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Derek and Julianne Hough MOVE Beyond in South Bend April 20, 2017

Julianne, Derek and company continue across the Midwest to the home of the fighting Irish and the Morris Performing Arts Center for their second performance.

Carrie Ann Inaba’s first blog of DWTS Season 23

Carrie Ann’s first blog of Season 23 is out and she has switched to She Knows.  As you can imagine, it initially focuses on what occured during Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke’s critique.

I knew that no one else was seeing these men, but I realized that they were up to no good. Our team quickly handled them and removed them from the ballroom. I cannot say for sure, but I believe the “hecklers” were wearing jackets over their “Lochte” shirts until he performed. Luckily, they got no airtime and everyone was safe. After they were removed, I looked up and saw a few women with the same shirts on. Derek Hough also saw them and pointed them out to security during the commercial break, and we had them removed as well.

I imagine no one was surprised by Derek’s behavior to protect and preserve the Ballroom he considers “home”.  Read,the rest of her blog, at She Knows, for her quick impressions of ALL the Season 23 contestants’ opening night dances.

Derek Hough at the Emmy Choreography Nominees Reception

Tonight Derek attended the annual Emmy Choreography Nominees Reception.  Thanks Kristyn Burtt and Dance Network for the Live coverage.


Be sure to head over to Derek’s and Watchdancenetwork’s snapchats for video. We should have them uploaded here by early tomorrow.


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Derek Hough talks DWTS, Hairspray Live! and more at E! News Facebook live stream

So here we go… enjoy Derek via Facebook live for E! News and TV Therapy.

UPDATE #1 The Live stream ended by 8:25 pm EST. You can check below the whole video. Derek was his usual dynamic goofy self and thank you E! News.



Check out below an international version of the video as well as a couple of tweets related to the interview/co-hosting. Really love goofy Derek! 😀

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Derek Hough and the Wonderful World of Disney celebrate Disneyland 60

The wait is over.  Tonight the world got to see the exceptional celebration for Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary MC’d by Derek himself!  Walt Disney no doubt is smiling, from up on high, after seeing the international sensation his imagination spawned.

Be sure to check out Al’s site for the wonderful performances along with Derek’s dancing including the spectacular opening featuring Pentatonix, Witney Carson and some of our favorite DWTS featured dancers!


Thanks to Codebear, below you can watch the opening in Daily Motion version. We’ll try to have all of Derek’s moments posted as soon as we can 🙂

Game of Drones part 1 with Derek, Brooks and Brad Devine

Back in early November Brooks tweeted that Derek and Brad Devine, of Haugen Creative, joined his Drone Olympics challenge.  I would expect that most of you know that Brooks is engaged to Julianne and quite a few also know he plays hockey for the Washington Capitals.  You might be wondering who Brad is, well here’s some of his and his partners'(wife and brother in law) work you may be familiar with.

Gonna be interesting to see how their “Traffic” themed videos stack up against each other.

Well before the Drone Olympics even started they underwent a name change…

and then a delayed start 😉 because first submissions arrived on Tuesday for Brooks and Brad… and we’re still waiting on Derek’s whose current location, Beerwah Australia, is already at early Wednesday 😋

And just because I thought it was too early to see Derek for awhile… here’s his submission minutes later

Derek’s Final Season 21 TV Guide Blog

Well the season has come to a close and with it we get Derek’s post Finale impressions.  I for one would love to spend a minute of two in Bindi’s presence.  Who doesn’t need a little extra sunshine and postivity in their life?

I might be biased, but I think Bindi is one of the greatest contestants the show has ever had — and not just talent-wise. She’s such a tremendous soul and just a wonderful human being. I am not exaggerating when I say I have never met anyone like her before. She’s just special. I’m 13 years older than her, but she’s taught me so much about life, love, grace and joy. Her joy and spirit are contagious. I wish everyone can be around her for a few seconds to feel it. It was an honor to be able to be her partner and to teach her to dance.

Check out the blog in it’s entirety at TV Guide

Bindi and Derek outside of DWTS rehearsal studios with Chandler Powell Saturday November 14, 2015

Daily Mail has pictures of Bindi coming out of rehearsal on yesterday.  This time instead of her usual companion, Mom Terry, she’s accompanied by, her boyfriend, Chandler.

Courtesy: Daily Mail photo credit AKM-GSI


Just Jared also has some photos that include Derek. He looks so cute in his blue top and his hat! Be sure to check all the pictures on Just Jared.

Derek, Bindi, Mark and Alexa outside DWTS rehearsal studios Saturday November 7, 2015

Just Jared has posted some pics of Team Crikey and Team Baega as they arrived and left from rehearsals on Saturday.

Courtesy: Just Jared picture credit AKM-GSI

Courtesy: Just Jared picture credit AKM-GSI

Derek, Bindi, Alexa and Mark at the theater for DWTS week 9 challenge

As we all know, each couple was paired with another for the second dance of Week 9.  Mark has refered to being paired with Bindi and Derek as the “dream team” and #TeamBaekey.  Not surprisingly, both couples were caught outside the theater with their DWTS camera crew for a performance of “Chicago”.