New interview of Derek Hough talking about World of Dance and more

This is a good write up about Derek’s artistic path over the years from NECN and worth to read it. In the interview parts, Derek talks about the upcoming show “World of Dance” (premieres on May 30) and more.

“Through his role on “World of Dance,” Hough raved he has seen extraordinary performances from up-and-comers. He said the show demands a certain caliber, and his first reaction to a piece is usually positive. But as he goes through a focused rubric that grades routine, execution, presentation, and crowd appeal, he is able to dissect the strengths and weaknesses of each work — even when confronting drastically different dance forms, like ballet and hip-hop.

“The truth is you can’t really compare the dancing itself, but you can certainly compare the feeling it gives you,” Hough said.

Be sure to read the whole thing on NECN.

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