Derek Hough Hosts and Helps Santa with The Grove’s Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony – Nov 12 (Pictures+Videos)

We can’t say no to Christmas full of lights and more then that we sure can’t say no to a Christmas full of Derek. This year we have another Christmas full of Derek while he hosted the Grove’s Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on November 12. I’t looks like Santa was VERY happy that Derek was there LOL and so are we.

Check for some great pictures posted by Getty, Wire images, Rex, JustJared & AP images

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About Alma

Designer, Artist and BIG FAN of the amazingly talented Derek Hough. One of the admins of "Derek Hough News" site and the owner of - a Derek fan account on Instagram. Following his career since season 05 of DWTS and still can't get enough. Inspired on a daily bases from his positive spirit, his way of looking at life and inspiring others and his creativity :)

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