Anne Marie shares her experience of meeting Derek & Jules Hough at Mohegan Sun [FAN BLOG]

Hey everyone! Anne Marie (the owner of DHoughLovers) attended the Move Beyond show at Mohegan Sun on April 30, 2017. Not only she attended, she also had a VIP ticket and had the chance to meet Derek and Jules before the show. She was also lucky enough to see Derek once again afterwards.

Anne was kind enough to share her experience with all of us. Read below what she had to say and be sure to follow her on twitter. Thank you Anne!
P.S. All the pictures she mentions on her blog, you can find them in the gallery at the end of the post.

Where do I begin? I got my VIP in December and didn’t care where my seat was for the show as long I was able to meet them again. The 3 times that I met Derek I froze and said something stupid lol. This time I made sure I wasn’t gonna repeat what happened in the past. Plus all of my pictures with him were side by side. I decided to do a fun pose, can’t tell you what it is until the picture gets uploaded.
So I checked in at the venue for my VIP with them. I was in group 2 so we went into the cabaret theatre for the picture and Q & A with Derek and Julianne. They had their “Hairspray”, “Grease”, Emmys and Mirror Balls on display.
So here comes Derek and Julianne everyone screamed as they walked in. I started to freak out because in a few minutes I was gonna be meeting them again. So the bodyguard/security was calling the groups in order. I was the last one in group 2 to meet them. I was freaking inside and said: “Please don’t let me freeze up like prior times”.
Julianne was first in line so I gave her a big hug and told her how much I loved her and how great she was in “Safe Haven” with Josh Duhamel and she said “thank you”.
Next was Derek and went up to him hugged him tight and said: “great seeing u again”. I asked: “Can we do a fun pose?” and he said “of course”. I told him what I wanted and we did it. Mind you the room was full of people who was waiting for their turn for their pictures and the Q & A as we were taking the picture the whole room was laughing and I had no idea what was going on since I was in a zone with my time with Derek. He hugged me a few times and said to me: “Good seeing you again babe”. Yes I died when I went back to my seat for the Q & A then the other people who had the dressing room VIP waited in the theatre after Derek and Julianne left.
It was showtime and let me tell you it was amazing and a nonstop show. I loved Derek and Julianne’s voice when they sang during the show. So once the show ended, I headed back to the hotel lobby, met up with some people to see if we could see Derek and Julianne again, no luck at this time, but we did see the dancers. I got a picture with one of the dancers.
So myself and these 2 ladies we walked around getting to know each other. I didn’t have to work the next day so I didn’t care what time I was coming home. We ended up back near the hotel lobby still talking, I looked in the direction where the hotel lobby was. I saw someone wearing a beanie. When looked better, it was Derek. I was so calm this time. I said: “Derek thanks for an awesome show etc”. I showed him the page I have for him on my phone, he said: “thanks so much for the support”. I asked if we could get a picture and he said: “sure, all of you get in the picture”. I explained that we were not together and we had just met. So he took selfies with them and then I got my two selfies and another big hug from him. He met up with two dancers and probably went for dinner or something, mind you he didn’t have his bodyguard with him so he was on his own.
After he left I had a little meltdown because I didn’t expect this to happen or let alone see him again. I had a little drive home but I was so wired from what happened. I ended up getting 5 hours of sleep but it was so worth it. I love my professional picture that I have with Derek and Julianne. It’s like a prom pose along with a fun pose lol so it kinda looks weird but not. I love Derek so much and that smile kills me.
I hope you enjoy reading my experience meeting Derek and Julianne again.

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