Happy Birthday to the LEGENDARY Derek Hough!

It’s time to spread some love and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the talented and gifted Derek Hough, the best role model EVER 🙂 

Happy Birthday Derek! Wishing you the best birthday yet, full of amazing moments with family and friends, full of love, joy and happiness.

We are so excited for all of your last year, current and upcoming projects. We can’t get enough for sure, Tour, TV, Music videos and so much more.  Projects full of creativity, showing us you invest your heart and soul in everything you do with so much love and passion. We wanna say thank you for sharing your journey with all the fans around the world, inspiring us to be better, to do more, to MOVE 🙂 Thank you for the joy you bring to us every time you dance, sing and perform 🙂 Thank you for being such a unique role model!

Happy Birthday Derek 🙂

Elara, Ifigenia, Stacey and Alma

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About Alma

Designer, Artist and BIG FAN of the amazingly talented Derek Hough. One of the admins of "Derek Hough News" site and the owner of on.D.spot - a Derek fan account on Instagram. Following his career since season 05 of DWTS and still can't get enough. Inspired on a daily bases from his positive spirit, his way of looking at life and inspiring others and his creativity :)

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