Derek Hough talks about “Ashes of Eden”, World of Dance and more

Along with the release of “Ashes of Eden”, Entertainment Weekly posted an interview with Derek talking about this new video, World of Dance and more. A very interesting interview that gives so much insight of the video…be sure to read it all on Entertainment Weekly.

EW: This was your third time directing a music video — how was it different?
DH: Yeah, yeah. The thing is with this video, for me personally, is last year I had surgery on my voice and I couldn’t speak for a month, which was really difficult. It was just an interesting time for me to sort of reflect and to be thoughtful… Not having a voice at all, like not even a whisper, not even like a murmur — absolutely nothing for a month… And I would listen a lot more. And it got me thinking about things about life, and about what’s out there, and is there something greater than us out there? So when I heard this song, and it’s a cover — it’s from a band called Breaking Benjamin — I just heard it and it really resonated with me. I don’t know, it just really spoke to me, it was really powerful, especially not having a voice, it kind of became my voice and questions through that song.


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