbirth!” she exclaims. “I had such an easy childbirth. I was dead asleep, and then I had a baby in my arms after an hour and 13 minutes. This is so much harder.”
Next week is a chance for Team Hennergy to redeem themselves, and Derek is pretty sure he knows just the dance to do it. “We have the Argentine tango, and I feel like of all the dances, this could be a very good one for Marilu.”

Charleston: Marilu once played Roxie Hart in a production of Chicago, so she’s feeling the Charleston. Derek, on the other hand, is having trouble with the two-dance week. Derek is super old now, so it takes him a few seconds to pick up choreography, rather than zero seconds. We don’t feel bad for you, you glorious starfish. Unfortunately, Marilu may have overcompensated for feeling comfortable in her dance style. The judges go easy on her, but overall, the majority of the 1920s number looked out of synch and low-energy. Bruno points out the end was a big ol’ mess. They did capture the essence of the decade, though, plus Derek did some tap dancing. There are also points to be had for tap dancing.

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Marilu Henner & Derek Hough – Post Week 6 media [ARTICLES]

Latin night is over and the 8 remaining couples are already getting ready for Week 7, Era’s Week! It’s been a while since we saw this theme…it will be fun to have it back..along with Len! We really missed him! 🙂

Marilu and Derek were amazing on their Cha cha last night! But they need our votes to survive next week…scores are not enough! For videos and pictures from last night, click here. Fro some HQ pictures of the night, click here.

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Below some of the articles covering the night…

A very Latin-y fun dance from the Taxi star, and Marilu is still riding high from last week’s breakthrough performance because she was beaming out there. She could punctuate her steps from those impressive stems a tiny bit more, but the Derek-Marilu chemistry is really, really strong and they’re fun to watch. This felt like a “let’s just make it to next week” dance, and they pulled it off well.

Marilu is finally feeling like herself in this competition and neither she nor Derek want to waste that momentum. They’ve tweaked the way rehearsals go to make the routine easier for Marilu to grasp and it’s working. Derek’s game plan boils down to: show off Marilu’s gams. And, Derek, in response to you asking if getting hot and bothered over Marilu’s legs is weird, I’m here to tell you that yes, yes it is.  But he means well, and Marilu’s legs are her secret weapon on the dance floor. The cha cha lost a little steam for me toward the end, but the judges were all happy to see the confident, relaxed Marilu make another appearance in the ballroom. Bruno found it both graceful and sexy and was a big fan of the armography. I’m a big fan that the word armography just exists in the world, so we’re all basically on the same page.

Just like Derek, we could not stop staring at Marilu’s legs as she danced. She has got some great legs, and some great dance moves.

Oh, hello, Baby and Johnny. Marilu told Derek she wanted to unleash her inner sex kitten for Latin night, and the two put on a dance with moves reminiscent of Dirty Dancing. Bruno called it “graceful, yet sexy,” and Carrie Ann said it’s the “best I’ve seen.”

Marilu Henner & Derek Hough – Most Memorable Year – Week 5 [ARTICLES]

I know we said it many times till now but…last night was amazing for Marilu and Derek! Loved their Viennese Waltz!! Despite their good scores though, they still need our votes to survive next week!

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Below some coverage from online articles about last night… For HQ pictures you can click here, while for the live show pictures and videos you can click here and here respectively.

Marilu chose 1978 and considered it the best of times and the worst of times because it was the year her mother passed away and she booked Taxi. I don’t even know if I heard half of what happened next because the entire press room was crying, and rightfully so. Marilu’s story about her mother (who was a dance teacher and died from complications related to rheumatoid arthritis) was so moving, Marilu could have chosen to sit on the floor the entire dance, and I still would have thought it was an extraordinary performance.

A close second [to James and Sharna] were Terra Jolé and Sasha Farber, as well as Marilu Henner and Derek Hough. […] Marilu — after a rocky few weeks — had a major comeback when she and Derek did a routine in honor of 1978, the year her mother died and Marilu booked her life-changing role on Taxi. For their routines, both Terra and Marilu earned a whopping 27 points.

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Marilu Henner & Derek Hough – Post Week 4 Media [ARTICLES]

Good morning everyone!! Last night was a difficult one for #TeamHennergy since their score brought them second to last from bottom 😦 They deserved better scores! And don’t forget there is DOUBLE elimination tonight! Marilu and Derek need us more than ever this time!

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Below some articles covering the evening…

It was a Paso doble for Marilu and Derek Hough. He was honest with his partner and told him his big worry with her is consistency. She’ll do great in a rehearsal, and then the next time around she’s stumbling. Julianne encouraged Marilu to get out of her head and feel the dance just don’t do the dance; Carrie Ann let her know she has everything it takes for the win – grace, agility, fitness, expressiveness. She just needs to learn to combine it all and bring it to the ballroom. Carrie Ann also thinks Marilu is dancing NEXT TO Derek rather than WITH him. Deep stuff!

In Marilu Henner’s video package, she talked about how she has a condition called Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, which allows her to remember random (and seemingly useless) details about her life (like what the weather was on a specific day a decade ago), but interferes with her ability to remember dance steps she learned five minutes ago. Derek Hough was clearly struggling to keep Marilu on task as they practiced, and she was openly frustrated they’d been stuck in the 7 range for a while now.
Unfortunately, they didn’t break into the 8s tonight. Derek noted that Marilu had “trouble with consistency,” and their routine was pretty rough this evening. Julianne urged Marilu to “think less and feel more,” which Marilu seemed determined to do — though it’s unclear if she can.

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Marilu Henner and Derek Hough – Post Week 3 media [ARTICLES]

I hope you are still voting online on ABC and/or Facebook for Marilu and Derek!

They were amazing last night but…didn’t get the immunity. And with only six couples under the “jeopardy” label, anyone could go home! So be sure to VOTE!

Below some article coverage of the night. Most of them are in “Laurie’s side” but, we already know she is a fan favorite 😉 The girl is good and…cute! Having said that, not sure if I agree with everything they write but…OK.

ETA: An interview of Marilu and Derek from Fox News added at the bottom of the post. Interesting one and what they say about last night…be sure to read it.

Marilu and Derek draw a tough card this week, and they both know it. Derek’s hopeful they can use Marilu’s maturity to their advantage and really showcase it in their own tango. This tango has no lasers, which automatically brings it down a few points, but Marilu isn’t half bad. She’s not as sharp as Laurie, but Derek is wearing a velvet vest. It’s a draw! Just kidding, Laurie was obviously the better of the two.

This was also a supremely unfair match, because Laurie’s a magical dancing deer who floats high above the rest of the competition, no matter how good they are. Marilu’s tango was good, but not Laurie good.

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