Creators of “World of Dance” talk about the show and Derek Hough

In the recent stop of “World of Dance Tour” in Los Angeles, Kristyn Burtt had the opportunity to talk with the creators of the show, David Gonzalez and Matthew Everitt, and get some inside scoop on how the show evolved and in few days we’ll be able to watch it on our TV.

They also talk about Derek. Love what Everitt says about him! A really great article, be sure to read it all on Dance Network. Thank you Kristyn. And thanks bluekittens for the heads up 🙂

“[…] Once the show was set in place, it was time to wrangle celebrity judges. Derek Hough was one of the first talents NBCUniversal approached to participate in their new venture.
“He is a very charismatic and talented individual. We have been blown away by him — not just on the TV show,” shares Everitt. “He came to our Industry Awards show in February, which means a lot for the community to see talent get involved. He’s been fantastic.” […]”

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