HQ Pictures of Derek & Julianne Hough performing “Unsteady” on Dancing with the Stars

Except from the arrival picturesGetty also posted some great photos of Derek and Julianne during their performance last night. Be sure to check to link to see all of them.

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HQ Pictures, Media coverage and more from last night’s Derek & Julianne’s “Unsteady” performance

As expected, Derek and Julianne killed it last night with their performance on Dancing with the Stars! If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must!

Getty has some pictures of Derek arriving on DWTS.
Entertainment Tonight recaps the night with a video, including the performance of Derek and Jules at about 1:16: “One number that got us emotional” as they say and we totally agree.
Hollywood Life also has a beautiful write up about “Unsteady”.
Also adding below, the rest of yesterday’s social media posts and some pictures. For more, you can check the original post.

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Derek & Julianne Hough perform “Unsteady” on Dancing with the Stars [PICS & VIDEO]

Since the day they said they would perform on Dancing with the Stars a sneak peek of their Move Beyond tour, we were all waiting to see it and as always, Derek and Jules didn’t disappoint!!!

What an amazing performance – extension of “Elastic Heart” from Season 20!!! So powerful and emotional!! Thank you Derek and Jules for this…am I the only one seeing a new Emmy Nomination..? 😉

Getting ready for “Elastic Heart” Part 2 with Derek & Julianne Hough for DWTS tonight

Only a couple of hours till the new episode of Dancing with the Stars and we all can’t wait to see the “Part 2” as Derek says of “Elastic Heart“. Derek and Jules performed the “first part” back in Season 20, they were nominated for an Emmy along with Tessandra and won for it. Can’t wait for tonight’s performance!!

Derek shared a sweet post about this performance on his Instagram (added below) and Entertainment Tonight also mentions the siblings’ performance. It doesn’t really add anything new but…as ABC didn’t promote the appearance at all, it’s good to see other media doing it.

Last, adding the Instagram stories posts of the last two days up to now with the rehearsals and more.

Julianne Hough talks about her special performance with Derek Hough on DWTS and more

In a new and very beautiful interview with TV Guide, Julianne talks about the special performance she and Derek are going to dance on Monday’s episode of “Dancing with the Stars”, the busy schedule and DWTS.

Below her answer about the Move performance. Be sure to read the whole interview on TV Guide. Thanks so much RayDeni for the heads up 🙂

This next episode of Dancing with the Stars is a special episode for you! What can you tell us about the Move preview that we’ll see?

Julianne Hough: I’m super excited! My brother and I were lucky enough to perform a couple seasons ago to “Elastic Heart” by Sia, and that was such a special moment for us because I think it was the first time we’d done something really different on the show than what people normally expect to see from us. It was amazing, it was very authentic and something that was very personal to us. This performance is an extension of that. Again, it’s very personal to us, it talks about family and our family dynamic and what happened in our lives. The message and the moral behind it is this is our life, we’ve gone through it, and it’s sort of our closure now, but everything is going to be all right, basically. It’s to “Unsteady,” which is such a beautiful song. It tells a story about our parents getting a divorce, and we have to be there for each other even though we feel pretty unsteady at the time, but we’re going to be looking at our lives in this scene we’re setting, as adult versions of ourselves.
We have a resolve at the end, which is kind of what we’re doing right now by reconnecting with our family and this closure — not even forgiveness, but everything’s okay and everything was supposed to happen how it did. We’re in rehearsal and we’re crying and figuring out our story behind it, it’s not going to be super detailed in the dance moves but for us it’s so great because we know the meaning behind the specific moves, which was very similar to “Elastic Heart.” For me I love being able to choreograph and tell a story, it’s amazing and really fun.

Julianne and Derek Hough to perform a sneak peak of MOVE Beyond on Dancing with the Stars

Woo hoo!! So excited for this!! We were not sure if they would but we were hoping and, it’s going to happen! Derek and Jules will perform a sneak peak of MOVE Beyond on Dancing with the Stars on April 3!! Can’t wait!!

Derek Hough on Access Hollywood Live talking about Hairspray Live, Broadway, DWTS and more – December 1, 2016

Derek visited Access Hollywood Live today to talk about Hairspray Live! that airs in six days on NBC! He talks about his role, Corny Collins, his cast mates and more. Love what he says about how they all react when Jennifer sings! I don’t blame them! And Derek has a song right after her…it’s really good that there is a commercial break between the two songs…no one should sing after Jennifer! LoL

He also talks about DWTS and the new show he will be, “World of Dance”. He says that they start filming on January but he doesn’t know when exactly it will air…hmm…hopefully we’ll have a date soon! 🙂
And then….Broadway! Oh my….he dropped the bomb!! Is it only me or it’s SO interesting what he says about wanting to choreograph on Broadway!? Wow!!! Please YES!!! Crossing fingers we’ll see it happening…

He goes on talking about Mark’s wedding, Jules’ upcoming wedding, his new partnership with TIA Girl Club and more. In the last part, they have fun playing a Hairspray Live! related game that Derek won. Now he has a Mirror Trophy too in his case! LoL Check out the video below for the whole interview.

Yesterday, Martin was also there for the same reason. We are adding his interview below as well at the end of the post 🙂

UPDATE: Also added below a video with Derek backstage before, during and after the interview via social media.


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Derek Hough on “The Ellen Show” – November 30, 2016 [VIDEO]

Derek will be today on Ellen to talk about Hairspray Live! and more. Check this video posted on the show’s site, giving us sneak peek (tho it seams like the full interview) from this interview where Derek talks about being Mark’s best man, the new “World of Dance” show that he will be part of with JLo and NeYo and of course about Hairspray Live!. Derek says that “World of Dance” will air early next year! We can’t wait 🙂

SPOILERS!!! As for DWTS, he confirms that he wont be back next season! Kind of expected after yesterday’s news 😉

UPDATE #1: Below an international version of the video. We’ll sure keep an eye on the show when it airs for anything new 🙂

UPDATE #2: A video with Derek’s posts from his Snapchat & Instagram accounts as well as from Ellen’s accounts while he was backstage waiting to be on the show was added below. He is hilarious! Also added a YouTube version of the interview and a beautiful picture of Derek and Ellen.

@DerekHough is really bough.

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More of Marilu Henner & Derek Hough from the Season 23 Finale of DWTS – November 22, 2016

It’s true that we didn’t see our couple as much as we wanted last night…especially Derek who only danced in the opening number. But even for the while they appeared, they were amazing! We also didn’t see them much backstage on the social media… Check out below a short backstage video from the social media accounts of Dennis and Kym that included Derek and Marilu. For the dances of last night and Marilu’s All Access interview, you can check this post.

Also Getty has a couple of amazing pictures from last night! Marilu and Derek looked amazing!

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Thank you Marilu Henner & Derek Hough for a great season!


Now that Season 23 is over, we feel more than ready and able to say goodbye to our beloved couple, Marilu and Derek.

We started this season 11 weeks ago with so much excitement and anticipation to be part of Team Hennergy’s journey. From the Jive through the emotional Viennese Waltz, till the Samba and the Jazz, we enjoyed every little moment. Marilu is a magical lady, 100% talent, 100% grace and 200% full of energy or as we all called it this season ‘Hennergy’. Marilu showed everyone that 64 is only a number and if you love something and feel passionate about it, you can do it.

It was so amazing to witness Marilu’s excitement being part of the show. As a huge fan of the show for years, being part of the DWTS family made her so happy and it showed all over her face! Also being a huge fan of Derek, gave us this priceless moment of her discovering that he would be her partner. I am sure we all watched this video over and over again, smiling and thinking deep down: “Yes, I would react the exact same way” 😀


We just want to say THANK YOU Marilu for each and every moment this season, for all the dances, the smiles and the Hennergy. Thank you for showing us the power of determination, for showing us that we can make our dreams come true no matter the age, for showing us the contribution of joy and happiness to our daily course. Marilu, you have such an amazing memory and you remember basically everything. But you can be sure we won’t forget this season, your Hennergy and all the fun moments through out this journey.

The journey might be over but we can say one thing for sure, Marilu, you are now PART of the DWTS family and you will always be! You are fan of the show and we are yours, we love you. We said it in the past and we sure will say it again, it was a pleasure watching you and Derek dancing every week, the power you both brought to this partnership was priceless and we learnt so much from it.

And of course, we can’t end this season without saying a big THANK YOU to our boy Derek, for giving us another season full of his flavor. Thank you for letting us again being part of your passion for the dance, part of your creative imagination. Showing us again how much you love this show and your family, how protective you are spreading love and positivity all around. Making us smile all the time, laugh or cry. We can’t say enough about your magical attitude, how you enter every season open minded ready to take the challenge, ready to create new friendships, new dances, new unforgettable memories.


With all of our love
Derek Hough News Team
Eli, Ifigenia, Stacey & Alma

DANCING WITH THE STARS - "Episode 2309" - The six remaining celebrities will dance two show-stopping dances - one from some of the hottest Broadway musicals, and a second where they are paired up for a "Team-Up Challenge" - as "Showstoppers" night comes to "Dancing with the Stars," live, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network. (Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images) MARILU HENNER, DEREK HOUGH

DANCING WITH THE STARS – “Episode 2309”  (Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images)