Derek Hough’s new video for “Hold On” – Dance Stories [Music Video]

Yesterday Derek’s new video for his song “Hold On” was released and we still amazed. Dancers Connor Gormley & Stephanie Mincone alongside Derek telling Connor’s story through dance letting us all feel the power of single story by dance, showing us how impotent is to be there for each other and support one another. If you didn’t saw this video yet or heard the song all we have to say is that it’s a MUST.

>>> FULL VIDEO <<<

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About Alma

Designer, Artist and BIG FAN of the amazingly talented Derek Hough. One of the admins of "Derek Hough News" site and the owner of - a Derek fan account on Instagram. Following his career since season 05 of DWTS and still can't get enough. Inspired on a daily bases from his positive spirit, his way of looking at life and inspiring others and his creativity :)

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