#Reminder: WOD premieres tonight on NBC

As you all know tonight’s the night of the  series premiere! So be sure to tune in at 10/9c on NBC and see Derek, J. Lo, Ne-Yo and Jenna judging and mentoring the amazing dancers that compete for the amazing 1 million dollars price!

Below we have gathered a lot of videos that you all have to see before the premiere!

Derek took Architectural Digest on a little BTS of WOD. That looks pretty amazing to me!

Today Derek also took over the E Entertainment  Instagram account! Let’s see what he’s been up to!

@derekhough from @NBCWorldofDance is taking over our IG today! Follow along!

A post shared by E! Entertainment (@eentertainment) on

A little dressing room tour. – @derekhough

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And with the help of Access Hollywood we are taken back to the judges first slow dance! … and we looooove it!!!

See what the WOD judges and host/mentor told E News about their show!

Yet another BTS with The Insider! 😀 Can’t get enough of this!

Place your bets! Who do you think is the toughest judge on WOD? Would they have had the courage to enter the competition if they were just starting? Some interesting answers here! 😉

And NBC invites us to meet the team behind WOD!

In case you want more videos with Derek promoting WOD be sure to check this post.

We hope all these videos made you even more interested in the show tonight.. cause we know WE JUST CAN”T WAIT!

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In February 2012 i started a little twitter account named TeamMariaDerek. As time went by, four amazing girls joined the team and we are now team Derek Hough News! Why Derek…? Because i think that Derek Hough is the most amazing dancer i have ever seen, the best choreographer of his generation - now two times EMMY WINNER for Outstanding Choreography, an incredible singer, actor and songwriter — The perfect artist! The only true heir of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire! Oh.. did i mention he is also a beautiful person inside and out? Well… that is Derek Hough — my point of view!

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